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Hi all,

Glad to tell I did some good gifting during a two week vacation in southern france. Some inner city gifting in Marseille, and more near toulon. I busted the military base in St Mandrier, I had to tresspass to get near to a big weatherball (the sealevel was low, so I could just follow the rocky shore without having to climb the barbed wire fence). I’ld post the link to a picture, but it has dissappeard from the net now… haha… too late suckers.

Some hilltops in La Seyne got gifted, gifted the harbour, and a giant antenna in Foret de Janas, ND du Mai. I went to Le Revest because a lot of people died there during the war. It has a lake with electricity plant, now gifted. The ancient tower got three TB’s as well. That tower was the last in the row of several old towers/churches in that region I visited: I busted the church of La Cadiere d’Azur. That village has no less than 5 houses in the old village centre with an inverted pentagram above the door. I could see a giant demon rising up from the village, and i used to spot UFO’s there even before knowing about orgonite. It seems at some point in history french royalty spent the night there on their way to Italy. On the other side of the highway, a former Templar’s village called Le Castellet, busted the antenna on the old city hall near the church. Another hilltop nearby, I believe ‘St Pierre’ church, near le Beausset, clearly has served as a sacrificial place. In St-Anne d’Evenos, a few miles further, there is even a pentagram near the altar, and a skull among the ornaments in the little church. Bad energy there before gifting. All these ancient sites had a deep energy, and it’s a good thing I passed by [Image Can Not Be Found]

I did not get to do the weatherball near the Marseille airport, that one will follow later perhaps.


[Image Can Not Be Found]

here’s a picture of st anne d’evenos, viewed here are the ruins of the castle. the chapel with pentagram is located on the othere side. Last night I was checking the gifted sites, and saw a guardian here. He looked like a monk, and tried not to be noticed. He was guarding a crystal (which is kept in some kind of vault) that they used to corrupt the apparent vortex there present. Perhaps one of the othere psychics reading/seeing the picture this can share their impressions. I did some boosting, and it now looks splendid. Good thing I overgifted there

Doing this region in stages, when on holiday!
Gifted a bit of the inner city of Marseille today, sometimes hard to find durable hiding spots…
Last week I gifted the main antenna on the Cap Benat peninsula, near Hyeres (Toulon) (I had to leave the smaller antennas ungifted), but
last year I busted the big one in La Seyne along with a few smaller ones, and according to a friend of mine that still lives in the region, there has been a lot of rain this year in that traditionnally dry region (Var). My girlfriend said she never saw so much green grass in the garden. Glad to witness this for the first time.
Still a week here, with lots of ammo left [Image Can Not Be Found] will keep you informed


Hello psychiatrist.

A good friend that are gifting in south of Spain think that all meterologist radars are moving the front clouds for dont touch Spain.
In France there are so much radars (wheater balls) ungifted. We are very gratefull if someone in France will gift all radars and HAARP installations in south of France and north face of Pirineos.

Here the map of French wheater radars.
Please, research for found the big military radars in France.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Thank you very much !

All the best

Here a video as clouds are diverting to east in France for no touching Spain. Too, could see as from Canarias and Madeira radars the west clouds fronts are diverting to south west for not touching Spain.

Climatic anomalies in Canarias. Las Palmas military radars.

You’ll be glad to read I just busted the big weatherball near Marseille Airport. It is located on a plateau overseeing the whole region, Mediterranean Sea included. I had no map but just followed my nose and asked a friendly local. The ball is very near an ancient citadelleplus cemetary. I love busting ancient grounds, so had double fun. Another white and red antenna on the next hill was busted as well as it looked like it was part of the weatherball installation. And of course I did bit of sightbusting on the way there. The radar installation on the map you posted (Je) near Marseille was busted two years ago, and is about 15-20km away from today`s weatherball.
Upon leaving I checked the energy, and it was VERY good. I might have gotten more sensitive lately, but think the combined busting of ball and ancient site is more likely to be the cause.

Here`s a link to a picture, sorry cannot upload here… … rolles.jpg

till soon [Image Can Not Be Found]


Nice to read your radar gift Dirk.

We think that all the radars are working together to move air masses and aberrations rainy.
The map of european weather balls dont show all real radars. And dont sho aeronautic radars, NATO radars or military radars.
The gifting of 1 or 2 is important of course but only takes a little power to all set.

Auronautic radars are working with it too.
For ex: Madrid airport – Paracuellos aeronautic radars
See original operation here: … -t1249.htm

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Military radar are working with it too.
For ex. This is an Spanish military radars in big mountains.
See original operation here: … -t1365.htm

[Image Can Not Be Found]

here’s more pictures of the site, apparently what I gifted today is what they call a radar installation, the other site is not called anything [Image Can Not Be Found]
Note the dates on the town’s mill, 1666, year of the great fire of London if I recall correctly. There is more symbolism in the names, supporting my assumption that it`s a highly symbolic place

the weather ball pictures are way down … ls%3Dfr-fr

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