Some Healing Observations from Dr STevo

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STevo’s a genuinely skilled and intuitive doctor who actually cures and heals people–one of only a handful in North America in these dark but lightening days. His website is at the end of his article and here it is at the beginning, too:

Dooney, who might have taught you how to toss energy effectively, has been the premier coach in this network and Carol and I have worked with them in 3D a lot and also enjoyed the company of Charlie and Blackjack, their two gregarious dog companions.

Carol and I got the metal removed from our mouths in Nelson, British Columbia, by Dr Daan Kuiper, who uses the same methods as Dr Huggins but charges about 25% of what the qualified American dentists do. He still makes a very good living, by the way

We both got a boost in health and energy after getting this stuff out of our heads and some folks, as the Doc mentions, get quite dramatic health improvements after that.

If you can’t afford American dentists and want the poison taken out of your teeth it may be feasible for you to go to Mexico or Canada for that if you’re in the US. There’s a directory of qualified dentists around the globe who do this the right way. Doing it the wrong way might result in some pretty serious and even bizarre manifestations so please don’t take any shortcuts, okay? I wonder how many dentists will go to prison with the bulk of MDs after the PJ folks wake up to these serial killers’ true agenda.

Thanks for your experience and insights, Doc!


Hi Don,

Great to hear you guys are regaining your health!

I just wanted to add some potentially useful info about hidden health
dangers from VERY common dental procedures. Its amazing to me (now
that I’m learning the scope of this health threat) that most know
little to nothing about the risks involved. This especially includes
both dentists and doctors, not to mention most every dental patient.
Seems to me from the reading I’ve been doing, most only discover the
source of the problems AFTER a catastrophic loss of health occurs.
It is my hope that this info will prevent this type of misery for
those who read up on dental health. See for more.

Dr. Hal Huggins, a dentist now specializing in diagnostic and then
the formulation of appropriate remediation treatment plans, has
extensively researched the subject of dental induced illness.
Starting about 35 years ago when a dentist, Dr. Olympia Pinto, told
him how his father (another dentist) had cured a girl of leukemia by
removing her amalgam fillings (which are approx. 52% mercury). Her
immediate healing was evidenced by blood test results within a few
days of the amalgam fillings being removed, and both clinical and lab
results received nothing but disbelief by the girls medical doctors.
They thought amalgam tooth fillings couldn’t possibly be related to
her leukemia. So he replaced the amalgam fillings and her leukemia
blood test reverted to their previous state (her “disease” returned).
He then removed the amalgams again and she healed again, never to
return to the leukemic pattern again.

Huggins, upon hearing this story, was incredulous. He argued with
Dr. Pinto that the amalgam material was in her teeth, leukemia was a
blood disease and the two couldn’t POSSIBLY be connected. His dental
education had totally brainwashed him and convinced him that amalgams
were safe and the mercury was tightly bound to filling material
matrix. This is a great example of how far dentistry as a healing
modality has fallen over the years. Back in the era of the 1920’s
and even back into the 1800’s, dentists like Westin Price were
incredibly aware of the interactions of all systems of the body, and
they realized that degenerative changes in teeth reflected
degenerative changes in the whole body. Toxicologists using state of
the art technology today are in awe of Dr. Price’s research (using
relatively primative low tech equiptment available in the 20’s) and
how it proves conclusively his contentions that root canals are
sources of poisonous toxins 1,000x more deadly than tetanus and
botulism. Today, dentists have been reduced to playing the role of
tooth mechanics, acting as if these structures are totally unrelated
to other aspects of our bodies/health and most not even knowing the
ingredients in the fillings and other restorative materials they
install in their patient’s mouths.

So Dr. Pinto convinced Huggins to start checking blood chemistries
and complete blood counts of his patients, both before and after
doing dental revisions (removal of offending dental materials,
cavitations, root canals, nickle crowns, and other toxic dental
procedures/materials). After a few years of hands on experience,
seeing amazing recoveries in patients suffering "incurable diseases"
(MS, ALS, Alzheimers, diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular disease,
memory loss, brain fog……) he started to publish and lecture his

Before learning all this info on dangers of “modern dental
treatments”, Huggins lectured heavily (100 days per year) to his
collegues across the nation on topics of “conventional dentistry”.
He was very well respected expert in dentistry. He had an 18 month
waiting list in his practice for getting an appointment with him.
After he started spreading the word on the dangers associated with
amalgam (mercury) fillings and the larger dangers of root canals,
etc. at his professional lectures, the ADA (american dental
association) turned against him with a ferocity that defies belief.
Here’s a SAMPLE of the hell they threw at him to silence his voice.
His speaking engagements were cancelled (any group that hosted him in
their lectures would be denied any Continuing Education Credits and
intrepid dentists not disuaded by this CEU threat were even threated
with license revocation for attending his lectures! His appointment
books were subsequently emptied within a month! There was obviously
a severe threat to the ADA (another branch of the AMA serial killer
organization). The Colorado Dental Board revoked his dental license
in '96 because of his “unethical behavior” (telling patients the
risks they faced from putting mercury in their mouths and refusing to
perform any more amalgam fillngs and root canal procedures). The
continuing harassment and financial ruin, estrangement of his peers
and friends caused him great emotional and financial harm and caused
his wife to divorce him. Sounds like Huggins was onto Somethin Big.
Glad to report he has the integrity to continue exposing the TRUTH.
Lots of parallels to the persecution DB and others have suffered for
voicing truth that exposes BIG lies.

Turns out that in toxicology terms, two heavy metals don’t have an
additive increase in their poison effect on humans. Ie. 1+1 does not
=2. It is more like 1+1 = 60. Add a third toxin and it might = 200,
and add a fourth toxin and it might = 1,000. Huggins went back to
school at the University of Colorado at around age 60 to get a
Masters degree in toxicology. He wanted to know exactly what the
effects the dental materials used in modern dental practices was on
biological systems and specifically their effects on human health.
He was stunned to learn the truth. Hundreds of different metals and
chemicals go into our mouths every day, each one capable of doing
great damage to our immune system, digestion, liver, kidneys, heart,
nervous system and on and on the effects extend. The state of your
health when these dental materials are introduced into your body
determines if and when symptoms will occur. Subsuquent stresses and
illnesses can trigger “delayed” reactions as the body loses its
ability to balance between regeneration/degeneration. Some patients
get their symptoms while in the dental chair getting their mercury
fillings placed, others get triggered when they get a flu or cold or
injury 7, 14 or 21 days later. Hard to predict when the body loses
its ability to cope with these dental stressors. Since the delay is
often months or years, most don’t correlate the dental procedure with
the health crisis that eventually occurs.

So I went to his web site to learn more of what he found out. See
more for yourself at  He has many books, booklets,
videos. I’ve watched all his videos and read several of his books.
I’m stunned. No wonder his video that contains the entire 60 Minutes
tv show segment exposing the dangers of mercury amalgam fillings
includes the comment that the tv show producers have never received
more threats to Not air a segment.

Why were the ADA so keen to shut Huggins up? The financial liability
consequences of putting poisonous mercury into millions of American
mouths for the past 160 years is unfathothomable. Kinda like
counting grains of sand at the beach, the numbers are too big to

In his book, Uninformed Consent, co-written with Thomas Levy, M.D,
J.D (doctor/attorney) its interesting to see how Levy came to
appreciate Huggins’ information, first hand. His “perfect health”
crashed all of a sudden with cardiac symptoms that scared him. He
didn’t want a life time sentence of prescription drugs, so he had an
evaluation with Huggins who proposed a dental revision program to
remove his mercury fillings and a “healthy” (symptom free) root
canaled tooth. The amazing recovery of his health was, to Levy,
almost unbelievable. Only, since he experienced it first hand, he had
to believe it. Soon, he realized how his health had been in serious
decline for years, that he was far from perfect health. He realized
that, like most everyone else, since his wasn’t bedridden, he assumed
he was perfectly healthy. But after his dental revision, his energy
bounded, his reading and memory were dramatically improved etc, etc.
He also saw all of his cardiac problems vanish. How could this be?
So he too started to study the link between dental procedures and
their potential disasterous health effects on tissues far removed
from the teeth. He has had an epiphany. Now he “gets” what Huggins
has been trying to teach the world. He sent literature to collegues
across America to “wake them up” to this huge, unsuspected health
threat. Guess what, not one of the forty doctor-friends replied, not
even to call him a “nut”. He says he understands, that with his
prior “education” he would have responded the same way before his
awakening. After all, if the info was valid and really important,
“it would be published in the Journal of the American Medical
Association”. (or so he was brainwashed to assume)

Another good read by Huggins is It’s All in Your Head – The link
between mercury amalgams and illness. After 1973 when Dr. Olympio
Pinto told him the leukemia story from his fathers dental
experience, Huggins started watching patients blood work and clinical
improvments with “safe” protocols, a whole shopping list of
procedures necessary to safely restore a mouth of mercury and
cavitations and root canals etc back to health. At first he was
amazed in the 70’s to see 10 – 15% of his patients imrprove their
“incurable” diseases, some completely. Over the next three decades,
his protocol expanded as he learned more pieces of the healing puzzle
and the number is now well over 50%. Impressive, especially in light
of the fact that there is "no known cure for ALS, MS, Alzheimer’s,
Lupus, rheumatoid arthrits, etc.

At the end of the book, Huggins lists over 100 common personal care
medical products including over the counter items that contain
mercury. He mentions that the FDA rules state that if its common
that all manufactures of a similar product use an ingredient in that
product (ie. lubricated condoms treated with mercury as a spermacide)
then the product label doesn’t have to mention that ingredient
(mercury for example)! Apparently the FDA reasoning is that it’s
assumed to be common knowledge since all the manufacturers use it.
Take a look at the 100+ products and you’ll probably be amazed at
some of the common products that use mercury. Preparation H is an
example listed.

Scary, when you consider mercury is the second most toxic metal on
earth, second only to radioactive plutonium.

Heavy metals used in dentistry include beryllium, nickle, mercury,
zinc, tin, manganese, copper, platinum, palladium and the list goes
on and on. The galvanic (electric currents) set up by the persence
of these dissimilar metals have been known to cause health problems
since the 1800’s. The brain operates on nanoamperes of electrical
current, and these metals can emit over 100 milliamps of current.
With electrical stresses like this, it amazes me how anyone can have
a functioning brain after modern dental procedures. And in 1976 the
ADA (patent holder on the amalgam filling) changed the formula,
increasing the copper concentration to 30%. This causes the mercury
to escape 50 times faster from the filling into your tissues. In
other words, 1 new filling = 50 older (pre '76) mercury amalgam
fillings. These toxic metals are daily being inserted into the
mouths of millions of unsuspecting Americans who TRUST their dentist
absolutely. And they leach into your system with every passing
minute, faster if you chew gum/food, drink hot beverages. Will they
all come down with a devastating disease entity? Depends on a
multitude of factors, environmental, dietary, lifestyle, genetics.
But forewarned is forearmed I always say.

In talking directly to Dr. Huggins, his comment to me was "these
dental procedures are a ticking time bomb in your mouth, do you know
what the timer is set for and when it will detonate? In my 35+
years professionally dealing with this problem and the potentially
devestating health consequences, I’ve heard the same story from
virtually every patient…“I was in perfect health until xxx
weeks/months ago and then all hell broke loose”. Sounds like Levy’s
story too (the doctor/lawyer who co-authored Uninformed Consent with

As I stated in the beginning of this post, just another data point
that I hope will spare folks from a health catastrophe or help point
you in the direction of recovery if it already happened. The more I
read on this subject, the more amazed I am at the breadth and depth
of consequences of improper dental "care" and how so few are aware of
this issue. I guess its great business for the AMA docs when the ADA
docs poison people and no one ever suspects the true cause and
therefore cannot correct the health of the patient!

Dr. Stevo

Happy Holidays!

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