Some Food and Drug Administation Corporation Ugliness

Last week, the FDA intercepted an express-mailed zapper to a customer in the US Virgin Islands and contacted her to let her know. Carol advised the gal not to respond to them and to just give us an alternate name and address so we can send her another one.

This was a shot across our bow, which is not surprising since our business has started to pick up, again, in spite of the six-year effort to erase us from public awareness during which we lost most of our retirement fund and safety net to make ends meet. We keep a paid-off motorhome in another state in case the gov’t comes after us, again, and it’s also not much of a problem to move our business abroad, if necessary.

Zappers have been ‘illegal’ in Canada and UK for many years but those Hitler laws have never been enforced, though sabotage to packages to our distributors in those countries has been more frequent than to distributors in any others. The exception is Francisco of in Spain, who the Old Parasite evidently hates as much as us. I think they’ve molested about one in three of our packages to him over the years and the Spanish version of the FDA is now tentatively gunning for him, too. Parasites rarely conduct frontal assaults; they sneak around corners and probe for weak spots and weak people. Playing by their rules is self-destructive, of course. Not a single distributor has been frightened away from selling our zappers and most of them understand that the gov’ts, on behalf of the drug cartel, is very opposed to the sale of all effective healing devices. It’s more overt in Africa. Two of the kikundi have been jailed for curing cholera with zappers during endemics in Kenya and two Ugandans who took zappers to Congo were thrown into prison by UN ‘peacekeeping’ troops without a trial just for having zappers on them.

An American inventor, named Dennis, bought some zappers from us a few weeks ago and offered to send samples of his water-energizing product, which I’ve been using for a few days. I’m so impressed by the way it gives me more energy that I asked him to give me his website so I can promote it.

Then he told me that an FDA agent came to see him some time ago and told him to stop making and selling the stuff and, if he didn’t, the next visit would be by agents with guns. I thought this sort of thuggery in America only came from the FBI, these days Cool. The FDA hadn’t used force against reputable healers since the early 90s, as far as I know. He told me that he intends to market it, again, because he was approached by an investor so I assume he intends to get set up outside the US. I figured that reporting it (even on this obscure website) will toss a wrench into the FDA’s engine of destruction for now. All parasites are deathly afraid of exposure and that includes these two-legged enforcers for the drug cartel and chemical corporations in the body politic.

Another apparent and more subtle FDA hatchet job has been against stabilized oxygen, of which there is only one producer remaining: R-Garden, which markets it as ‘Vitamin O.’ The FDA are trying their best to force that company to stop selling it so I’m hoping that this ('homeopathic?) announcement will help prevent that, too. I bought two pints of the stuff. Until a couple of years ago I used to get stabilized oxygen in any health food store and vitamin store and I mainly took it before doing heavy exercise so that my muscles wouldn’t get sore, afterward. I still do that but I take a lot more of it than before because there’s nothing that comes from more oxygen in the body except positive results and benefits, of course.

I haven’t heard anyone else discuss this, yet, but I have a hunch that part of the MMS scam could have been to get stabilized oxygen banned. MMS (‘Miracle Mineral Supplement’) is stabilized oxygen and has no minerals in it. The thing was suddenly everywhere about six years ago and every sycophant came out of the woodwork to frenetically promote it, based partly on some dramatic (I assume fake) testimonials but perhaps based mainly on some efficient mind control protocols that trigger all of the ubiquitous sycophants who use email. There was some noise about the FDA trying to shut down MMS but I never encountered any evidence of that but the disappearance of stabilized oxygen from stores feels, to me, like the two things are closely connected. A local friend of mine who buys into every conceivable healing scam told me a few months ago that when he tries to order MMS online they just take his money and won’t send the product or return his calls.

I didn’t conclude that it was a scam right away. For all those years I asked each person who promoted the stuff to me (there were thousands of them but I rarely hear of MMS, any more) to tell me if he/she experienced any definitive results from taking it. Only two people responded positively and the results they reported could be accounted for by a simple increase in oxygen consumption. Dr Sircus in Brazil, who is the first MD to ever promote zappers on the web (ours, thankfully) bases his healing work on destroying pathogens with microcurrent and oxygenizing the body. He claims that MMS is harmless, by the way, but I’d be surprised if he bases that on clinical evidence. His claim may be based on the fact taht chlorine is poisonous to people but there’s a lot less chlorine in stabilized oxygen (including MMS) than in a glass of water that has been treated with a bit of bleach in the traditional way to destroy pathogens in it.

Dr Reich always played by their rules and even believed that he could successfully defend himself in court against the FDA’s predatory lawyers and the feral federal prosecutor and dirty judge. I assume you already know: that kangaroo court worked just like a Soviet show trial of a prominent person of conscience. I wonder if all of the courts in America were already run by satanists in those days because the public book burning of his collected work was part of that process ( 'Sieg, HEIL! ).

The fascist sewer rats who are pulling the FDA’s strings and may be planning to destroy Carol and I through this [il]legal system behemoth are reading this, of course. I write a lot of stuff for their consideration and we enjoy hunting for them in the etheric realm as a preventive measure, which could explain why they try harder to kill balanced and focused psychics than someone like me. If we don’t end up in Costa Rica within a year or so it may be because ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ Cool I prefer to remain in America and to do my part in destroying the rule of parasites, here. It’s not because I feel patriotic (the world is my country) but because this country is the operative center of global terrorism, now.

Going after corporate predators in the etheric realm in an informal group effort is a civilized and bloodless way to wage war; just like the tradition of counting coup among some of the native American tribes Cool and this forum is assuredly an instrument of war . We engage in spiritual (etheric) warfare, which some believe is the only appropriate response to the spiritual warfare that’s being actively but quietly waged against the human race by the parasitic order through the media, academia, churchianity/clergy and the ‘alternative’ cults, such as theosophy, kaballah, marxism and Greek gnosticism.

Most of us conduct the war by distributing orgonite intelligently but a few of us wage war directly back onto the individuals who are attempting to destroy most of our species and enslave the rest. Shooting and even just hating these predatory bastards only strengthens the Old Parasite and we relate to them ‘heart to heart,’ rather. The refined spiritual technology that has periodically been brought to humanity by the Founders of genuine religions is the collective and consistent textbook for taking down the tyranny of parasites, in my opinion. Very few people who adhere to religions seem to appreciate this and they mostly spin their wheels with pious worship, failing to see the empowering connection between religion and real human freedom. ‘An hour’s reflection is better than seventy years of pious worship,’ and the countless hours that some of us around the world have spent together in chat rooms to liberate out species from the parasitic order seems to be a kind of meditation and it’s induced us to work on refining our own characters as part of our own self-defense ‘protocols.’

Since the core teachings of religions represent the finer aspects of human nature the enemy/clergy could never figure out how to edit it out of those scriptures. I imagine that they scratched their heads and wondered out loud, ‘What the hell are we supposed to do with all of this ?’ Wink. Since it’s relatively untouched by the filthy hands of ‘social engineers’ this empowering material is plain for any discerning people to see and to follow. The enemy probably believe that these powerful core teachings are indecipherable to the rest of us, too, but in modern times they’ve done a good job in causing most thinking people to hate religions, thus depriving themselves of the creative power of all of that spiritual technology. These otherwise discerning PJ folks usually buy into the default luciferic belief that they can be like God–have you noticed how all of the alternative cults are designed to stroke the ego this way? The core teachings of religions teach us to forget ourselves and to love others more than ourselves, which of course induces us to genuinely serve humanity and our Creator. Loving ourselves is, to me, an organic by-product of loving our kind. Many of us have noted that when we’re out flipping death towers and otherwise distributing orgonite we feel terrific just doing the work and are forgetting ourselves in the moment: only striving to receive and follow our instinctive hunches and feeling grateful for that guidance. We become part of something pure, unseen and grand in those efforts and I think that creative process is a big part of what the religions were created to reinforce. A good example of how spiritually invigorating this work is may be the Africans’ drive to spend every effort and resource to take orgonite to new parts of that continent just to give it away and to teach people how to make it.

I used to be solicited constantly by militant pacifists (typically: unwitting theosophy drones) for invitations to post on the forum but that rarely happens, any more. These people are poison to any constructive movement and they’re clueless; operating on autopilot like a finely tuned machine. Their complacency, condescension and saccharine ‘love and light’ rhetoric knows no bounds and it’s next to impossible to elicit a genuine emotional response from any of them because they’re surrounded by impenetrable armor a la Reich’s sad observations from the late 1930s about the nazification of most Americans at the time of his arrival here. It’s not by accident that there’s such an impressive mass of these lockstep, programmed drones in the body politic, constantly trolling for new causes to infiltrate and ruin. Theosophy and nazism are literally the same programming, created by British Intelligence over a long period of experimentation on societies, East and West, in the heyday of colonial expansion. The ‘New World Order’ is nothing but an expansion of the old British Empire which only lately hit a (‘great’) wall in China.

This unorganized orgonite cause has been in operation for 16 years and has evidently passed the acid test of infiltration and misdirection by now, I’m happy to report, but that may be part of why the Old Parasite is hunting for new ways to destroy a handful of us whom they evidently consider to be the exemplars, here and abroad. We know that they’ve been trying since 2004 to destroy our African cohorts but the kikundi in East Africa might be in a more secure position than we few Western targets are by now, thanks to their own perseverance, strategy and street savvy. I use the word, ‘street,’ advisedly since they’re mainly country folk Cool.