Somalia Gifting

15 Aug 2008 09:09
Subject: Somalia Gifting
Mogadishu (Somalia)
Mogadishu is a very beautiful town save for the war that has kept undermining her modesty. People of this town prefer a very cool and calm life more frequently preferring to be indoors for fear of militia. Humanitarian conditions of this city is quite disheartening. Women and young girls are frequently raped, men are sodomised and robed.

We offer this we poor women some pieces of Orgone that we’d had with us, then we took some and buried them near El-shad garden in the town.

We visited some river in the town (River Adan) native name with the residence and throw handful Orgone to the river its interesting and outgoing but all over sudden a thud is heard from the near by as people hastily seek refuge we understand it’s the militia that are disturbing the peace of the town. We are welcome to a residence of some old poor grandfather. The tension does not cool down and we find ourselves spending the night there.

We are glad to see the sun on the next day and appreciate the old gentleman with some token of Orgone. He thanks us much and give thanks to Allah (Islamic God) for guiding us into his residence. We proceed again with our everyday commitment and we come to Mogadishu school for the handicapped where we meet few students who are physically handicapped some mentally. We provide them with some part of Orgone and find a place within the school garden and burry some special gift. We are lucky to leave this country safely and get home in a promising state.

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