Someone's apparently still channeling Count Saint I Ain't

I found out that a fellow on a discredited forum attacked my character recently for making the claim, some years ago, that nobody is channeling ‘Count Ste Germaine’ any more, ever since Carol and I gifted his ritual murder site in Pluto’s Cave, 17 miles north of Mt Shasta in May, 2003 and more extensively, in August, 2004.

The fellow told of a person who is still channeling this old parasite and, in fact, Al in Brazil checked with vo Joanna about that she she told him that the individual in Colorado is, in fact, possessed by a parasitic entity, so I’m giving my detractor the benefit of the doubt by assuming that the parasitic entity is the old alien in question. I wonder if the old parasite is seeking new ground and a new group of newage chumps in Colorado, now that he’s essentially lost his slave bases in Wyoming and Northern California. We’ll keep tabs on that, in case some gifting needs to be done in Colorado to give him the etheric bum rush again. I wonder if the Europoid chump supply is generally dwindling, now that everyone’s waking up a little faster. I hope so.

I’m posting this to admit that my assessment was apparently off target. I’m always glad when someone points out a discrepancy in my public claims, of course.

Considering that before we finished gifting the satanic ritual sites on and around Mt Shasta, used by that Theosophical Mt Shasta cabal and other World Odor groups, lots and lots of people were channeling that parasite but that they are now unable to do so, my original point, though not entirely accurate, is essentially valid.

Carol and I will be visitng Shasta again before long and I’ll post an update on what we see happening and not happening, there. It was heartening to see that their ‘I AM’ headquarters had burned down when we last visited the mountain and town. I wonder if the board of directors torched it to get the insurance money, on account of falling dues revenue, also falling CIA subsidies


Here’s some feedback from a gifter whom I’ve discussed this subject with before:

<pre>I am the one who thanks you. You’ve saved me a lot of time by indicating
how to look at the things that have called my attention previously. It has
always been helpful to have access to your opinion regarding many subjects
because I can see your coherence in all matters. The contrast between what
is posted in EW and the “other” forums is more and more obvious. People’s
nature and motivations, the looking for approval, is blatant and in your
face nowadays. So you definitely made a wise decision in limiting the
participation, this “exclusiveness” is a safety feature that was
non-existent in your previous attempts. What the heck, you are not going to
please everyone anyway. And the people who are looking to be pleased and to
please do not have anything substantial to contribute. Let them waste time
and space elsewhere until they begin to do what is recommended and proceed
to wake up.

You are right about me trying to discern the players, when you said that if
a person has the habit of listening to shows like “The Power Hour” he is
drained of vital energy because of the constant stress producing topics
that are discussed, this was a liberating observation. I was aware of the
effect for sure, the prejudiced, fundamental “christian”, perspective was
tiresome, the “end-of-the-world” rethoric, opressive. But did not pay any
mind to it until you made your point, I quit listening, and my efficiency in
doing my work went back to normal (since I have the internet on all day for
communication on jobs I would let the net broadcasts play).
Example of what you wrote in this e-mail below: “anytime one reads slander
or other poisonous material, one is
affected by it. People who constantly read disinformation wonder why they
have a hard time being decisive, for instance.” this is a wonderful,
empowering, observation. Because you point out the consequences of such a
practice. You are not imposing a opinion of this is “bad” this is “good”,
do this do that. No, you make it clear that one has choice. Freedom!

Perhaps you could post a “discernment keys for would be seekers” text, and
leave it up as a intro to EW. A lot of what you wrote previously in some
posts and the “adventures” could save people a lot of angst. Let’s say: "If
you feel bothered, emotionally stressed, by the iconoclastic opinions
expressed in this forum regarding any/ or all of these: the Great White
Brotherhood, Saint Germain, Ashtar Command, Theosophy, Sai Baba, Osho,
Freemansory, Rosicrucians,…… please understand that this is an indication
that you have been/are probably programed and/or implanted. This is normal,
it is not a condemnation, a sentence of helplessness. The information,
devices and techniques discussed here are keys freely given that can restore
your natural, God given state of being, if you so choose. "
That is it then, keep up the good work.
Thanks again Don. Regards to Carol.

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