Some Good Gardening-With-Orgonite Research

Mark in UK has been doing these experiments for awhile and sent me a progress report to post, here. I told him about Manfred’s new research forum, too.

The last substantive gardening research that I know about was done by Tetsuzi in Hiroshima about three years ago but the hackers destroyed that material. When Alejandro was visiting us, last month, he managed to get all that destroyed material restored but it will take some time to get it all back onto the forum.

The photos in Mark’s report won’t show up in this post but I hope his writing will inspire you to try your hand at some of this!


Organite Summer 2008 Report

Feel free to post and share this information anywhere you want too.

Report 1

I finally heard back from Mike; he’s had organite in his green house for some time as well around his house noticed the growth increase in the spring and was somewhat startled by it. Now he’s reporting the seeds and plants he’s tried to grow over the past few years in his greenhouse that have failed miserably, like grapes and gojo berries, now actuallly look like they’re supposed too.

There’s a few other plants he was trying to grow there which I can’t remember, but they went from pathetic to full formed this year. He also placed the pyramid organite next to his neighbors wall – guy’s somewhat of an @$$hole from what I hear and all the plants on the other side of the wall have gone mad with massive growth.

Report 2

When I received the initial crate of Organite kindly given to me by John ( I decided to do the 4 corners of the property with the basic Tower Busters/Hocky pucks. The frount of the buiding was easy and I found places to stash two. The back yard I didn’t have access too so I simple chucked them into the corners from my top flat window.

Over the summer the hedges grew like mad and were noticably much larger than previous years. Finally the landlord had to cut them down when the somewhat unstable tennant finally left. He had a go at trimming it all back like he normally does but this time it was too thick and tall so he had to hire in a professional.

Report 3 & 4

My neighbors allotment has noticed major improvement and showed me radishes. One normal size and the other size of a small mellon. One without organite, one grown next to the organite I gave him. Might of been the TBs or the Pyramid one.

He’s also had problems germinating something, so tried another set of seeds germinating in the heating closet – where he does this – but with a hockey puck TB and they all took the 2nd time round and grew massively.

He’s not commiting to say its all the organite, as none of it was controlled and there’s variables like soil quality and whatnot. He did say it was very favourable anectdotal evidence.

Sadly the set of raddishes he showed me were cooked when I went back to shoot them on sunday. Good news is he dug up some more with the same results of massive growth. This time with parsnips too. Photo bellow with a UK penny next to them for size reference.

Report 5

Jules wrote: I recently put my organite in the kitchen to help with a dying (dead?) chili plant I had unsuccessfully been trying to re-animate. The plant is now large, green and flowering … but I have had to return the organite to my bedside table as the nightmares were horrendous without it there!

Report 6

A yew tree had been planted when he was young and its now a pretty tall tree. Another one was planted in the spring from a sapling and organite buried nearby or at its base. The tree now matches the first one in height of about 16 feet high and forms an arch with the first planted over 30 years ago.

Sorry for the confusion–for the first post I used another computer that Ale had been using during his visit and it was still logged onto EW in his name [Image Can Not Be Found]

Mark sent a link for the photos that accompany his report:

He also sent me this YouTube link: