South Of France Adventure!

27 Aug 2008 11:34
Subject: South Of France Adventure !
Hi Everyone

I’ve been in the South of France near Montpellier for almost a month now and have been gifting Orgonite near the death towers and into the sea and at some ancient sites.
I went on a boat excursion off the coast of Sete and tossed a few tb’s into the Mediterranean there and into the canal in town.
I went into Montpellier and regifted some towers today. Last week I was up camping at the man made lake, lake du salagou.
The lake got gifted while I was there. The lake is very clean and is a nice place to swim in and hike around, so if you are ever in the area you should check it out.
I also stayed over in the mountains outside of Perpignan, that part of France is also very beautiful with some great hiking and incredible mountain views.
I gifted a couple towers in that area too.

France has no shortage of death towers, so anyone traveling there or lucky enough to live there should gift the death towers they come across.

I have seen many mountaintop arrays off in the distance while exploring, but I can’t get to them, so the most adventurous gifters who are looking to challenge themselves should locate them and gift them.
They’re easy to spot, but not so easy to get to [Image Can Not Be Found].

The weather has been hot and sunny for the most part with big white puffy clouds dotting the sky. The chemtrails really only came out this past week, so I’m not sure if it is a response to the added Orgonite efforts I’ve made since last year or not.
One thing that caught my eye was it was a near whiteout in Montpellier this morning, with over a dozen chemtrail passes overhead, but I went back to the 2 biggest towers in Montpellier and gifted them and within
30 minutes the puffy clouds returned and the blue sky came out.
That was to coincidental to happen for me not to report.
I’m just glad I have this chance to make a HUGE change in the weather and
energy of this beautiful place called the south of France.
Plus, of course my selfish pleasure in delighting that my gifting is costing BILLIONS to the soon to be defeated nwo. Smile
I hope you like some of my photos.


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27 Aug 2008 13:32
Subject: Re: South Of France Adventure !

Agde tower. Oldest city in France .


Moi Wink


Tower above Orange Office, France Telecoms internet provider


Montpellier Downtown Gifted


Montpellier Tower with another just out of sight of photo


Sete Gfited again .


Sete from the boat


Possible Lenticular off highway.

more to come and as always I gift more than the photos I take Confused

28 Aug 2008 03:55
Subject: Re: South Of France Adventure !
Hi Eric, thanks for gifting montpellier, love that city
To find the acces roads to the mountain top arrays, I myself check on Maybe, like in Marseille, they are drawn in red, indicating they are ‘forbidden’. perhaps you will have to hike, but it is not impossible you can use the road anyway. Would be nice if you could get to them.

I recently updated my Marseille post with a picture of what I found on one ot the hilltops, I’m sure you won’t mind displaying it here again. Many a reader will get a kick out of it knowing it has been gifted, and perhaps it can inspire you to go for the hills after all. I still can feel the good effects for MILES away, which is extraordinary, because most of the time, the good energy ‘dissipates’ into the overall atmosphere.

Keep up the good work and those pictures coming!



29 Aug 2008 19:57
Subject: Re: South Of France Adventure !
Great job, both of you!! You’re right Dirk, I definately did get a kick from knowing that monstrocity is well busted Laughing Eric, that bizzare Montpellier tower with the vertical drum-like things seems like it was really nasty, nice to know that thing got busted as well. If you ever want to have some gifting vacations in mostly unbusted territory, you’re always welcome to come down here, you have a place to stay and a guide at your disposal Wink , actually that invitation is open to anyone on the EW memberlist who wants to come over here and help us gift.


06 Sep 2008 01:48
Subject: Re: South Of France Adventure !
Thank you Alejandro and Dirk . I regifted a tower in Gigean a couple of days ago that had panels added to it since last year and you’d never believe what happened that night, it poured rain for most of the night. The first rain in at least 3 weeks in this part of of the South of France.

Just another amazing coincidence of the power of Orgonite being tossed near a death tower. Wink

I went back out on my bike to that same tower yesterday and just by chance there was a technician and his white van

working in the bunker and adding a mini size drum panel nearer to the base of the tower.

So, that could be another related coincidence to my gifting the death tower. Mr. Yellow

p.s. when I say coincidence I say it jokingly, since there are none really.

19th to 22nd of december 2008: Mediterranean Sea and South of France gifting

For this trip I made a bit more than 600 TB.

Then I drove to the south and spent 3 days at a friends place, and we went on about gifting for 3 days [Image Can Not Be Found]
About 400-450 were gifted in the Mediterranean Sea. We used about 150 TB for all the antennas that we could gift and for river streams and ponds. We gifted many roads, some of the Antennas in the Cevennes, many antennas on the motorways, and the city centre of Montpellier, Arles and some other places, like supermarkets, electric distribution places.
In short, we gifted anything that seemed worth gifting [Image Can Not Be Found]

The place we were at was under heavy Electro Magnetic Weather modifications for 3 days, then it seemed to be somewhat disabled by our gifting efforts

I made a report in video;

Weather forecasts results… from 24 to 29th of december

The rain/snow effects are pretty obvious and localized. at 1:55-2:00 and 5:10-5:15
Spanish gifters were gifting below the Pyreennes at the same period, these unplanned coordinated giftings had significant effects it seems!

Sadly I cannot post high resolution satellite images, because the anti-spam system of the forum keeps blocking my account if I do it…
So they are on the french forum … e-t139.htm

It was the first time I took notice of the south of france and EM waves in the sky,
Now that I look at it every day they are actually under electro magnetic fields nearly everyday it’s really crazy, much more gifting is needed there!!!

I would really like to know if the TB’s dropped in the mediterannean sea have been moved? Because we obviously had no boat, so we threw them from the coast… I have no idea if dolphin come that near, or if they were moved alone by the sea currents?

Your gifting is incredible ! My nephew in Gigean/Sete just west of Montpellier tells me it snowed around Christmas time there, the first time in decades ! It also has been getting more rain than usual and the temperatures are cooler than normal as well.

The snow and rain is coming from your gifting the orgonite I think. I’m going to put my photos back on this thread, since the hackers deleted them on christmas eve.


That is a really cool gifting video !!! [Image Can Not Be Found];
I am guessing that you were driving with one hand and filming the sky with the other? Hehehe I am learning to do that as well…not easy and I almost crashed my car a few times [Image Can Not Be Found]


Carolien, I can’t change the video, I’m sorry for that mistake, I added that correction in the description of the video. (Sorry Carlos [Image Can Not Be Found]; )

Hehe for the video while driving, I also nearly crashed when I started doing these things [Image Can Not Be Found]; The best approach I’ve found now, is just record vaguely without looking at what I’m recording (just hoping I’m putting the camera in the right direction), because if you look at what your recording, you’re sure not to look at the road hehe [Image Can Not Be Found]

I kept for myself the news forecast of the snow in Marseille (not too far from the gifted zone), they had 20-30cm of snow there, unheard of since 30 years!

I’m looking forward to your pictures Eric [Image Can Not Be Found]

As that spam blocking system is disabled, I’ll try [Image Can Not Be Found]

It didn’t like too many ‘urls’ in the posts hehe

Here are the satellite images. Click to get the full resolution.

The day I was leaving to go to the south: The HAARP attacks had already started [Image Can Not Be Found]

The first day we were there: still heavy HAARP…

We gifted a bit of the Mediterranean Sea during the late afternoon of the 19th and some ponds

Satellite pictures the next morning…

Again many chemtrails coming from the West… coincidence? I see that often, when I gift somewhere and then heavy chemtrailing during the night not far from the gifted zone…

I don’t really know what they are doing, but something fishy is going on [Image Can Not Be Found]

A bit later

It seems they put the chemtrails in the way of the West winds to stop them…?

Then we gifted the Cevennes during the 20th as shown in the video:

The next day, the full sized HAARP attacks stopped and were bloqued right after the place we gifted.

Click on the images to see the big scale, the localized HAARP waves are clearly visible.

Can you see the chemtrail activity starting again? On the atlantic north coast of Spain…

Here’s what happens next [Image Can Not Be Found]

And the next morning they dematerialize when approaching/enterring France.

It’s clear that there is some invisible wall stopping them!

No idea if it’s due to our giftings or not? but it’s not the first time I see many chemtrails in the path of the winds coming to a place that was just gifted…

4 days later… still visible localized EM radiations over the Cevennes

Carolien, I can’t change the video, I’m sorry for that mistake, I added that correction in the description of the video. Sorry Carlos [Image Can Not Be Found]

No problem, it happens [Image Can Not Be Found]

By the way, great work! You’re a no-nonsense gifter with all those TBs!! [Image Can Not Be Found]


good work,

this link shows a few ‘nice’ inspirational pictures in southern france. perhaps one day we will be able to state we did them all…
(the two in Marseille and the one in Toulon have been done)…..hp?id=1834

and this is helpfull to pinpoint the exact location of HDTV-transmitters

take care


Weather Alert for Southern France, Highways Closed .

Saturday January 24, 2009 .

Worst weather in years ! Is this payback for all the recent gifting ?

REUTERS -Four children were killed when the roof of a sports centre collapsed during high winds in Sant Boi near Barcelona on Saturday, emergency services said.

Four adults died elsewhere in northern Spain as high winds battered the region and southwest France for a second day, cutting power, disrupting flights and blocking roads.

“It was horrific,� Jose Antonio Godina, a parent, was quoted by El Mundo newspaper as saying at the sports centre.

“We heard a loud noise and we thought a tree had fallen on a roof. But when we got here, the roof of the annex had literally flown off and the walls had fallen in on them.�

Up to 30 children were inside the building when it collapsed, local authorities said. Catalonian emergency services said four children had died and nine people had been injured.

A policeman was killed by a falling tree in Galicia, northern Spain in the early hours of Saturday, a police spokesman said. A 51-year-old man was killed by a falling wall in Alicante, local authorities said.

A 52-year-old woman was also killed as a wall collapsed on her as she walked down a street in Barcelona, newspapers said and another man was killed by a falling tree, media reported.

In France, gales cut power supplies to more than one million homes and closed roads, railways and airports. Local authorities in the Landes region said one person was killed and one seriously injured when a tree fell on a car.

French Agriculture Minister Michel Barnier said the storm was “the worst since 1999� and said France would call on the European Union to help fund reconstruction efforts once the extent of the damage becomes clear.

Winds of up to 173 km an hour (108 miles an hour) on the coast and 160 km an hour inland paralysed southwest France. The French weather agency Meteo France placed the region under red alert and asked residents to stay indoors for their own safety.

“Stay at home and avoid any outdoor activity. If you must go out, use extreme caution,� it said in a statement.

French Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said she had ordered that 700 extra security forces be sent to the region to help with rescue efforts and that extra equipment also be sent to help clear roads and electric lines.


The road traffic agency issued a list of roads and bridges blocked by fallen trees or too dangerous to use. These included the Aquitaine suspension bridge across the Garonne river at Bordeaux and bridges to the offshore islands of Re and Oleron.

The airports at Bordeaux, Biarritz, Pau and Toulouse were closed, officials said.

Spanish authorities warned people to stay away from beaches and harbours as eight-metre (26-foot) waves pounded the coast. The northern province of Cantabria and the Catalonia region in the northeast remained on alert because of high winds.

A liquefied natural gas tanker operated by Gaz de France, the Provalys, was in difficulties off the French coast with a technical problem making it hard to cope with the conditions, but a company spokesman said it was under control.

The national power grid manager, Electricite Reseau Distribution France, said nearly 1.2 million homes were cut off.

“Access to certain parts of the grid that are affected by the bad weather is particularly difficult because of fallen trees,� ERDF said in a statement.

A huge storm in 1999 killed 88 people in France and left nearly 4 million people without electricity. It took more than three weeks for ERDF to restore power to all clients.

“It is likely that this storm will affect a smaller geographical area than in December 1999 but it is expected to be of a similar intensity,� Meteo France said.

The French state railway company SNCF said it had been forced to halt services completely in the Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrenees regions, and asked travellers to postpone their journeys. It said high-speed TGV trains from Bordeaux had been stopped because of an electrical fault caused by the storm.


Again sorry, due to my computer ‘problems’ it took me some weeks to get most of my data satellite pictures, I wish I could have posted that earlier…

This is a satellite view of the storm that happened on the south south-west of france on the 24th of january.

I do believe that the orgonized zone have clearly dematerialized the storm very quickly.

In fact on that day a friend was with another friend and made some orgonites near Narbonne just before the storm arrived near Narbonne (around 14-15 PM). What a good timing [Image Can Not Be Found]

Naturally no big disaster happened in Narbonne and further…

Here are the satellite pictures of central europe. for 12 hours (8 AM to 8 PM)

I’m quite annoyed that I lost the RGB composite pictures of France because they showed the effect much more clearly. (The clouds became simple denser clouds but no overly strong winds after the ‘invisible’ limit which is noticeable of the pictures)

Continuing the south-east of France gifting expedition, I returned there to see a friend for 10 days and we took that opportunity to gift some more. I went down south with about 350 TB’s, my friend had 150 more at home and we made some 200 more while there.

Going down there I had to drive 800km but it was daytime and there was a lot of traffic due to the holidays so I could gift many antennas discreetly, I dropped about 20 TB from Metz to Nancy.

Then next, I don’t remember exactly which day, we went along the A9 highway at night to finish gifting the road both sides up to the Spanish border, from ‘Montpellier’ to ‘le Boulou’. So now this highway is fully gifted from Orange till the Spanish border. We used around 100 TB’s there.

Here’s the approximate map of the gifting done during these 10 days.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

On the day of the national holidays, the 14th of July I went between Orange and Montellimar to gift 3 nuclear powerplants.

The first one was Marcoule, the red dot near Avignon on the map. I somehow missed the nuclear station though, I think I gifted the Hydroelectric station instead (La centrale du Phoenix) :stuck_out_tongue: There I gifted the Rhone for about 5 kilometer with about 40 TB’s

The chemical station near there, I didn’t manage to take a picture of the entrance of the hydroelectric station

With some sylphs I had asked to show up when the area was enough gifted

The building from some kilometers away:

Some antennas on the way and near the Rhone.

I was mostly walking under these electric lines going along the Rhone.

I buried some TB under them too.

It was the first time I had done such a request to try if it worked and I was agreably surprised [Image Can Not Be Found] I asked Sylphs to show up whenever the place was enough gifted. They showed up after about one hour of gifting the first place and stayed with me all day long after that, going before me to the places I wanted to go to!!

Them starting to show up! really I’m more and more grateful to have so much help on gifting trips! Thank you sentient beings [Image Can Not Be Found]

As I was alone (I could open up the top of sign posts) so I converted about 10 sign posts to mini CB’s if I can call it that?

Some very light haarp waves in the sky that disappeared after 1 hour of gifting, another good proof to me that there were good effects in the air [Image Can Not Be Found]






LoL careful were you get your wine and grapes from, I was shocked to see a grape field just next to the chemical manufacturing building!

Then I went to the next planned nuclear power plant: Tricastin. The next red dot on top of the previous one, the one with the black dot nearly superposed.

The nuclear reactors with sylphs already there [Image Can Not Be Found]

Couldn’t get nearer than that:

I buried many TB’s all around the power plant, about 15. And dropped about 30 in the Rhone and where the cooling water comes out.

Next to the cooling towers

The water coming out of the power plant, it really looked unhealthy as I know seaweeds grow where the water lacks oxygen, this place was in dire need of orgonites!

Then I saw something I hadn’t planned for! A weatherball (Bollène Weatherball) in the distance on a hill top.

The sylphs were going to that direction so I followed [Image Can Not Be Found]

In video:


There was only one road to get up there and my intuition led me there on the first try without a mistake [Image Can Not Be Found]

Up there I buried 10 TBs all around and dropped 5, of which 3 inside the fence in bushes.

Sylphs were already there before I arrived [Image Can Not Be Found]

Just after having buried and thrown all the orgonites, what a nice view [Image Can Not Be Found]

And the sky around:

But due to that unexpected stop I had not enough TB’s for the last power plant which was the biggest too!

Le Cruas nuclear power plant, I only had about 20 TB’s left.

I couldn’t find the way to the other side of the Rhone so I just threw all of them from the side I was at.

Some Sylphs still around it was 19h, 6 hours after they started showing up!

And on my way back home (from 19h30 to 20h30) I had another lovely visit always on top of my car [Image Can Not Be Found]

Two days later we went to see some friends near Carcassone, and gifted the highway from Narbonne to Carcassone and small roads leading up to the village there. We used about 50 TB’s that day (we gifted on the way there and on the way back).

Unrealated but interesting we had a friend who brought a Cloud Buster there just for testing (ordered from Orgonise Africa if I’m not mistaken) we set it up and a sort of heart hole formed in the sky in the first 2 minutes [Image Can Not Be Found]

As I’m at it, we tested an orgonite just for fun in the freezer with water, here’s the result.

That’s the orgonite ‘HHG’ we laid on the top of the glass with water.

Last but not least, the day we gifted the second weatherball (Opoul Weatherball)! That was an expedition it took us 6 hours to get there and come back! On bird fly it was about 100 km away, but the roads were small and dirt roads for 20-30km we had to drive 10km/h! And we had troubles finding the right road…

On the way there we found a Long Wave transmitter (If I’m right??), nothing nasty (looking at the cables on the base) but still worth gifting, we buried 5 Tb’s around.

Then while going and leaving to/from the weatherball we had lenticular clouds making a show, they were shape shifting all the time, one appeared and disappeared twice!

On the way there a very small antenna, no idea what it was for? With some lenticulars that started appearing some minutes ago.

These lenticulars (20h02):

I’ll keep track of the time now, to show the quick transformations.

On the way up:

20h11, these above lenticulars (I’ll call them lenticulars B) with a new one just formed on the right (I’ll call it lenticular A):

20h15 (lenticular A) it started shrinking:

20h17 (lenticular A) nearly disappeared:

20h19 (lenticular A) just some remnants:

20h20 lenticular A with the ones on the left (lenticulars B) that also changed shape:

20h26 lenticular A (which is just a small bit of vapor on the right) with the ones on the left (lenticulars B):

20h34 lenticular A had reappeared, we weren’t looking there, we were quite surprised to see it form again in another shape!

20h37 still lenticular A:

Then we arrived at the weather ball:

Some car was parked there and the road was a no access zone… no one saw us or at least we encountered no one.

I gifted that place with 20 TB’s some in bushes, some in between rocks all around the weatherball.

20h41 some new lenticulars (I’ll call them lenticulars C, started appearing)

The sign on a door of the building, to say that the area is under surveillance they had a nuclear logo [Image Can Not Be Found]

20h44 lenticular A disappearing again!

20h45 lenticulars C forming:

Then we went down again.

On the way down:

Then new ones were well formed (lenticulars C) in some minutes on the left of the other 2 (lenticulars B).


20h49: lenticular A had again dissolved into a small vapor remnant, and the (lenticulars B) in the middle.

20h49 lenticulars C:

20h49 lenticulars B, a small blob formed:

20h51 lenticulars C on the left, and lenticulars B were disappearing:

20h53 lenticulars C on the left, and lenticulars B were nearly gone:

20h54 lenticulars C on the left, and lenticulars B gone (just some light vapor left):

20h56 lenticulars C on the left, and lenticulars B gone (very light vapor):

By the way I hope you noticed lenticulars C are always changing shape, merging, unmerging etc. at first they were 1 distinct blob, then 3, then 4, then 2 blobs merged, forming 3 distinct parts, then they collided in 2 blocks (one above one below) and the bottom ones were again separating now, all this in 15 minutes!

20h59 lenticulars C on the left, and lenticulars B reforming slowly:

21h02 lenticulars B reforming on the left and some new ones showing up (lenticulars D).

21h03 lenticulars C:

21h06 lenticulars B on the left and D on the right:

21h11 lenticulars C on the left nearly merged together and the top part disappearing (with a new part on the bottom appearing) and lenticulars B well reformed in another shape:

21h15 lenticulars C on the left nearly merged together with the top part gone and the new bottom part merging in it too and lenticulars B on the middle-right:

I’ll stop commenting and just show the next morphings.

21h20 lenticulars C:

21h25 lenticulars C:

21h26: New lenticulars formed again (on the right of the C ones)? or the B ones shape shifted, i’m not sure…

21h28 lenticulars C:

21h30 lenticular A had reappeared again!!

21h31 lenticulars C on the left and other on the right (B?) I can’t remember now, I was driving I had to look at the road!

21h37 lenticulars C on the left.

21h52 lenticulars C.

21h57 new lenticulars had formed? or changed shape on the right of the lenticulars C which were slowly becoming more like normal clouds. We were driving in the opposite direction (with lenticulars C in our back) so we couldn’t really observe them anymore.

I don’t know if this is appropriate as it’s not really much to do with the gifting; I just wanted to show it because it is something I experience more and more often as time goes on, I have no proof as to what it is. I personally believe these are off-world spaceships from different dimesions, because I don’t thing anyone on earth has this type of technology. Or else it’s haarp related weather manipulation, but I don’t think so because they always appear in situations when I’m going to restricted areas etc. I feel it’s good support for encouragement, like sylphs showing up.

Anyone had similar situations???

Anyway that was it for all the gifting in the south west, I can’t really recall where all the orgonite went, we gifted everywhere we went (or where I went sometimes alone) all antennas that were on the way. Near Perpignan, Narbonne, Carcassone, Nimes, Ales, Montpellier, near the sea.

Then the last 2 days I backed some 200 more TB’s and used all of them to gift the highway from Orange nearly up to Nancy, one part between Nancy and Dijon I couldn’t gift because of road work I was on the middle lane, too far from the road side, I still threw TB’s but don’t know where they landed…

The last batch:

The rest of the motorway I had already done one and two years ago, so twice (Luxembourg-Nancy).

And some sylphs that showed up while I was making the orgonties.

On the gifting map I also highlighted (in green) the motorway from Montpellier to Clermont-Ferrand that was gifted with about 150 TB’s in may by the friend that hosted me during this week.

That’s all for this summer 2009 I think [Image Can Not Be Found]

Btw the movement is starting to grow exponentially in the south of france and almost everywhere in france [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found]

Fantastic Braikar ! Sure your balls and big targets gifting in France are very good for Spain.

Thank you very much !

Maybe you can search the big radar stations that are moving air masses in the (Armée de l´air) oficial web

And the Radar Station for air traffic control, sorry i dont found the website.

Please, search you and public here.

Thank you so much.

Wow beautiful photos. The sylphs are stunning. Very inspiring. Solid gifting.

Here’s an interesting experience: After re-gifting the lake the other day where we have a cottage I walked down to a swamp and sat on a rock with my Succor Punch from Andy. It has rained a lot this year in Ontario Canada so there are PLENTY of mosquitoes. While sitting on the rock an armada of sylphs appeared and drifted overhead. All along no mosquitoes bothered me. Now keep in mind this is next to a SWAMP. I have noticed that I have always been drawn to sit on this rock and that no mosquitoes bother me when I do this. I feel it is the high vibe of the rock that draws me. I don’t have the perception to see the energy of the rock but I’m simply naturally drawn to sit there. As soon as I depart from the rock and walk down the trail, plenty of mosquitoes show up for a free lunch.

Perhaps more and more with the diligent gifting of orgonite the whole planet will become like the vibe of my favourite sitting rock.



I had similar situations when walking through fields filled with cow poop, many mosquitoes but somehow they never bother me, I just walked through them unaffected most of the time [Image Can Not Be Found]

Perhaps more and more with the diligent gifting of orgonite the whole planet will become like the vibe of my favorite sitting rock.

I like that idea, that’s also what I somehow wish for; I feel not french, not european, I’m just terrian, a citizen of earth, the more I keep doing gifts and going around random places the more I’m starting to feel at home anywhere I go [Image Can Not Be Found]

Je, thanks for the link I didn’t know about this map, I’ll sure keep it in mind for the next expeditions!

When we did the highway till the spanish border we had spain in mind, we wanted to ‘close’ the part there, because we know that the girona area is quite well gifted on the other side of the Pyrenees, so we gifted as mush as we could the other side of the Pyrenees mountains. There is also a miltary ball somewhere near Narbonne that has been gifted by a friend, a kacki/brown colored ball… I asked him to give me a picture whenever he can.

Someone is also heavily gifting the Bordeaux right now and friends will start gifting near Pau too [Image Can Not Be Found]
I hope this will help restore the natural weather for spain [Image Can Not Be Found]
Personally I feel gifting the north coast of spain by land and water; Donostia, Bilbao, Santander, Gijon is a big priority to stop the diversion of rain fronts, I wish I could have gone there to do it [Image Can Not Be Found]
Not forgetting iceland as you often show how clouds are diverted around there! We need some gifter there to make himself/herself known!!

Best wishes for you in Spain!

fantastic job, merci beaucoup, if ever you pass near Avignon again, perhaps you want to gift the Mont Ventoux antenna installation, I’ll let you google an image for yourself, je suis sûr que tu vas être tenté en le voyant [Image Can Not Be Found]



bravo Braïkar , un bon coup de pied dans les couilles de la matrice! [Image Can Not Be Found];

Thanks, I still think I have to do much more, these echelon bases je mentions in … 8f37#p5412 have to be gifted in priority! There is also the ‘frenchelon’ in france which I just discovered yesterday but their bases are not that nasty looking!

Small but important update, the highway from Montpllier to Paris was gifted up to Orléans, but only in one direction going from Montpellier to Paris, it still needs to be done in the other direction.
[Image Can Not Be Found]

For Mont Ventoux antenna I’ll keep it in mind for next time for sure [Image Can Not Be Found]

There is also that place I have to go too as I discovered it yesterday part of the frenchelon bases.

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