Some confirmations in France

October 27, 2006 14:03

Well well… I have so many things to say… So many things about these 2 years of gifting. These last days it was very hard for me to get crystals but I found some at home so I broke them and made a lot of TBs that were quickly gifted. I have some again in a bag and I will gift them when going back home (40 km on road…). I oftenly see sylphs, sometimes by 2. I see other entities, such as a long one and large (a kind of large chemtrail) that I saw also in the Var this last summer. Once I gifted a huge tower and I saw many many (15 and more) planes coming all around at high altitude spraying chemtrails. 2 days ago I’ve seen many planes while gifting 15 km fars from my town… Some days the orgonite seems not to change the upper atmosphere. But the weather may be natural or their power is boosted. We must gift harder.

Yesterday I’m nearly sure that myself and my girlfriend were psychically attacked because we were both angry because of nearly nothing. I often know when I could be attacked and I can defend myself, no problem. Sometimes it’s harder. The cool thing is that when I’m in a bad-mood state I know that this could come from someone else and that this could be a psychic attack. I always have orgonite around. I had made some SPs but I must do other ones because I’ve disconnected the zapper for my brother (Zapper from Orgonise-Africa). I’m an electronic-addict but I’ve not been able to make a zapper myself !!! Only because of bad plans gathered on the web (resistor that was missing on a website for example). The next zapper I’ll make will be perfect [Image Can Not Be Found]

Hey… The french weather forecasts seems to be not very perfect these last days… Maybe because of the orgonite ? héhé I don't know but I'll gift harder in the following days, very harder, just because I feel they attacked us these last days.

October 30, 2006 04:05

This last week end we went again around Blois with my girlfriend, my mom, and my son. I’ve noticed many times a nuclear plant around Orléans or Chambord but I’m not sure of the location (One can see it from the highway A10). It produces much DOR and I’ve gifted only a little around, because each time I get near it, it is because we are all on the way to my girlfriend’s grandparents. I need to be alone to gift it correctly. The DOR it produces is covering the sky around the nuclear plant on a circular area of around 100 km!!! Not sure about the exact value but it is considerable.

At 7km at south of Blois, there’s the home of my girlfriend’s grandparents. It has an antenna near it. One year ago it had only one pannel on it. After I gifted it many times, there are now 3 pannels on it. Yesterday morning I went to gift again the river Loire and the sky above has been cleared of DOR for some hours. Then we went to Amboise, at 10 km far from the home and I gifted again the Loire there and the sky was cleared also. On the way to Amboise me, my mom and my girlfriend saw many chemtrails and she has taken some photos I’ll soon post. After some hours, the DOR grid had been here again. But we broke it for some hours. I clearly see why many antennas need to be gifted, because I’ve seen many times that the DOR grid is broken and then it comes back some hours later, in areas that have not been gridded by TBs. This is only my opinion.

These last days I had seen many many planes at a location, when coming back from a friend’s home. Yesterday I analyzed the sky again and there was a lot of planes. I’m going back to boosting and blasting, that I used to do one year ago, but I had a SP at this time. Now I boost and blast without SP. I’m sure that I have sometimes good skills at blasting and boosting, but sometimes not. Yesterday I blasted many planes and some of them swithed their lights off, and one of them switched its light off then had reswitched them on some meters further… Maybe a confirmation that my blast is effective.

I’ve poured some more orgonite, and I’ve found many TBs that were in our home. I plan to gift some targets all around Paris… I’m still orgonizing around Paris. It’s a hard thing… We are all very busy, but we allways find some time to gift.

Here are some pics that were taken during this little trip around Blois :

Pics from around Blois, after breaking the DOR matrix there for some hours…

The last pictures of the list show chemtrails that were sprayed by them against me/us, and just over our heads. It show how much they needed their dor-grid back again…

Chemtrail against me/us, showing how they needed their dor-grid back

You are truly doing great work! Seeing the last posted image, not ever in my life i saw such a good confirmation that they could not maintain their grid! Desperate they are.

Thank you very much Satish.