SouthernFrance Adventure

Here I am gifting southern France and wasting no time.

I gifted the city of Montpellier and the Abby de villeveyrac

The Abby i think is haunted judging from the Orbs found floating everywhere.

Mosty likely the monks that were murdered there hundreds of years ago.

I hope they like the new energy of their monastery Smile

I took the TGV ; the high speed train from Paris to Montpellier and noticed many death towers running close to the tracks the entire

4 hour train ride . If the train had windows they would all be gifted, but no go. Our french friends have a job to do to get to them Laughing

The city of Montpelleir is GIFTED though and I still have another week to gift some of the towers outside the city.

France has no shortage of towers, they are everywhere.

It is beautiful here and so much better feeling now that there is orgonite in the city. The Mediterranian sea also has some newly made

tb’s direct from Boston, USA .

Thank you so much for gifting while in France. This abbaye de Valmagne is a very beautiful one. I’m dreaming to go visit it when I go back to France but I usually stay 250kms Not4h of Bordeaux and when you live in a country like HK, you really look at your Budget before traveling all around! But, now the murdered monks of Valmagne will be at peace Laughing

As for the TGV, yes … loads of antennas along the tracks and no possibility to open the windows and throw TBs, the train is too fast anyway … ahahaha so … everything will have to be done “locally”

Thank you again to all of you who go and gift our beautiful country

Didier Smile

The lovely city of Montpellier France has been gifted and the fish are coming back to the river that runs through it on it’s way to the Med.

There are many death towers in this town and in France.

I took some pictures of some of the towers and will post them later.

I gifted a few spots in Paris as well, but Paris needs a few thousand tb’s . Gifting Paris is now a must do for , so next time I will bring a

few hundred tb’s just for that city. I think I’ll grid the city since Paris has so many towers that it doesn’t matter where the tb’s go.

It was a real treat to visit France. It is a beautiful country. Bon jour everyone !

It seems that TGV rails are on specific energy lines. Once I gifted a big tower just next to the TGV rails and the effect was huge… Enormous blue hole in the sky, and many many planes coming from everywhere and spraying their chemtrails.

I went to gift the same spot again some days ago.

I agree with you when you say that Paris need thousands of TBs. I’ve gifted some spots there also, and the Seine too. The easiest way, according to me, to gift Paris is doing it by night.

Good job Ninja

Have you gifted the vey huge tower that is off to the left maybe 3-4 miles from the highway as you head towards

Charles Degaulle Airport from downtown . You will know it , because it is massive. It is round and very very big.

I wish I had better directions for you, but you can see it from miles around.

The sky is the most polluted above it from all around.

I hope you can get this one, bon jour !

I plan to gift the industrial park around Charles De Gaulles Airport since one year but I’ll begin to gift this area this week end. I see approximatively where the huge tower you quote is. It should be on the highway “A1” (From Paris to there, one has to go on the highway A1, north of Paris). I’ll take this way and will try to locate this tower [Image Can Not Be Found]

In case one need to locate towers in France, there is the ANFR (“Agence Nationale des Fréquences”) that has a big database that lists most of them. (I’ve also gifted the ANFR hehe….). Their website is

The orbs on the photos are very impressing…

Montpellier tower

This one is NASTY and needs more orgonite I think. It was tough gettting to , but I got it !

It’s in Montpellier.

These 2 towers have a third smaller one next to it. This is also in Montpellier.

I had some very odd ball agent types checking me out in the grocery store parking lot after I gifted them. I’m sure they were watching me. Doesn’t matter though, cause I love the headache they were getting from my direction.

This one is right next to the water slide park at the coast south east of Montpellier.

and it’s base,

Although I can’t confirm this, I think France is second only to the USA in the numbers of death towers erected per capita.

Bon jour ,


I didn’t see any death towers inside the castle, but I figured there were certainly some etheric nasties

lurking about, so I gifted it as well.

It’s been unseaonably cool, damp and rainy since I left the south of France

10 days ago.

They have gotten more rain in years this past week !!!

Is this all just another Coincidence to all the new orgonite that I gifted the countryside with over my 2 week holiday ?

I’ll let the skeptics decide this time