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The Southern Sudan had been a dry place from the beginning before we introduced the orgonite. But since we introduced the orgonite there really the farming activities have really picked up even though not like what is taking place in Kenya. The rainfall has also resumed raining adequately. These have actually caused a greater change in the economic improvement in that recently born nation. I believe very soon the whole of that nation will be totally dominated with good climate cause by sufficient orgonite that even to date we are still distributing.
Those Nicholas and Chris friends whom they took to the orgonite in Tanzania sometimes back I had seen them. They are good people they also like the orgonite and they still to get means on how they can get more of it. They told us that they are going to mobilize more people in their nation back home so that many people in their nation may increase in the use of this productive product.
Hibrahim who came all the way from Ethiopia I left him in Kisumu. He appreciates how the people of Kisumu like the orgonite.
Dancan will soon send you the photos.
Another thing which really impressed was that Mrs. O really knows how to deal with the politician. Even during the party one of the politician surprisingly enough I had people calling her the orgonite something which later I learned that she was nick named that way because of her positive interest in the orgonite
Mrs. O and the team really took care of us very well in Kisumu.
I again thank you a lot for the support that you are going do for both Chris and Nicholas, In fact it’s a blessing to all of us.
On my arrival back home from my mission trip from Kenya I found that one of my neighbors whom I gave a zapper sometimes back got a grater help for that zapper. When one of her daughter was affected by Malaria worst of all it was in the night where they could not find means to the hospital she just used the zapper and the child is well up to now. So we all thank you very much for inventing something that help.

Asante sana (thx much) for the terrific update, Christine.

Reversing deserts is a peculiar ability of simple mbolea (orgonite) and the East Africans are doing this with great flair and competency in Kenya, Southern Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia, now. The next best part of this development, for me, is that people in the region are giving them credit for this achievement. The best part is that people are beginning to prosper and warfare(corporate/agency sponsored terrorism) has stopped, except in Somalia. I feel that the current, corporate/agency-exacerbated conflict in that part of Somalia where Fatuma, her Somalian associates, Mrs O and Benedict have sacrificed so much of their time and resources to heal the region, will soon end, too. I hope that Britain’s and America’s role in that terror campaign will be exposed. We were very sad to know that Fatuma was unable to safely leave Somalia to attend the event in Kisumu, earlier this month.

I often mention the success of Georg and friends in reversing the Kalahari, also Raschid and friends’ current reversal of the Sahara from the west and Alejandro, Toño and friends’ ongoing reversal of the Atacama in Chile and Peru.

If I don’t mention our friends’ successes in those three other deserts there will probably be no mention at all in the public record for the moment, other than some prostituted academics’ bizarre media claim that ‘the reversal of the Kalahari is due to global warming.’ [Image Can Not Be Found]

Carol and I had greened Death Valley after it had been killed with artificial drought but that result got a little bit of media attention some years ago.

If this amazing effort was expended by anyone else but all of us, nothing would have gotten done without heavy capitalization, which is to say large donations from rich folks. The fact that we generally all pay for our own efforts this is quite remarkable on that count. I know there are a few wealthy people in our world who have consciences and whose steps are guided by personal integrity but by the time these beleaguered few will wake up and start financing large-scale gifting campaigns maybe there will probably be thousands more people, like us, who just go out and do this work without fanfare and bask in the glory of the requisite, miraculous confirmations.

At some point, those gifters among us who have become adept at reversing deserts will probably get paid handsomely to do it. I often use the greening of the vast San Joaquin Valley as an example of how the wealthy have taken it upon themselves to turn a desert into a garden and in that case they did it entirely for profit, made possible by the invention of refrigeration. We don’t have to build dams and irrigation canals, though; all we have to do is distribute orgonite in an intelligent way.

I would rather see simple folk like ourselves earn the credit for creating these historic results than to hand it off to a few rich folks, don’t you? God forbid that any corporate government would get directly involved, though we’ve seen that Mrs Odondi is particularly adept at gaining the confidence of some government officials in Kenya.

I do encourage the rich to do this work and to spend their a part of their fortunes on it, though. Many of us have sacrificed quite a lot, after all. A dozen or so of us have survived repeated murder attempts, even, and of course some sacrificed their lives in Africa and Japan. Carol and I haven’t been targetted for a year and a half, though, and I’m hoping this indicates a growing trend; a ‘hands off’ policy by the terrorist agencies of Britain, America, Israel and China. They surely see that it’s been counterproductive to try to stop this very unorganized, global movement with poison, violence, psi assaults, slander and subterfuge. Thank God for the internet, eh? [Image Can Not Be Found]

These are the good old days. I get a kick out of the doomsayers who have been telling us for years that economic destruction and martial law are right around the corner. As Lori Anderson asks, though, on her CD, ‘Homeland:’

Will it be the worst of times?
Will it be the best of times?
Or will it be ‘Just another one of those times?’
…show of hands?

I believe they’re the good old days because we (especially our African cohorts) are struggling, sacrificing and achieving dramatic, historic results. After everyone on the planet has and uses orgonite (perhaps next year [Image Can Not Be Found] ) it will be impossible to produce such phenomenally affirming positive effects, any more.

Carol and I experienced something similar in 2001, when there was only one orgonite cloudbuster in the world. Nearly everywhere we took that thing there were astonishing effects in the sky that looked like something from a Hollywood version of the Old Testament. My favorite one was the enormous blue, round hole we enabled in the middle of a raging blizzard over Rangeley, Maine (including Orgonon, Reich’s property).

In a year or so there were thousands of orgonite cloudbusters and most of them had interlocking fields in the stratosphere, so gloriously dramatic and positive visual effects in the sky are no longer likely to happen. At least most of us are now seeing breathtaking Sylphs in the sky, regularly, thanks to the distribution of orgonite and orgonite cloudbusters. Speaking of Hollywood: cinematographers seem to appreciate Sylphs as much as we do–have you noticed?

Christine, nimepega (I’m very happy) that the child was cured with a zapper, thanks. Before very long, everyone on the planet will also have a zapper or easy access to one. There are several new technologies that will make tyranny and massive exploitation impossible. The ones I know about, firsthand, are orgonite, zappers and free energy engines. We need to help our African friends get set up to manufacture zappers like the ones Andy is selling on

Nicholas and Chris are about to begin new careers as mavuvi (fishermen) after having been successful wakulima (farmers). What particularly excites me about their new career is that they will have the ability to take orgonite anywhere in and around Lake Victoria and to teach more and more fishermen and farmers about the benefits and use of this liberating material. Dancan’s teaching them the ropes, so to speak

That huge party in Kisumu is going to have very long range effects, I gather, and thx again, Christine, for more information about that. I know that Mrs O had hired a professional photographer to get some images for the record and a YouTube film might also be forthcoming. One of many remarkable features of this gathering is that it was attended by people from Kenya, Southern Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda, all of whom have gotten involved in spreading information about orgonite in their respective nations.

Hata mimi (even me) I offered to edit a film about the party for YouTube, with English and Kiswahili subtitles but I think someone there is already doing a film. Miguel of very generously set me up to do that and trained me in the basics during his visit last week. The sky’s the limit, now [Image Can Not Be Found] and YouTube is going to also start getting regular submissions from the Unorganized Etheric Air Corps and the Global Etheric Coast Guard, soon.

When I lived in the South Pacific in the mid-80s a wise Samoan friend told me that the real organization work, there, is always done at parties, not in formal meetings. I think it’s that way in Africa, too. I look forward to more and more people in the West waking up to this way of doing business together.

Mungu hakubariki (God bless you),