Smog Is Brown; High Humidity Is White

Don Croft
08 Aug 2008 12:08
Subject: Smog is Brown; High Humidity is White
Before I started reading up on meteorology I used to get disturbed when I saw late-summer, colorless haze in our atmosphere, even though I knew that only smog is actually DOR-based. Smog is brown or yellow and the color is from the toxic particles in colloidal suspension in the lower atmosphere. White haze is simply an aspect of a stalled high pressure system in which there’s a lot of water vapor and it reaches higher than smog, gnerally, becuase water vapor is not as heavy as toxic particles are.

You probably know that colloidal silver has energy because of the free ions in the water that cause the silver particles to remain in supsension. This is the ‘good kind’ of colloid because those free ions impart life force (orgone). Good suspensions carry a negative charge. It’s called ‘negative’ because ions have a negative charge. Whoever assigned those terms in the 1700s might have been a little confused.

Smog is the ‘bad kind’ of colloid and the reason those dirty particles are in suspension is because of a deficit of free ions. In that void, the nasty kind of orgone thrives. I call it ‘death force:’ the energy of decay. This energy field has a ‘positive’ charge due to the lack (need) of ions.

See how electricity and orgone relate to each other? You can measure an ionized field around any orgonite device with a tri-meter but these are kind of expensive.

The world order is energized by the same energy that makes smog and causes cancer, in other words. The CIA has to generate a matrix of the nasty stuff in order for their mind control scams to take root in the minds of incredulous and weak-charactered people. That’s probably why they beam frequencies through the computer monitors at chumps who visit their sponsored sites, including many of the sites that profess to advise people about orgonite and conspiracies. More visits to those sites equals more confusion and stagnation in the visitors–go figure.

Nasty magic traditionally uses this ugly energy as its fuel adn medium; good magic uses healthy orgone. It takes a pretty strong character and demonstrated commitment to perform good magic, which is what gifting is, by the way. That’s why these nice folks don’t generally feel attracted to teh dirty stuff. The professional scammers want us to believe that ‘dabbling in magic’ carries a heavy risk of ‘going over to the dark side,’ but that’s just a newer version of the old scam that preachers used to prevent people in the congregation from examing reality independently, of course.

Genuine empowerment carries a person toward more humility, of course. The ones who drag their heels on the way to humility generally lose that empowerment. We’ve seen it happen a few times in this unorganized network.

Some important things in life are really this simple and the trick for truth seekers is to eventually gain confidence and certainty about stuff like this, of course.

Here’s what Dave in Surry, BC, sent me:


So I was watching the news today, and apparently due to a high pressure system, the particulates in the air are being trapped here above the ‘lower mainland’ which is the greater Vancouver area – vancouver and all the other cities and municipalities of BC around here. I dislike it when people call all these cities Vancouver, that may be silly but I live in surrey, a 45 minute drive from vancouver. Anyway, on ctv or cbs today, they were talking about the haze that I mentioned to you the other day with the word ‘smog’, and blaming mainly car exhaust. They showed many hazy pictures of the mountains, some of which were very difficult to see due to the non-brown colored haze, which was referred to as smog, which they identified as mostly ozone pollution.

So this is what we are being told is smog now, and I am not sure people use the definition correctly, even on television.

One more thing, I was out for a walk yesterday, and I was watching the horizon, because of the huge ‘wall’ of brown smog to the south and to the east of here. Vancouver, which is to the west of here, and the rest of BC that I could see were clear of this brown wall, which could only be seen to the south, east, and SE also. I don’t know why the smog is out there, but there is not much visible towards vancouver from here in surrey. Maybe that’s due to some gifting out there? I can’t really say, because this is really the first time I’ve actually been paying attention! I haven’t a clue as to how much smog there was in vancouver in the past.



I responded to Dave that Stan Cayer, an extremely prolific gifter, is largely responsible for the absence of smog in and around Vancouver. Another key figure is a fellow we worked with earlier, named Steve, who gifted extensively before Stan got started. When we all began deploying Earthpipes in 2004, Steve carried a short stepladder around on his bicycle so he could put perhaps hundreds of of orgonite earthpipe plugs in hollow-pipe signposts around the city.

When we went to STeve’s apartment in a downtown high-rise building there was a 55 gallon drum of metal shavings in the living room Wink and he was apparently making orgonite on a tiny balcony.

Stan is one of the energy-sensitive gifters, like Kelly and Cesco, who figured out by experimentation that a geometric arrangement of towerbusters can achieve long-term good effects in teh environnment. He apparently got rid of a persistent HAARP whiteout over the city, that way, several years ago.

There are a lot of orgontie cloudbusters in that area of BC but not a lot of people disabliing the death towers. When Carol and I were gifting in Vancouver with Steve in 2002 she saw a lot of evidence of underground base activity–more than in most cities we’ve been to. Steve probably drove all those rats out from underground with his bicycle sorties.


Don Croft
08 Aug 2008 12:15
Subject: Re: Smog is Brown; High Humidity is White
My wife advises gifters who still see smog in the areas that they’ve gifted to keep looking for the source of the smog. There’s always a source and it’s often underground or temporarily beamed by the HAARPies to discourage the gifter.


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