Standard Response to Chemtrail Disinfo

I got an email from one of our distributors, who is a very accomplished, old-school (synonymous with ‘effective,’ which is to say ‘rare’) naturopath, in which he shared some standard disinformation material about chemtrails. You probably have read some of this and may also have noticed that if anyone posts a report about orgonite cloudbusters or orgonite on those forums he’s immediately abused and reviled by a Greek chorus of programmmed sociopaths, usually incited by a professional; a CIA, NSA or MI6 mole who is smooth and adept at behavior modification (Tavistock) protocols–jerking these nattering ninnies’ chains.

Nowadays, chemtrail disinformation is being spread by alleged healthcare providers, though nobody’s ever heard of them before, individually; they have no discernible reputations, only alleged letters behind their names in this case. I won’t share that link because Carol says the sewer rats are trying to set traps for me and get me to mention specific disinformants in order to enable these sewer rat agencies to drag me down to ignominy with their slander campaigns. One of those just failed–their annual spring offensive against reason and empowerment on the web.

Pointing to their evident tactics and strategies that you can recognize in the tsunami of sponsored disinformation sites keeps me out of harm’s way, though, and puts another nail in the CIA/NSA/MI6 coffin, I like to believe.

This is what I attempted to do for my well meaning doctor friend in the following email response to him.



Doc, you seem to have swallowed the disinformation myth that chemtrails are still sickening people.

If you remember how things were before there was an orgonite cloudbuster in your region (before mid-2002) you’ll recognize that in those days, the chemtrails quickly blotted out the blue sky on their way down to the ground, also destroyed the lower, cumulus cloud layer. Then, the hospitals remained full to overflowing with respiratory distress sufferers.

As you may know, the result of frequent, even daily exposure to the bioweaponry in chemtrails eventually led to the dysfunction of the livers, kidneys and spleens in countless millions of people. When I ask any of these when they got sick, most of them tell me that it was in the years when chemtrails were still harming people–1998 to the middle of 2002. In the last year of that period, many thousands of orgonite cloudbusters were spontaneously built, here and abroad, by concerrned people who were aware of the chemtrails. In those days, most people still didn’t see them, including nearly all of the people who are now being stampeded by the disinformants on the internet. i know you saw them, then, because we discussed it in 2001/2 and you soon bought a cloudbuster from Andy.

Anywhere you might travel (even Russia, according to photos sent by Andrei, a new contributor to who lives in Moscow) chemtrails now simply resemble seeded clouds that drift horizontally on air currents until they dissipate, like any other clouds do. Just about anything can be used to seed clouds at those altitudes and chemtrails are primarily just jet fuel; tiny kerosene droplets.

Since these are visibly NOT coming down to the ground as they were, before, the rational mind has to conclude that we’re not breathing the material, now, but disingormation sites, like the one you’re quoting, want people to believe that all sorts of symptoms start up even within minutes of seeing a chemtrail.

Even when they were harming people it took more than just a few minutes to reach the ground from 12-20,000ft altitude, of course, and the symptoms were respiratory, not digestive.

We assume that there are other avenues of attack by biological and chemical weaponry because so many people are still getting sick but please consider that these new sicknesses are not respiratory but are rather flu-like, which might indicate the use of mold toxins, perhaps sin the food and/or water supply and so are probably swallowed rather than breathed in. Again, a little bit of deductive reasoning can dispel a boatload of fake science and intellectual terrorism.

It’s really tough to convince even accomplished professional folks like yourself to look at the data objectively, these days, and of course the disinformation sites won’t allow comments like mine to be posted without the poster suffering personal abuse by a Greek chorus of sociopaths–very effective social control mechanism until now that is found in every single public gathering and organization. The human resources of the corporate world order boggle the imagination, really. This is all designed to make us assume that people are ALL like those sociopaths but of course that’s not so. Visiting third world countries that don’t have the infrastructure for this scale of subterfuge shows us that humanity are generally nice folks who want to get along with each other and to have a good life, just like you and me.


I wrote these thoughts hundreds of times to individuals in email, so I finally polished this one up and saved it in a file, which from now on I’ll share with anyone who expresses terror about chemtrails after reading disinformation
Feel free to share it with people you know if you feel it’s relevant. I don’t need credit for it, either.


Yes !
In Spain so much desinfo about chemtrails, very very much !

Too, here too the people wass ill since this years, 98 / 02, very and strage respiratory, cronic fatige, alergies, etc… illnes. Was horrid ! I was in this group, but my good luck and my intense research saved my ass. I think too the cloudbusters helps !

the disinformers here are of several types.

I really dont know whats fucking are sprying us, I suppose that there are many types of fumigations to obtain different targets. Imagine the quantity of intentions that can be obtained! (illnesses, plagues, destruction of cumulus, filtration of solar or cosmic waves, concealment, do invisibly ships, create greenhouse effect, to prove new weapon, etc…) but my humble observation has given me two completely clear motives.

1, they fumigate substances dry on the clouds to eradicate it (replacing them with artificial cirri that dont precipitate ) and to provoke artificial drought.
2, they fumigate substances that remain to very high height and create an artificial greenhouse effect that does not allow the heat to escape to the space (albedo effect). Also it does an effect magnifying glass to the solar radiaction, amplifying it.

the disinfo from secrets agents disguised as supposed activist now are saying that chemtrails are a good operation for save the earth for the climatic change and the chemtrails are stoping the sun waves, for example Alex jones are publiciting this big, no, very BIG SHIT !

In Spain, some secrets agents disguised as supposed activist and leaders of new age movement are following this shit. Others said that chemtrails are for create rains [Image Can Not Be Found]; , and etc…

only I want to leave steadfastness of the big quantity of garbage that there is environment to this topic to conceal the truth.

In this topic……php?t=1765 i wrote about our research about the origin of chemtrials planes, and i think its very interesting because the secrets agents disguised as supposed activist in Spain are saying too that planes are misterious secrets military planes in secret military aerports, with very misterius systems and substances, and bla bla bla… i think all its for divert atention and ocult the true. Maybe the true seems to me are that all is in front our nails ! The planes are in all airports in the world hidden as comercial planes and detaching without questions of anybody because the work in airports are divided. Its complex and simple. All its in front our nails and this is the secret i think. All misterious theories are garbage for create fear, passivity, powerlessness and of course for look in the incorrect direction and not to discover such a simple truth. Ok, understand i am only debating and trying to discover the simplest explanation.

This theme was debated in this post of my spanish forum:

Sorry, my messages was deleted from the topic "Horrid Herbie Goes to Argentina " maybe spoke in abundance

nex i post the part related to the topic of my post:


in spanish, look our discovered about chemtrails planes. The chemtrails planes are in all aerports in the world camouflaged like commercial! The fumigation does not escape of the engine but of the supports of the flaps.

Please, look this photo:



What are spraying?

Maybe Diatomite. Look, China practices artificial rain reduction for sunny Olympics spreading silver iodide and 2,800 kg of diatomite into the clouds.

Alejandro said me by email, be carefull Je because the trails are in line with engines !
Yes, are in line, OF COURSE ! The flaps support are correctly lined for create this perfect optic effect, the rats arent idiots !

In the photo of this military plane (by chance this example belongs to a military man but some commercials planes turn out to be equal) you can see the trails are divided and goes out of the support flaps.

I think that it is the best way of carrying out this plan, cheating from the beginning to everybody and without concealing really anything. The planes are made on parts, every company does a part, in the end the plane is mounted, but nobody knows what they do other parts.

At first when the user freenergy published this in my forum it was like a pitcher of cold water and a lot of agents became nervous, fortunately now many people have already read his conclusions and it would not serve as anything to hurt us

Thanks, socio–Spain, in fact, seems to be the crucible for the disinformants because the Spanish gifting network’s ongoing and expanding success is destroying their desertification model pretty fast [Image Can Not Be Found] so they have to try to keep ‘ahead’ of all that with more and newer lies.

The upper atmosphere whiteouts and perhaps some cirrus formations may be more related to broadcasts from the ground or even from underground, rather than to just chemtrails. This is easy to track by watching the skies as one travels across a country to disable weather weaponry, including HAARP arrrays and weaterballs. One can often see the whiteout dissolve steadily along the way. The first time I saw whiteout, up close, was on a flying trip across the US in the middle of 2002. We passed through a weirdly thin layer of cloud at 25,000’ in that case and it stretched for over a thousand miles. That was when I also saw chemtrails from above: white jets spewing brownish trails, very far below our cruising altitude of 30,000’. I’m sure that smog-brown chemtrails are seen as white from below and the ones I saw dissipated in a few minutes, by the way, so someone under each of them had a cloudbuster. That was right before the towerbusting campaign got going but there were many thousands of orgonite cloudbusters on the ground, by then.

We can probably watch Spain for the upcoming shift in disinformaiton campaign strategies on the internet in English–pretty cool! Thanks for partiicipating here, Je!

Anyone who looks up will see on the lower-flying chemtrial jets that the spew is often NOT in line with the engines. Also, the few airports where chemtrail jets gather are set apart from commercial traffic and the chemspew jets, here, are mainly unmarked, white ones, lately with plain red tails. Also, watch for the spew trails that disappear instantly–I think those are like the old bioweaponry chemtrails.

Last week I went to Spokane for supplies to build an airplane and the sky was pristine blue, all around, except for a pretty big Sylph that was perched right over the confluence of the Spokane and Columbia Rivers, about 30 miles west of the city. That was where Cesco, Carol and I took a dinghy (little rowboat) and an Eighteen, a year ago. We dropped the Eighteen in that water vortex because it was under the remaining patch of sky in the region where chemtrail remnants still lingered. We got an immediate and enduring confirmation in teh sky for the Eighteen’s effects but that Sylph was an especially nice confirmation and it felt good to see it, too. Within an hour, that Sylph ‘grew’ into the prevailing wind to cover the entire city, then was gone in almost an instant. When I first saw the Sylph a chemtrail jet flew right into and through the middle of it and had no affect on it. I didn’t see any more chemtrail jets after that.

All clouds, including Sylph creations, are the result of water vapor condensing to form droplets or ice crystals. The weather molesters cause this with radio transmissions and cloud seeding. Maybe we’re about to find out how the ‘good guys’ do it with healthier energy fields. Now that I’m flying again, finally, I intend to go up and visit one of the lower Sylphs when opportunity and synergy will allow it.

Sometimes it’s good to also post these positive observations when we have to share information about the hateful corporate world order’s weaponry. Spokane and the sky above it were an energy sewer when Carol and first started gifting there, seven years ago, but even though there are no doubt a lot of new death towers and weather weapons, there, the energy balance remains positive.

The biggest gathering of chemtrail jets we’ve seen is at the CIA-owned, restricted Evergreen Air base between Tucson and Phoenix, in plain vew of the interestate highway. My brother-in-law used to sell and service fire extinguishers and he got an appointment to do that at Evergreen. He told me that he was given a tour and he saw the chemtrail-spewing apparatus being serviced on planes in hangars, there. I bet you thought that the CIA is a lot more careful about concealing stuff like that [Image Can Not Be Found]

Evergreen Air Corporation is the ‘company’ that had carried out the malethion (Agent Orange) spraying of all the cities in Southern California with hundreds or thousands of helicopters, years ago. We can’t conceive how much money just that one sewer rat agency can throw around, so imagine how rich the entire corporate world order is. Destroying the corporate world order will probably result in instant prosperity for the human race.

A factory where commercial jets (all from English and American airlines as far as I could see through the binoculars) are turned iinto chemtrail jets and painted white is in a remote section of MoJave Airfield, very close to Edwards Air Force Base, not far from Los Angeles. Mojave Airfield is a high profile public airport, host to Burt Ruttan’s efforts and other popular projects. You can only see the details of the outdoor chemtrail jet assembly line with binoculars. Every time I drove there I could see US Air Force tanker jets among the finished chemtrail jets. I presume those jets were involved with the offshore spewing that was probably designed to keep rain away from Los Angeles. That agenda failed, of coruse, after DB and a few others had busted enough of the death towers and weather weaponry on the ground (many thousands of sites).

No doubt some other arrangement is being used in Europe and there’s also evidence that small-scale spewing is set up on a lot of working commercial jets, perhaps to spew cities during takeoffs. That spew would be deployed below the effective field effect of orgonite cloudbusters, which seem to operate mainly above rain clouds, but I think that if all the death towers are gifted in those areas, then even that spew would be neutralized by healthy ionization before reaching the ground

We haven’t seen chemtrails destroy rain bearing clouds in a very long time, so Spain will probably also have this happy result before long. Also, I get reports every week from gifters, in the US and abroad, who report seeing Sylphs quickly ‘eat’ chemtrails. That seems to be the consistent signal that energy balance in the upper atmosphere has shifted decisively to the positive end.

Of course not planes companies are involved.
In Spain,for exampl Iberia is one. We only open the door, nex, someone in this world needs investigate.

Interesting info about sustances can destroy cumulus clouds in storms.


Peter Cordani patented in 2001 a system to destroy the rain that was buyed by NASA

“United States Patent 6315213
Cordani November 13, 2001
Method of modifying weather “

Patent title:
Water retention mixture and method for spray application

Original info in Spanish:

Heheh, that’s a nice but misleading image of heroic British warplanes making a hurricane go away

A point I was trying to get across, Je, is that after a requisite amount of gifting has been done in a region, even teh cloud suppression technology fails.

In August, 2002, when I was field testing 3 ounce towerbusters across Southern Idaho from city to city, disabling all the towers there, I watched thunderheads routinely develop over each city as I finished. Then it rained buckets, every time except once, when a white, unamarked Boeing 747 weaved in and out of a tall cumulus cloud that was rapidly forming over the city that I’d just gifted. Within a few minutes, teh cloud was all gone and the plane flew away.

That was the last time I saw that happen, though we still watch these planes trying to disrupt rainclouds. I think that if an orgonite cloudbuster had been within a hundred miles, or so, that big jet would have failed to destroy the raincloud.

It’s typical for disinformants to post terrifying informaiton about the corporate world order’s weaponry, including weather weapons. What is not typical is for someone else to post informaiton about how this stuff is simply not as effective as it’s advertised to be, based on simple observation.

Maybe they’re just trying harder to counteract your work in Spain than they’re trying in the US, right now.

As soon as Carol and I moved to South Florida with the announced intention to stop all of the hurricanes in that region the HAARPies sent a hurricane-strength storm in a straight line at us across 200 miles of land. Even the locals knew that this was not a natural storm. Hurricanes weaken over land but this storm strengthened over land, aided by dozens of death towers along the way. Eric, Jeff and I disabled all those towers a couple of months later.

There has not been another hurricane near Florida since we finished there, almostt three years ago. The corporate meteorologists had promised that each succeeding hurricane season was going to be more destructive than the last but I’m putting those predictions in the same category as the stated claims about the world order’s weather weaponry’s ‘irresistable force.’

I hope this will encourage you!


Yes Don, yes, absolutly yes. In Spain the artificial cirri clouds made by chemtrails absorbing natural cumulus are regenerated rapidly and turn again into natural cumulu. You are very right.
The problem in Spain (and Portugal) is this regenerating effect happens in the maximum intensity when it has already gone out for the East coast (Valencia). That’s why Italy has had many rains this year, the gifting of Spain sends towards there many regenerated clouds.
The same happens when your clouds in USA an Canada came to West of Europe.

but what I want to say previously is that they are fumigating either anything strange, nor dangerous illnesses (at least at present), I believe that it has to be something as the diatomite or the patent gel. Nothing rare, not ultrasecret, i think all this operations are involved so much people. My desire is to take mystery to this matter and to remove this aura of fear that the agents put that do pasive the people.

I dont fear ! I that all this is only a business to enslave us

Thx, socio–I can’t deny that sicknesses break out in specific areas and the swine flu scare is certainly an example of that. I get reports very often of towns where a specific new sickness has broken out on a large scale. Any one of these could be made into a terror campaign on the scale of this swine flu scam, of course [Image Can Not Be Found]

I only wish we had more information on how the sociopath agencies are doing this! The prion crystal data, joined with very localized death tower transmissions, makes the most sense to me but since there’s no direct evidence it’s only a theory.

I think it’s sufficient to know that they’re doing it and that it’s not from chemtrails. When chemtrails were making people sick it affected entire regions, not just neighborhoods or small towns.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re now causing these local sickness endemics at times when there are a lot of chemtrail jets overhead, though. That would discourage newly-awakening people from trying their hands at gifting, especially if they subscribe to disinformation forums, which is often the case. Not many people go directly to the genuinely empowering information, after all. People who are hooked on disinformation often send thast disinfo around to huge mailing lists. Sometimes I wish we genuine activists were that proactive, socially, but that sort of Chicken Little preaching seems more like interference than service and most of us who seek personal integrity are kind of alone in the world except for our contacts on the web [Image Can Not Be Found] . Disinformation, which is the popular media’s mean and ugly cousin, has more general appeal to the folks who are just starting to open their eyes.

People who garden organically often breathe diatomaceous earth all summer long. It’s used to kill insects in the garden by lightly scratching the outer coating of their shells. It’s a good alternative to pesticides, though if you put orgonite in your garden you won’t likely have any parasites there

Driving back from the beach on the motorcycle yesterday it was a delight to see a chemtrail barely stick in a tiny ribbon and another chemtrail jet spraying that dissolved almost instantly.

We did a sensuous boosting session last night that was incredibly profound. The tears were steaming down my face and I dissolved. What I was shown is that our gifting efforts around the globe are having a dramatic impact on the frequency of this planet. I was also shown that this global pandemic stuff is a complete lump of doggy doo doo. Everybody will get sick at different times in different ways and that getting sick is sometimes a tremendous opportunity for the INDIVIDUAL to hunker into their heart, to get real, to get honest and to clean out a lot of old rubbish. The idea of a massive pandemic is simply a manufactured one based on CONTROL. However spontaneous sickness based on individual circumstances is based in freedom and awakening and is part of the path. Perhaps the best strategy is simply to FAST and to use a terminator zapper. I was also shown that the major benefit of the terminator zapper is not the fact that it eliminates parasites but that it boosts ones frequency…but I could be wrong about that.

I find it hilarious the way the dung beetles are trying desperately to get this global pandemic thing going. Yet really all they are doing is simply exposing the absurdity of their slant and blowing a lot of hot air.

All the best…Hong Kong John

Thx for the progress report, John–it seems obvious to me that you and your mate are producing substantive results with your sensual boosting sessions. I have faith that the rest of us will eventually get to the point where open discussion of such things is carried out in a healthy, balanced way. I’m pretty sure Dr Reich would have felt encouraged by your efforts.

The latest disinfo assault on our zappers was unveiled, very recently, in the context of a charismatic Theosophical guru’s disjointed and irrational presentation about ‘earth changes.’ They’ve already started trying to organize ‘the (grassroot) opposition’ to the world order, you may have noticed, and this fellow will probably gain prominence in their media in coming months, which I why I won’t be more specific about who he is or says he is. Their older masonic/theosophical gurus are losing credibility at an accelerating rate.

I was pleased to see that these agency representatives no longer mention ‘St Germain’ or any other blatant luciferic (read: infantile, ‘I am GOD!’ creepiness) references but his slick, professional video presentation features theosophy’s maltese cross covering a large part of the earth and the rhetoric is the same, tired old, endorphin-squirting Alice Bailey claptrap. Anyway, he advertises himself as a ‘parasitologist’ and claims that it’s wrong to kill parasites. I’m not joking! I already know what to say to all the folks who are going to email me about this latest parasitic challenge to the spread of zappers. It’s getting easier and easier to counter these attempted broadsides and sucker punches.

I’ll post some of those emails and my responses but I’m going to be even less specific about who this fellow is because he’s already spoiling for a bitch-slapping catfight [Image Can Not Be Found]

I feel a little bit proud of having already facilitated the coming distribution of very inexpensive but practical zappers from Uganda to the entire planet, with the crucial help of Georg Ritschl, who kindly connected me with a parts manufacturer in China. We’re still firmly in the proactive position and this charismatic, mesmerizing, parasite-loving guru that they’ve just trotted out is already in the reactive position.

Consider that the real battles are fought in the etheric realm, which is why the agencies and the old secret societies put most of their efforts and (drug) money there. The media, especially corporate television, are anchored in that fourth dimensional zone, as are academia and ‘theology.’ That’s why the CIA and MI6 own all media talking heads, academics and clergy outside of China. Their latest acquisition is 99% of the people who have ‘alternative information’ and ‘conspiracy’ websites on the internet, of course. Learning to sniff these out is crucial to one’s refinement of the discernment faculty. It’s kind of like winnowing the grain from the chaff. Most folks who are not still sucking on the television teat are intellectually lazy, so are content to eat the non-nourishing chaff that prevails on the internet, strange to tell, but we each have to be concerned about our own individual discernment skill when we intend to share empowering information with others.

I’m sure the lie agencies are still gearing themselves up for a media assault on orgonite but I’m also pretty certain that they already know it’s going to backfire on them, like this latest attack on zappers will do, shortly. Otherwise they’d have done it by now. The counterproductive media efforts in Spain against both orgonite and Je Torres are a case in point [Image Can Not Be Found] and, just like the Spanish ‘civil war’ in the 1930s was used to field test the newest destruction technology for the ensuing global conflict, Spain is proving to be the world order’s testing ground for waging the next etheric world war against humanity but in this case I think they’ve already lost that war and, pretty soon, the only real estate they’ll keep for themselves will be their underground, fission-powered DOR hives [Image Can Not Be Found] .

We’ll eventually take all of that from them with earthpipes–at our leisure. Remember when turning the then-new death towers into life force generators ‘in time’ was our collective act of desperation? In those days, before the energy balance of the world had shifted over to the positive side, all of us who gifted, here and abroad, were surrounded by aggressive agency and police surveillance and even some NSA Schmucks in Black on occasion but, by now, most of us don’t have to put up with that any more. I think Je Torres might be the last gifter on earth to have to put up with that sort of trouble and look at how he’s being empowered by it!

The CIA character assassination specialists recoiled, fast, when we exposed their attempt to implicate Je in their bombing of some death towers, recently. Thankfully, my socio, Alejandro, was visiting us from Chile when this went down so that he, Je and I could be in close daily contact for our strategy sessions. That was a fun month (January). Je is graciously using English to post reports on this forum but in January we needed a whole lot of timely interpretation and intelligent observations from Ale, who is eloquent in Spanish and English.

There are more than enough people in the world, by now, who actually love discernment, accountability, personal integrity and commitment that even the most clever subterfuge is making them/us more and more determined to broadcast empowering truths. These simple truths dissolve complex and hypnotizing lies efficiently, now. A few years ago this wasn’t as evident, so it was a big pain in the @$$ to stand up for truth, then and perhaps for the previous six thousand years or so that the patriarchic, parasitic world order had been gaining momentum. It’s getting to be fun, now, and it even has a party atmosphere when we do it in global grassroot groups, thanks to the internet.

Hong Kong Johnny, regarding your zapper comment: Terminator zappers are nice, perpetual vitality boosters, due largely to the subtle energy components’ synergy with the battery-powered circuit, but I learned, early in my zapper career (1996) from Dr Mary Tomanio, my good Russian/Polish friend in Eliot, Maine, who was the first physician to buy them from me, wholesale, that even the most basic zapper, like the ones everyone will be getting from Dr Batiibwe in Uganda, produce an enduring field of vital energy for many hours after it’s been removed from the body.

She showed this to me with an amplified stethoscope, which you can use to listen to vital energy in the body. The sound of vital energy, through this device, is just like the sound you get when you put your ear to a big seashell. It’s also like the sound that some folks (including me) hear perpetually and is sometimes mistaken for tinitis, which sounds different, by the way. James Hughes, my old teacher, has heard it constantly after he was struck by etheric lightning in 1979 and he’s the one who told me it’s not a sickness but is merely the ‘background noise of the universe.’ Cool stuff! After our (Carol and my) episode with that little spaceship and the cloudbuster in Utah, in June, 2001, I’ve also been hearing several clear and intermittent tones in my right ear. Carol says the guys in that ship, who got a little miffed when I aimed the cloudbuster at them, decided that I wasn’t their enemy, then planted that sweet music in me as a more or less constant information download. If I weren’t so lazy I’d discern the notes, using a tone generator, and write them down. Maybe I’ll do that after I grow up.

Please take all of my alien comments, which are accounts of some good clean fun that Carol and I have had over the years, as our subjective report of our experiences, though. Same goes for our comments about Lemurians, who seem to like to use sex in a healthy/healing way as much as Hong Kong Jonnny and his mate do. I bet they adore him. Just stick it all away in your ‘wait and see’ file after you’ve been entertained by reading it. If you’ve had similar experiences but wonder (as the aggressive PJ folks all around you no doubt have insisted) if you’re crazy, you can get a little solace, assurance and genuine encouragement from our reports.

The ionization of the entire body happens instantly with any zapper, no matter where you apply a zapper to the skin, so you can quickly kill the parasites in the brain by putting any zapper on your ankle, for instance. The field effect seems to be something different and this is the effect that the Terminator considerably enhances. Killing the parasites is the main function of a basic zapper but remember that the vitalizing effect is not addictive but rather seems to build the body’s own immune system. It may be like eating ginsing root, which is said by people who know something to have a cumulative healing/restoration effect.

David Wolfe constantly wears his Terminator just under his navel, probably because he likes the way it makes him feel. He was assuming that this was on account of the proximity of a large arrtery, there, but I suggested that it may rather be a function of constantly reinforcing his 3d chakra.

I took carefui note of the sky from my window seat on the airplane going from Seattle to Los Angeles, then a few days later on a connecting flight to Phoenix from Los Angeles. This time, my capacity for observing the atmosphere had been bolstered by almost a year of reading about micrometeorology–the weather that concerns pilots of very small aircraft. I started reading these books after I crashed my first plane, a year ago [Image Can Not Be Found]

I didn’t see any chemtrails but we closely encountered several other evidently commercial jets, near our altitude of 35,000 feet, that were leaving very long contrails, which look the same from the ground. I could see the shadow of our jet’s contrail on clouds, below, when there were clouds and it was also very long. That was a morning flight from Seattle to Los Angeles.

Contrails form when there is a lot of water vapor in the atmosphere. They’re much shorter when there is less water available for condensation. More water is good becuase it indicates that the Al Gore Global Sabotage Campaign, Inc., is losing ground.

In this way, the chemtrails that we all see which last a long time before they dissipate (in regions where nobody has yet disabled the majority of death towers and weather weaponry) are identical, as far as I can tell. I remember seeing chemtrails from a former airline flight and they were much lower in the atmosphere than commercial jet traffic, also distinctly brown when viewed from high above; white when seen from the ground in those days. That was right about the time when the distribution of orgonite cloudbusters reached what I believe is critical mass, after which it was probably difficult to find any chemtrails that still ‘behaved’ as they did when they were still actually destructive and toxic. On all my flights, since that one, I never saw another chemtrail, strange to tell, and if there’s daylight and no cloud layer directly below the plane, I always keep watching out the window when I fly.

There were plenty of Sylphs over LA (as usual, now, thx mostly to Don Bradley’s Herculean gifting accomplishments) and the chemtrail remnants were short and sort of ephemeral. The lower atmosphere, there, was jam packed with water vapor, which creates a white haze, as opposed to smog, which creates a brown haze. A lot of the hillsides in LA are green and covered with flowers, too, every spring since the gifting turned the tide away from the Global Warming Corporation’s poisonous ministrations [Image Can Not Be Found]

On the late afternoon flight to Phoenix from LA there was evidence of a lot of water in the atmosphere, too, but east of Los Angeles the ground still looks brown, all the way to Phoenix. When we reached the height of the cruising altitude, which I think was around 25,000 feet on that short flight it was already time to descend and I was thrilled to see Sylphs right beside the plane. This was the first time I’d been close to them and I’m always astonished by how fast their ‘cloud garments’ change shape and ‘volume’

I saw some textbook cloudforms on each trip and felt kind of self-satisfied that I could identify what generated them. The atmosphere is incredibly lively and the clouds are the only visible evidence of those dynamics, unless one can see energy. Now that my mate is recovering from a very long detox cycle, inspired by all that fat-stored residue of the heart attack poison she received from the feds in several airports in previous years, and will be healthier and more vital than ever, shortly, I’m going to try to convince her to resume her flying lessons so we can finally go up there, together [Image Can Not Be Found] . I’m pretty keen to build a two-seat STOL amphibioius floatplane (with Joe Cell?) for us, with Carol as the ‘pilot in command’ in the front seat. She’s a better pilot, by the way. I’m looking at builder’s plans for the ‘STOL King’ which is a knockoff on the old German Storch observation plane. STOL is ‘short takeoff and landing’ and the STOL King is said to take off after a 50-foot ground roll and to stall (land) at 17 miles per hour. Very safe. It cruises at over a hundred miles per hour, economically with an aviation-modified Volkswagen engine. We could do a lot of mountaintop gifting, also extended water gifting and the wings fold back for taking it on our airplane trailer.

I discovered that when I put a whole lot of orgonite on the surrounding mountain tops and ridges the Sylphs seem to think it’s party time and show up in droves for months afterward. That’s the only Party I’d like to sign up for! [Image Can Not Be Found]

It’s kind of neat to distinguish the natural lenticular clouds from the ones that are generated by the energy fields around space ships (good guys: bright; bad guys: dark).

I’m patiently building up my flying hours in my new ultralight in preparation for actually being ready to go out and bust more mountaintop deathray arrays [Image Can Not Be Found] . This week I’ll start focusing mostly on ‘spot landing’ on the short field that our hangar is on. The next time a ‘visiting fireman’ shows up with a video camera I want to get it on the record. I think Eric Carlson will be our next guest and Carol thinks I should invite him to go to Wenatchee and get some scooter tow hang gliding lessons with me, then.

A few days ago, when it was too windy to fly my Phantom, I saw another Sylph overhead at a very low altitude that’s reachable with the plane. They love unstable-atmosphere (low pressure) conditions, kind of like the way dolphins seem to like rough seas. Before long, I’ll venture into the sky on rough days like that when Sylphs show at cumulus cloud level. It felt like an invitation. They’re usually out of reach. I think the ceiling for a two-cycle airplane motor is 14,000 feet or so and it’s really cold up there. Also, if you stay up there more than a few minutes you need to breathe oxygen or you’ll pass out.

I read about a woman who set an altitude record in the 1920s who passed out after her oxygen ran out. The plane then entered a spin but she woke up when she reached a low enough altitude to be sustained by the oxygen level in the air, then she recovered from the spin and safely landed the plane. She was in an open cockpit airplane. Temperature drops around 3 degrees, F., for every thousand feet of altitude. If she had more oxygen she could have gotten a lot higher but the record wasn’t broken until engine tech made it possible for higher flights. I think Charles Lindbergh broke that record, years later. I’ve seen a photo of him flying over the top of Mt Everest in an open-cockpit monoplane in the mid-1930s.

When I was a kid in the 1950s I was genuinely depressed that I wasn’t growing up in the 1930s when aviation was for pioneers and the government didn’t yet control (suppress) it all. One of my great Indian uncles, in the early 1930s, sold his little homestead farm in Nebraska and purchased an army-surplus Curtiss Jenny biplane, taught himself to fly and earned a living as a barnstormer. but maybe those days are back if I can power my modified Affordaplane ultralight (now under construction) with my new half-VW motor from Great Plains Aero (in Nebraska) and a Joe Cell from in Australia–the first free energy pilot, grid willing [Image Can Not Be Found]

More to consider: a Joe-cell modified engine runs on orgone-implosion in the cylinders, so carburation, which is the factor that limits the altitude attainable with a two-cycle engine, is not a factor. I can probably go a lot higher than 14,000 feet in that plane after the Joe Cell kicks in. Another thing that can probably get me higher (to regular Slyph altitude, with their permission) is a variable pitch Ivoprop. When the air becomes very, very thin a variable pitch propelller is needed to bite into the air adequately adn you can adjust the pitch with that prop while flying–cool! All of that’s affordable for a middle-income guy like me, too! I’ll have to bundle up like an Eskimo space cadet, though. Only the Ivoprop is sufficiently simple to use on an ultralight. I need to keep all my equipment simple becuase the feds have a harder time sabotaging it and I can visually look my entire aircraft over during my pre-flight inspections in case they unfasten anything during the previous night on one of their many uninvited visits. Schmucks.

By the time I’m flying on free energy and reporting about it I believe that, thanks to rapiidly rising general human awareness, the NSA’s Schmucks in Black and every other affiliated sociopathic, homicidal corporate organizations will have neither the b@!!s nor sufficient malicious confidence left to shoot me down. They’re all probably already more worried about their own survival than about destroying you and me, by now


Hey Don,

Great to tap into your first-hand observations – much appreciated. I think the latest disinfo assault on the terminator zappers is for the card carrying “space cadetsâ€? out of touch with how the human body functions. The human body is a never ending tapestry of “digestion.â€? The living immune system is either digesting the bacteria or if the body is in toxic overload – the body is being digested by the bacteria and parasites. I would say that a fully boosted immune system will digest ANY parasite, bacteria, mold or fungus pronto. That’s why if you give a vibrant human for example salmonella they simply eat it for lunch and aren’t adversely affected by it. Zapping, cleansing and detoxing as well as raw living food helps one be a vibrant human in my experience. That’s why I think the old paradigm of the “fear-based contageousness be scared for your life of virusesâ€? is dropping like an old diaper at poddy training in favour of the “boost the Be-Jesus out of your immune system and shine like the kick-a$$ solar sunâ€?…then eat any virus for lunch that comes within 50 feet of you. The Terminator Zapper is fully aligned with this new paradigm. The complete failure of the phoney swine flu is a sign that the New World Odor Diaper is dropping, thankfully.

While in Thailand recently our host served up a large bowl of live termites. They were delicious and she was very pleased that we enjoyed them. So much living abundance all around us if we drop our programming and open our authentic natural eyes. We got plenty of Red Snapper spear fishing too…it was awesome raw as sashimi.

Perhaps orgonite acts as a type of “etheric digestion aid� transforming one form of harmful energy into another. Similar to a fully functioning human immune system. Maybe the ghouls get digested when they are in the presence of orgonite?

Time to gift more of China. Soon I’ll be on my way.

All the best…Hong Kong John

Hello John and Don.
Very interesting your posts.
I think to taht the human body is big and can fight against all patogens naturally. The problem is the modern life with very much patogens and the cell towers that i think destroy our inmune system.
I observed that orgonite and zapper helps very much to our system, was fantastic discovered. To the kidney and liver flush. My best wishes for the persons that launch this important info, as Hulda Clark, Don Croft, etc…

Chance theme, look this satellite animation of Spanish west coast yesterday.
The cirri clodus (chemtrails expanded) are converting in coumulos thankt to the orgonite but look as are eating the strato cumulus !

The “meteorologists” call to the expanded fumigation (that eats natural cumulu clouds) cirri or high cloud. That never precipite. Its a lie !
I think cirri are artificial always ! (created by chemtrails expanded absorbing water of true clouds)

Thank you for reading. I think this info its very important.

Thx, John–I agree that clean, vital living makes one less vulnerable to natural pathogens but the number of clean-living folks who were harmed by bioweapons like mycoplasma during the years that chemtrails were still viable weapons seems to be in the same ratio as the number of non-clean-living folks who got sick, then.

The $#!+birds cheated, though. Mycoplasma, etc., was thrown at nearly everyone from the sky, nearly every day for three years or so. Nature sure doesn’t operate that way [Image Can Not Be Found] and natural pathogens are even hardier than manmade ones, too, I think.

I can say that the clean living folks didn’t get as sick from chemtrails (though the ones who got sick are still sick, just like the rest) and they seem to have a lot more vitality than the others, perhaps also more able to respond to appropriate remedies. The first time I ventured into the raw/live food living paradigm, in the middle 1970s (before chemtrails and other bioweaponry were widespread) people who lived this way were never sick, which was a main selling point, and we had loads of vitality.

The challenge for vital folks in those days was relating to everyone else; anyone who had a lot of energy and clarity was treated like a freak or ignored. Now, things are better and I think David Wolfe’s popularity shows that. I’m not seeing as many ‘food nazis,’ either: people who turn food into an ideology. People who live this way are more spontaneous, now, than before and a lot them eat animal products, as you do–they get along fine with most of the folks who don’t, too.

I’m still watching but I’m not seeing many new chronic sickness cases after the middle of 2002. I realize that nobody else is looking at this data, for now, which might make me look like a lunatic to people who love to get their fear buttons punched every day online by the Chicken Littles

Je, your notion that chemtrails generate cirrus clouds in order to absorb water vapor might have merit. I was kind of surprised to see such long contrails from my window seat on the flight from Seattle to Los Angeles a week ago because these must have looked just like chemtrails from the ground, so I now wonder if all of the jet fuel sold to the airlines has an addditive designed to create this optical effect. In all my years of flying commercially and looking out the window I never saw such long contrails. I saw no chemtrails this time. Those are or were sprayed very far below commerrcial jet traffic.

A small, private jet that passed at right angles, right under us (we were at 35,000’) emitted a slightly brown contrail. I"m putting your thoughts, along with my recent observations, in an active ‘wait and see’ file because I think more info will be forthcoming to help us sort this all out. Naturally, the $#!+birds never rest after they’ve suffered a setback and they’ve got unlimited resources, obviously. The chemtrails we now see are obviously nothing like the ones we saw before the middle of 2002 but I wish I knew, for certain, what they’re doing.

So far, they’ve been entirely unable to reverse the good effects of orgonite, though, after nine years of trying. The weather and climate continues to improve and balance, too. I bet the corporate Algores are $#!++ing bricks on account of all that nice rain in Spain, too


Hi Don, Thank you.

I am sure that contrails dont exist. Was a very big lie for justify chemtrails. I think all is chemtrail.

Maybe the original contrails was the sound barrel brake, i dont know, i am not sure, but all its so strange in our sky.

Too, i think that engines dont generate the “contrails”. I wrote several times. Too the air companies “low cost” seems was created for justify the increase of the fumigations in the world.
Calculate the cost, you will discover that they lose millions with this “low cost” air companies.

the thing is very fat ! these operations are carried out in front of our nostril, it is similar to what the antennas do, also hiding behind other ends

(seems this info it is bothering very much)

The fumigation does not escape of the engine but of the supports of the flaps.

Please, look this photo:


THank you for reading !
All the best.

Off course orgonite are helping us very very much ! And i am very very gratefull to it.

But i think that the denunciation is necessary, for that the solution is not the orgonite it is that they stop doing it of course.

Meanwhile, we will keep on distributing orgonite and on making cloudbusters. Not in my best sleep it had been better. Small pieces of plastic and metal fighting the whole government tyrant.

continues the struggle

All the best

Ah, i forgot.

In Spain i observed 2 types of chemtrails (maybe more for illnes, i only speak about climatic).

1.short stela (the traditional “contrails”, the cirri maker that absorb water vapor) (i think the very big lie from ¿ 60s ?)

2.long persistent stela (when in 90s start launched for did the green house effect, reduce albedo effect. This type xpand it for hours) (with it, they are auto- denounced, jeje)

Thank you for read!
All the best.

All good data and thoughtful observations, thx socio. So much of the weird stuff in our skies is incomprehensible that all we can do is put most of it in the ‘wait and see’ file until more info and inspiration is available. Sometimes, reputable psychics can give us an advantage in terms of battlefield intel that may relate to finding targets or understanding bizarre phenomena better but only documentation and corroborative evidence will ‘prove’ anything in a substantive way.

In the absence of documented evidence all we can do is speculate about most of what we’re seeing. I try to make a clear distinction between my own speculations and established facts, for the sake of my reputation and out of respect for our readers. But there’s no harm in sharing speculations if it will lead us to being more effective in the field.

Also, when we’re willing to admit how litttle we know for sure, our readers are not compelled to sift through our reports with their discernment turned on, full blast [Image Can Not Be Found] . People have told me that they don’t feel threatened by my style of writing because they don’t feel compelled to believe anything that they don’t comprehend or which contradicts their world view. I don’t underestimate the importance of our ‘wait and see’ function and I don’t expect anyone to believe anything I say. It really pays off!

If one is intensely concerned about identifying all of this stuff when there’s not enough evidence to do so I would encourage that person to try to remain more open and to feel okay about not having all the answers. The corporate world order is still pretty good at keeping secrets, after all, and the cancerous US and British Governments, principle guardians and enforcers for the horrid corporate world order, are window dressing; mere life support systems and facades for the unspeakably vast CIA, NSA and MI6 so their media’s jabber and their army of internet Chicken Littles shouldn’t distract us from our task.

In the 1950s, during my childhood, I was fascinated with contrails and skywriting. Contrails are simply the condensationn of water vapor in the heat left behind by passing airplane and jet engines above 25,000 ft. altitude, so the science is simple enough. My comment about last week’s ‘up close’ view of contrails down the US West Coast were in teh context of them lasting longer than I remember ever seeing, before.

There are photos from WWII of contrails from propeller-driven aircraft, even some long-lasting ones created by small airplanes at very high altitudes during air battles over England, early in the war. I’m not sure why they flew up there to fight each other because the German fighters were generally escorts for bombers and those had to fly pretty low to hit their civilian and military targets, most of which were pretty close to France where they took off. The more destructive American/Brit bombers had better bombsites, so could drop bombs from higher up but that was still below where contrails are made–I think around 10,000 feet was the top of their range. I learned that the principle German bombers were first designed as passenger and cargo planes; the American/Brit ones were designed to destroy cities, which is to say they were designed for genocide. I’m not saying the nazis were better than we were told, only that the American and British fascist regimes were/are a whole lot worse [Image Can Not Be Found] --every bit as bad as the German and Italian fascist regimes were and they’re still in operation.

The much lower-altitude skywriting I used to watch as a kid is the closest thing to chemtrails that I know of in terms of looks, behavior and duration and it wouldn’t surprise me if much of that isn’t done with inert skywriting chemicals. I don’t remember seeing any skywriting after the mid-1950s so maybe the chemicals are not entirely inert.

Have you noticed that chemtrail jets are essentially silent? Remember when even the very high-flying commercial and military jets were almost deafening as they flew over? Sure, noise suppression can account for a lot of this but I don’t think it accounts for all of it. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what the story is