'Stale Orgonite,' my white @$$!

Have you heard the latest detraction about orgonite? One of my customers asked me in email whether the orgonite in his two-year-old zapper has ‘gone stale’ because he had apparently just read about this alleged problem somewhere. I asked him to tell me where he read it but of course if it’s on one of the discredited orgonite boards I won’t mention the specific board. Thankfully, there are a few of those, ‘for newbies,’ still laboriously breathing so I won’t be seen to be pointing a finger at a specific one tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif when I report back to you in this thread (if the fellow responds to my request). If you’ve read that new claim and want to inform me, please write to me at [email protected]

It is important, though, to expose, then put fallacies like this to rest right away when they rear their ugly heads. I learned that the hard way. Fake news spreads faster than real news, of course.

In fact, there are enough of us by now who have ‘old orgonite’ around us and are also able to sense energy sufficiently to recognize that orgonite maintains its ability more or less perpetually, like magnets do. It’s one of the best features of this miraculous stuff.

There’s only one case, in our experience, where orgonite was compromised:

Jesse Zaloudek did a prodigious amount of gifting, between 2001 and 2004, in the San Francisco Bay area and for some distance up the California coast from there, focusing mainly on hilltop arrays and coastal HAARP installations. He became concerned that one of the mountaintop arrays was starting to pump DOR into the atmosphere, again, so he climbed up to where he remembered putting an HHg and actually found the thing–the top third or so was exposed and looked like it was shot by some kind of ray gun Wink. He sent it to Carol and I and she and the other sensitives studied it, concluding that the chemical makeup of the resin in the top third of the device was somehow changed so that it was no longer crystalline. I guess enough of it was destroyed by some kind of ‘direct hit’ that the death array was able to regain some of its nasty function, afterward.

It seemed clear that if he had buried it completely or maybe hid it among large rocks it wouldn’t have been compromised. The rest of the device still worked, of course, but since a HHg gets a lot of boost on account of the shape and the presence of a coil and crystal in the top part it was sufficient for the sewer rats to just disable that part. We were a little awed to think of how much power was apparently thrown at that hilltop just to get that minimal result.

Not long before, Jesse sent us a clear photo of a very large, dark, disc-shaped ship apparently sitting at the top of one of the larger death towers in the Bay area. It may be that the weaponry that achieved that underwhelming result was one of the out-of-towners’ trick energy tools, not something in the world odor sewer rats’ current arsenal.

Jesse, if you’re reading this please get in touch with me, okay?

We haven’t heard from that brave fellow in quite awhile and I’d really like for him to have some credit for the fine work he did and is perhaps still doing. He’s one of the rarer ones and took a couple of hits on account of his gifting: he and his gal got assaulted by a world odor voodoo chump with machete in Jamaica and, earlier, the feds put dirt in his truck’s brakeline on the day we met him in San Francisco for the third time, causing him to collide with a guardrail in order to stop the truck.

We’ve never heard of another case of compromised orgonite, though of course there are a handful of discredited vendors who sell orgonite that has conflicting stones and elements in it and it makes the recipients feel a little crummy. You can probably tell that this is a different issue. The vendors we promote sell wonderful stuff and there are a whole lot of other good vendors out there whom we simply don’t know personally, so can’t rightfully vouch for, yet.

Some grad students at the University of Dublin subjected some orgonite to powerful microwave radiation in a lab and the orgonite didn’t even get warm. If they were energy sensitives or at least had a geiger counter present they likely would have seen or sensed the energy field of that device to explode outward in a positive fashion. Jeff in Florida put orgonite in his microwave oven and it also didn’t warm ujp, though a piece of aluminum that was sticking out of it glowed white hot, then melted tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-wink.gif

DB and Carol were separately subjected to some kind of energy weapon beam from the sky in the summer of 04 and it instantly killed all the grass right around where they were standing but in Carol’s case the HP on her chest was unaffected, as was she. DB wasn’t wearing orgonite so he got awfully sick from that assault.

There was a time, years ago, when many or most of the people who were interested in doing this work were as ditzy and stampede-able as the unwitting, well meaning and non-predatory participants of the discredited boards are today but, thankfully, the readership of EW (and perhaps most gifters, who don’t bother reading forums and/or don’t know English, French or German) is a level or two beyond that by now, so you can probably tell that the events I’m describing were quite unusual and that you won’t likely ever encounter those circumstances–the world odor’s perpetual bottleneck is manpower and this network keeps expanding tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif

It’s been kind of heartbreaking, to us, that nobody genuinely has the time to really take care of the large number of the more unsteady newcomers to this network who don’t seem to be willing or able to follow the simple instructions for making and tossing orgonite, so they want someone to publicly hold their hands and reassure them. The sewer rats took on this ‘responsibility,’ very early and are keeping lots and lots of nice folks spinning their wheels and wasting space on idle boards, though a few of them actually go out and gift, of course.

To be fair, it took me three years to get enough confidence to just stop being ‘sponsored’ by fake friends and to run my own forum, so I do sympathize with the newbies who feel a lack of confidence to go out and do the work on their own, as most gifters have quietly been doing. Before that, I was knocked around like a ping pong ball by a succession of effusive fake friends before they finally stuck their knives in, on behalf of the world odor, and I had to change venues. Going through something like that tends to make one cynical–kind of like getting cuckolded Wink but, thankfully, I never let them get very close to me. I found some wonderful, committed friends, too, who I surely would never have met, otherwise. Carol and I probably have more real friends, now, than most could expect to have in a lifetime.

The fakers are the ones who invoke the words, ‘family,’ and ‘community,’ ad nauseum, of course. In real terms, humanity is one family, of course, and we’re not being exclusive by not inviting saboteurs to participate on EW; it’s simply a survival tactic in this case. It doesn’t mean we can’t genuinely love them, as one would naturally love a pedophile uncle, vindictive grandparent or larcenous stepchild. A good reputation is hard to achieve but it’s easy to lose at the hands of avowed, hidden enemies within any group, after all.

Another ploy of the fakers has been toward promoting organization and hierarchy within this spontaneous, grassroot movement. Some of them even tried to promote me as a ‘prophet,’ based on some phony bible code, sold by a CIA disinformant posing as a ‘fundamentalist Christian.’ How creepy is that?

As Dr Reich well knew, this stuff of the world odor is all poison and should be severely and constantly curtailed. In the presently-emerging paradigm people in government, for instance, will be as unobtrusive and essentially selfless as the handful of people who run the internet now are. I don’t think corporations will survive much longer in this paradigm, either–what a cute way that ‘corporation’ ruse has been by individual predators within the world odor (corporate statism on a global scale) to avoid accountability! tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif

Fortunately for us, I suppose, the new assaults on orgonite and the on the more-genuine and committed participants within this grassroot network usually originate in those discredited boards, though, and it’s better that we can counter them at this stage than having to go up against the What To Think Network’s underhanded assaults, later on. I think the efforts we make to counter disinfo, right now, will pay off later on becuase it won’t be feasible for the What To Think Network to use the same strategies again. The disinfo assaults, now, are getting weaker and less coherent.

The readers and doers of EW seem kind of like the hundred monkeys, to me, so as long as we stay clear of these machinations the rest of the species can also probably catch on without having to go through the crap that a few of us have had to deal with over the past six years. I like to think that we’re all spider monkeys Wink and you can probably see, by now, that this kind of exclusivity doesn’t carry any of the benefits that What To Think Network fame and fortune do, especially while the sewer rats, including the tireless disinformants, are gunning for us. None of us will likely ever be invited to dance for Oprah, for instance. That kind of exposure is pretty dangerous, by the way. Our healer friend, James Hughes, refused invitations to make his presentations on that showv because he’s a savvy guy. Maybe DB will report about his experiences as a guest there, ‘back in the day.’ It’s not for me to say what he told me about it but it’s priceless.

Everyone in the US should have a pet white donkey to hauling orgonite for mountain gifting, I think, now that the feloniouis feds have closed off all mountain access roads to vehicle traffic.



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A couple of folks who read that sent me the thread URL and I read some of it, too. Apparently it’s just a standard dissimulation ploy and giving it more attention would probably just give it more life. The person who felt that her/his orgonite had ‘gone stale’ apparently was misinterpreting some ambient conditions and/or had unreasonable expectations for orgonite. He/she (no name was shared) apparently had sent an inquiry to the forum owner in this case and it was the commentary by the forum’s owner that turned that short email into an apparent ploy to discredit simple orgonite.

This forum owner has harmed a few people who disengaged from his/her circle of devotees, by the way. I was fifty before I learned this trust/discernment lesson and I struggled for some years after that to integrate the ‘knowing.’ Some folks never learn it, though we all ought to have been taught by our mothers before we learned to read and write. I suppose that’s unlikely to ever get learned in daycare centers
I can say, though, that people who frequent those boards rarely end up doing any work because they become confused and rather focused on whatever personality dominates the discussions. These personalities are in the business of promoting themselves, not the work.

The reason there’s a grassroot network, in spite of these occasional charisma/ego traps, is because anyone who will just follow the simple instructions, do the work and disregard the alpha personalities who occasionally try to ascend the pulpit on the internet will get his/her requisite empowerment through witnessing the standard, dramatic confirmations. Believing that you need some stranger on the intenet to validate what you’re doing is an unfortunate mistake and it attracts exploitation, like would happen if you walk dumbly around New York City or Los Angeles, holding out wads of cash and looking for approval. Your own energy is the cash in the case of internet predators and parasites.

I sympathize with anyone with sincere intent who gets trapped into visiting those forums, though of course each of us is continually accountable for developing our own discernment. My hope has always been that others could learn from my hard knocks instead of getting their own lumps but it’s not my call, of course.


One element used in that dissimulating discussion to try to discredit orgonite was a comment allegedly made by D Bradley that orgonite should be grounded in some circumstances .

I don’t know the context of his comment but since he’s trying to get registered here (the hackers have been blocking Jacques’ attempt to register DB) maybe he can set the record straight. I don’t know whether the comment was taken out of context, as often happens, but I don’t recall ever seeing grounded orgonite at his places or in the field when gifting with him. We all bury our orgonite on gifting runs if/when there’s a risk that it will be seen by the enemy, of course, and there’s just no convenient place to hide it, otherwise.

It’s awfully easy to be misunderstood, of course, which is why a forum like this one can provide some healthy, friendly and informative debate, as the case of Dan’s grounded cloudbuster in Bali demonstrated some months ago.

Speaking of ‘grounded,’ I’m going to start a thread about yesterday’s chat in which Dooney came upon yet another phenomenal, historic realization, as witnessed etherically by two other psychics–STeve and Carol. I think the rest of us felt the effects of that recognition and what followed, though we were spread across the globe.

I wish everyone could experience the synergy that results when people work together without egos interfering. It’s a marvellous gift to participate in something like that on a weekly basis but it really ought to be commonplace in our world now, not exceptional.

If you ever read the standard ‘hollow earth’ literature and/or accounts of hidden Lemurian cities this will interest you. I’ll post it in the ‘general psychic intel’ section shortly and Dooney and perhaps others will comment in the thread.