Smashing Bad Orgonite

It’s been hard to keep up with the new disinformation about orgonite, lately. The last time there was a surge of disinfo was about five years ago, when some guys were insisting that plastic pipes work fine for orgonite and that you can substitute ‘dirt’ for catalyzed resin. That started to catch on but by then there were enough substantive people doing this work that the majority of orgonite flingers weren’t knocked off track by these titillating fantasies. In late 2002 and early 2003, though, there were only a minimum of substantive people doing this work so the movement was nearly destroyed by a campaign to distract people from simple orgonite, toward the use of heavy, expensive, arcane and relatively useless devices which were only as effective as a single towerbuster, since that’s how much orgonite they contained. The majority of orgonite flingers were convinced that these fancy devices were superior.

One of those who pinned their hopes on these new devices was Kelly (‘Laozu’) who happened to live near us. We met him right after we returned from doing Atlanta and we recognized, right away, that he’s very energy sensitive and genuine. I suggested that he do some testing on his own to determine the relative worth of these new devices and simple towerbusters and he spent a lot of time doing that. Carol worked with him during some of that process.

The reason we flipped all the death towers in and right around the City of Atlanta (the smoggiest in the East) was because most of the attentin had shifted to these silly devices, so we needed to prove basic orgonite’s worth on a grand scale. It worked, thank God, and the chatter about the Rube Goldberg devices declined after that.

He did, in fact, discover, as Carol had predicted, that the new devices were essentially useless except for the orgonite they contained. Another ingredient was energized water. Carol and I already had some energized water devices in sealed copper devices and we drained the water out of one of them while Carol observed–this was before we met Kelly. When the water was exposed to the atmosphere it quickly lost it’s extra energy. She noticed that while the water was in the device the positive effects were perpetual but very limited in terms of range. These are personal devices and they work for their intended purpose. The claim being made by the inventor of the fancy device being tested by Kelly was that the energized water caused an exponential increase in the power of the orgonite in the device.

The timing of his appearance was terrific because we knew that if we’d said anything objective about the devices then the inventor and promoter would have played the lapwing and claimed that we were persecuting him. Five of those devices were found by police in various states and destroyed with explosives and there was attendant publicity in local papers that each drew attention to a disinformation site about orgonite–go figure [Image Can Not Be Found]

Someone found some orgonite on the grounds of the Rocky Mountains bioweaponry lab where RockyMountain Spotted Fever was developed for the government and killed lots of people in the region (near Dooney and Stevo but this was before they learned about orgonite) and that also got publicity but it wasn’t blown up by the cops. The publicity was positive.

Kelly also found that the range of the water while sealed in the copper device was quite limited, in spite of the orgonite in it. This led him to experiment with ways to energize water, though, and he found that putting a container of water between the pipes of a modified orgonite cloudbuster, above the orgonite base, energizes water better than anything in the market was capable of doing so this was a nice surprise for Carol and I.

Kelly then went on to experiment with using energized water in towerbusters that are made with water-based resin and these had a lot more punch. He tested them on a nearby mountaintop and I was with him a couple of hours later when an anomalous thunderhead rose up over the valley, surrounded by calm blue skies with small cumulus clouds scattered in it. The wind and rain from that big storm was quite extreme but only lasted a few minutes and then the thunderhead disappeared.

He eventually went back to using simple orgonite for most of his field work. This is the most convenient, after all, and it still gets big results.

We visited Kelly a few weeks ago when Cesco was his guest. Cesco has and is an accomplished artist and inventor. He invented the 108, which he doesn’t sell or promote, and also the Little Secret, which I think can be purchased from him. When you hold the Little Secret in a certain way you can go into a room with people who are anxious and fearful and those emotions dissipate. It’s quite something to witness. It’s interesting that the 108 has the same effect but over a larger area.

Francisco of has posted some comments about a disinformation campaign in Spain directed at orgonite. These campaigns always seem to be international and are usually centered in the US, Canada, Britain and Australia. There have been coordinated disinfo campaigns in Switzerland and Germany in the past, also related to what was being attempted in the English-speaking countries. Entire national networks of orgonite flingers were destroyed with slander campaigns in Australia and Switzerland and that was eight years ago. Some people in the old networks are still in the game, fortunately, but most have gone and are probably disheartened by the lies that were being systematically spread about Carol, Don Bradley and I at the time. Before the advent of the internet it was a lot easier for the corporate order to destroy people’s reputations. Now it often bites them on the butt because anyone can publicly answer back. Before, we were all sitting ducks because the corporate order owns all the other media, also academia.

Kelly is very, very energy sensitive and is one of the most intriguing people we know. When we first met him he told us that he spontaneously speaks a foreign language which he doesn’t understand on a conscious level but that a Toaist nun in Taiwan once heard him speaking it and entered a conversation with him, which only she understood. A few years ago, in Thailand, Kelly met a witch who also conversed with him and understood the language.

I think it was during his second visit with us in the spring of 2004 when I suggested that Carol read his mind while he’s speaking the language and he obliged. As he was speaking Carol told him that he was describing the construction of a device that can help him understand his own speech in that language. Carol’s impression was that the language is Andromedan.

We love our life together [Image Can Not Be Found] and often meet fascinating people along the way. Kelly collected the components, which included a piece of jade that needed to be of high quality. I think he had to go to China Town in San Francisco t find it or might have been Seattle’s China Town. He later found that the Chinese vendors of jade in China didn’t have the sensitivity to judge the quality of the stones–a result of Mao’s calamitous ‘cultural revolution’ perhaps. I don’t know if Kelly eventually built the device but I’ll ask him next time I see him.

I think he’s the most sensitive to subtle energy of anyone I’ve met. Whenever Carol and I found or developed a particularly strong device I was fond of taking it to Kelly and watching his physical reaction. It takes him a few seconds to get comfortable with these things. He’s so particular about the way he makes his towerbusters that he carefully positions the quartz crystal in each of them, first determining which end ‘draws’ and which ‘emits.’ I continue to make my orgonite by tossing bits of broken crystal in each one and we achieve the requisite dramatic and consistent grand-scale results this way, as do most orgonite-flingers, including the Africans, though it’s been convenient for them to find crystal (clear or translucent) pebbles in local stream beds. Carol and I made our orgonite in Namibia wih funky crystal shards that litter the Namib Desert landscape. Kelly’s rather like a finely tuned instrument and his parameters are a little different.

I recently had a long discussion with Carol about the significance of this and I’m going to share that, here. I’m hoping that this will help midwife the ‘fancy orgonite’ forum that Thom of plans to open to more members and display on the web. Carol wants to participate and the other reputable psychics whom we work with will probably also want to join. The main tricks for any forum’s success is to not let personifies dominate it and especially not to foster the participation of chest pounders and agency moles/saboteurs so Thom is working this out in his own way. This fancy forum might be a logical continuation of what we did in EW’s chartroom for nine years, nearly every Sunday. It only takes one of those to stink the place up and keep the ‘right’ visitors away. The right folks regularly read EW’s postings. These are stable, relatively independent thinkers who have a heartfelt desire to improve our world. These have always been a tiny minority of our species.

What sparked the discussion on someone else’s forum was that Kelly had posted some comments, there, about ‘smashing bad orgonite to bits.’ In this context, Kelly was referring to any orgonite that he had made in which one or more component was not properly oriented. Carol and I would have no qualms about tossing these orgonite pieces out in the environment.

I’ve been advising people for years, after consulting with Carol, that the orgonite sold by some of the few higher profile but disreputable vendors (they show up at the top of search engines, but so does, which Thom now runs) that even though the orgonite they bought makes them feel edgy and a little ‘off’ it’s still good enough to bust death towers because the negative effects are only from the devices’ close proximity to people.

I’m waiting for the misinformants to jump on Kelly’s comment as a way to justify their present campaign against orgonite, some of which I’ve already posted about. It may be that if I publish this first then they won’t attempt to drag Kelly down this way.

She said some curious things about this personal phenomenon which can probably be better explored in a more suitable forum. Here, it’s mainly a distraction of course. I’m only mentioning it in the context of damage control. According to what she’s seeing, people who are very energy sensitive are prompted to make some orgonite in specific ways and when they ignore these promptings it’s an integrity issue which is somehow exacerbated by the orgonite itself. She was able to see why Kelly had the impression that orgonite made ‘wrong’ was evil and needed to be destroyed. The same orgonite, made by you or I, would probably feel very good, just like all the other field devices we make. When people have these psychic gifts they’re also held accountable in ways that don’t concern the rest of us. Maybe this means that when a psychic won’t be held accountable he/she usually suffers grievously until he/she chooses to be accountable. We’ve seen this again and again and, as you know, most of the psychics in the world are assets of the Triads, NSA/CIA, MI6 and the Mossadomites, which is simply another indicator that most of humanity avoid personal accountability and integrity like genital warts. Having a gift doesn’t guarantee that one will have character, nor does being a character mean that someone has character [Image Can Not Be Found] . Psychic people are not superior, any more than gifted athletes, card sharps, circus performers or portrait painters are. Psychism has absolutely nothing to do with discernment but the intel gathered by reputable psychics is potentially empowering for all of us, especially when they’re working in concert. Theosophy programming, which is probably the sneakiest and most pervasive in human history, induces people to assume that psychic people are ‘spiritual’ which is code for ‘superior.’ Aleister Crowley, who actually was bestial, was psychic and, by real definition: spiritual, for instance. He sure buggered a lot people in the etheric realm as well as the physical, for instance.

I’m offering these observations partly in defense of Kelly, who has always been honest and forthcoming with us and we appreciate his friendship over the years. We nearly always consult him for an assessment when we have something new to offer. About six months after we met in 2003 we learned about earthpipes from Gale, in Texas, who introduced them as mini-cloudbusters. We determined that the effects on the sky were achieved because earthpipes ‘flip’ the nasty energy of underground sources and that naturally is reflected in changes in the atmosphere overhead. This is a very short range phenomenon, of course. An orgonite cloudbuster affects the upper atmosphere (where weather changes and chemtrails happen) for hundreds of miles around and actually have less effect on the lower atmosphere than intelligently deployed earthpipes can accomplish, evidently.

Cesco is an absolute gem and is one of Carol’s favorite people. One of the best gifting stories is his and I’ll repeat that in another thread when the opportunity comes. Kelly knew him for some time before he met us.


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The power of utterance is quite awesome and the internet is apparently designed to enable each of to exercise this power more efficiently. When we’re not carefu with our words we can get kind of burned so along with the power comes increased accountability.

Some folks who post comments on the web haven’t yet learned or noticed that there is an army of saboteurs online who wait for opportunities to neutralize us through exercising their own version of the power of utterance. Ultimately this can sharpen our discernment and help us to be more guarded in our speech as well as more effective communicators.

If these $#!+birds intend to use Kelly’s comments out of context in order to drive people away from using orgonite we’re probably going to find out if my pre-emptive utterance will be effective for exposing that tactic. They really can’t abide exposure because they’re parasites.


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