Some Gifting Runs In The Netherlands

14 Sep 2008 07:49
Subject: Some Gifting Runs In The Netherlands

Beverwijk is a small town Nortwest of Amsterdam and on the other side of the big canal that connects the closed off bay of Ijsselmeer to the North Sea.
In the map you see a big patch of gray on the lower left corner – that is a huge industrial area that seemingly works 24/7. (either that or they enjoy working on saturday evenings). At night the bigger structures light up like a christmas tree – I have the feeling they made it to be funny but I don’t get it. It stinks over there, stinks like stuff people shouldn’t be breathing, yet it is so close to population centers. Nevermind what they dump in the water nearby – I’ll be really happy when they close shop.

Because this area was inacessible, a ring of TBs was left more or less around it, in water to the south and land to the other directions. The trees in the woods to the north of it will be very pleased with the gifts left behind, though.

All in all, a little over 170 TBs were used, gifted over a period of two days (with a bicycle).

The gifted death towers are in blue, the ungifted ones in red. There were some extra gifted ones that were not mapped and don’t make such a big difference. There was also one tetra which was not gifted (I was low on TBs and had some more ground to cover), but a large array of antennas nearby was taken care of. Also around 6 churches and a hospital were throughly gifted and so were some eerie looking structures that they seem to enjoy placing at the points were highways go underground (to go under the water) – one of these took an earthpipe too (it was ‘off the map’ so you won’t spot it).

One of these ‘crossing points’ going underwater had 2 structures, one on each side of the huge canal.
I felt really disappointed not to bring the camera when I saw one of those up close: it had 4 smaller towers, in a row, and then 2 more on each side, twice as tall and also in a row (all rows pointing the same direction). Each of the towers had square holes in its top section. These holes were in rows of five and all around that section of the tower. These holed sections were identical for all towers.
There was also a building on the base of those towers. On the water side, there were big glass windows. These structures were basically facing each other across the canal and seem to be identical. The visited structure is marked in green on lower part of the map.
It felt very strange, negatively strange to be near the structure. I am very curious as to whether they are transforming the energy at these spots to some black purpose as it is the third time I find such odd looking structures in these points, and they all look like they are being used for something more than just looking ‘arty’.

Since I don’t live in the Beverwijk area it will be difficult to judge improvements but it appears that after the first gifting run a week ago, it already helped (perhaps by removing ‘pressure’) the state of the sky over here in Amsterdam. It is a very slow process, though.
I can report getting at least one confirmation – when arriving yesterday from the train station I spotted the dome of a church closeby which had been gifted the week before: a nice warm rush of energy was felt in my heart chakra which is usual indication that a place has been gifted. The same but perhaps with a more exhilarating quality was felt after placing a TB in the middle of some grand looking trees, on a park not far from the odd structure describe before.


[edit: to give a better idea, each colored mark represents a location of 1 or more death towers, not a single tower. This means you can have as much as 7 or 8 towers in one location… then each tower has between 1-4 panels so it varies a lot what those blue and red dots mean Smile ]

08 Dec 2008 14:20
Subject: Re: Some Gifting Runs In The Netherlands
Haarlem gifting – 30 Nov + 1,6,7 Dec 08

The comeback (after a week) was a pleasant surprise: the skies already felt healthier even though without the grace of Sylphs (they might have been there but I did not see them).

A couple of notes about Haarlem.
First, a lot of the locations had only very few antenna panels. It was only when gifting neighbourhoods with office of big appartment buildings that the familiar clusters of death towers were to be seen.
Second, the religious “power” seems to be more in league with the rats here for I was surprised to see quite a number of churches having towers too (in Beverwijk and Amsterdam I have yet to see one single church having towers on it)

This Sunday arriving in Haarlem there was a lot of spraying going on – franctic in fact – but is was not sticking at all Mr. Yellow (that was new as well since during the other 3 days of gifting there was no spraying at all). Later in the day with the last hours of sunlight some of it finally began to stick but it was not to last. Until I left, well into night-time, there was a beautiful starry sky above.

I felt little to no interference during the 4 days of gifting – the SP was with me all the time but there was an interesting “coincidence” this Saturday I’d like to relate:
The day’s “work” almost finished, with only 2 locations to do, I feel some interference, probing, call it what you like (it usually involves a slight, unexplainable headache that suddenly appears). I thought to myself “out loud”: “What? Now you’re at it?!” (when I am almost finished). I gifted one more location, then the last one. At this spot I decide to casually check the SP and I see that in all the tumbling of the trip it had turned off so I turn it back on. In that exact moment a car that was on the road nearby, behind me, starts speeding off and away (I had similar experiences when there are cars playing loud music and stopping by in front of the building where I live – I turn the SP and very soon the driver takes off as if something had made him VERY unconfortable).

Another little detail concerns perhaps all grunts (non-psychic gifters).
That saturday while grounding, before going to Haarlem, I accidently (without searching) found an etheric cord on me, removed it and treated the spot. While I had been feeling lazy the whole morning, almost as if going out of duty, after removing the cord I felt much better and that weekend turned out to be one of the smoothest gifting runs ever, I almost felt like I was biking in my own neighourhoods.
This I have to thank Dooney for – without her exercises I wouldn’t be able to keep gifting in these high spririts for long and I feel it is interference of this kind that sometimes throws gifters off gifting for long periods or even completely.

Another episode happened that same Saturday [what a day [Image Can Not Be Found]] while gifting the cathedral of Saint Bavo right in the heart of old town. It is a rough location to gift. A lot of stone and coblestones, very little to no green. Eventually Providence and a little partience provided even several spots where one could put TBs.
After placing the 3rd TB, as I walk around the square, looking for a place to put the 4th, there comes a feeling of warmth and happiness on my heart chakra as I have never felt before from gifting a place (though there is similar intensity when focusing on an 18). It was as if someone or something was very happy and thankful and letting me know about it Smile
I invite the psychics to take a look at a picture of this cathedral and feel for themselves

Enjoy Very Happy

The other cathedral of Haarlem. The next picture shows its ‘coat of arms’

mmmm… what bird is that I see? (they really give themselves away with these little details)

the skies of Amsterdam some days after the gifting in Haarlem (they are only 15 kilometers away from each other)

pic n.2 of Amsterdam skies

Back to Haarlem. Picture taken this saturday – it’s a strange looking cloud…

a square mosque with half a ‘radome’ instead of a dome. Gifted, just in case Wink

the sky over Haarlem, end of the day (still this saturday)

the same sky, a bit to the right

Are they trying to make them look… “slick”?

I must say the atmosphere of Haarlem felt much nicer when I left it than the Amsterdam I came back to. Amsterdam feels wet and sticky, almost foggy sometimes, which probably means it’s high time I’m going to give myself a crash course on how to “read” the status of towers just from looking at a map (they have been “upgrading” some of the spots with more panels). Manfred’s recent tips on “reading” ley lines came in just handy. Thanks Manfred Smile


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