Spirit faces in my carpet...next

Do you expect me to believe a story like this?

No, but it may help you to develop your latent psychic abilities by looking at them because they actually get easier to see in a short period of time. . A digital camera has the ability to shrink or narrow the normal field of human vision and make it easier to see things more clearly that have always been there but we didn’t realize it on the conscious level. I can walk around with my camera all over the house and see a multitude of faces day or night. Orgonite seems to draw this phenomena to us in much larger numbers and it could be the reason I noticed these Happy Faces. What are they? Maybe they are elementals, earth spirits or some other kind of friendly spirits, I am not really sure. I do know that animals show up pretty often so I consider them to be benevolent. I found out when I used the flash on my camera it would light up all the fibers in the carpet and make the images too hard to see so I took a few photos without the flash. There are large and small facial images in most of these photos. If you see a small face, stand back from your computer and view the much larger faces also in that photo. I hope some other folks who can see the same things will add comments with their insights. I will sort through what I have and add more soon.

See for yourself.

There is an especially large face a couple of inches below the closet door on the carpet with 2 big eyes complete with face and other characteristics

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louis, your observations have put you in the company of geniuses. https://www.fromoldbooks.org/Richter-NotebooksOfLeonardo/section-8/item-508.html

leonardo’s description is much like yours and, i think, indicative of psychic development. i guess the pictures will move next and after that be scenes

relevant to the subject we wish to view. main thing is , in my opinion, believe it.