Stars And Stones (Physics Of The Universe)


That just came out today, I think it has to be on the research forum??
We can learn so much from this information; I thank the friend who gave me that link!!
The physics of our universe, there is so much condensed info in these videos of Dan Winter! It’s just so complicated and so simple at the same time [Image Can Not Be Found]
It can explain so many things I had a hunchs about. Dodecahedron, toroids, sacred geometry, the existence of pyramids and why life, death, time, orbs,… even surely interesting for psychics…

If I understood correctly, orgonite is a phase conjugate dielectric


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Had this sitting around waiting to be posted… also from Dan Winter

"A true geomantic king realized that emotion projected into song line ruled the grid. Regulating the plumbing geometry of gathered collective ecstatic emotion regulates the weather, germination, viruses and disease, and growth in general. As in Camelot where there was a legal limit to the weather: growth and precipitation ALWAYS follow the lines of magnetism in the land. They are fed by infolding emotion, they steer the microwave, and by collective focus they create collective perception. Tut wore jewels to focus his genetic microwave emissions to regulate climate.

In the past, if you werenít propagating the politically correct ecstacy, you were a threat to the priests and the king. After the priests killed Tut, and the Templars, and the Druids, and the Cathars, and then almost one half the women in Europe, they did not appear to apologize. Misunderstanding tantra and the function of sperm, today their news reach the media mostly for pedophilia.

So today in the west, that role of secret priest is better played by the CIA and NSA whose microwave towers at Native American sacred sites play havoc with the weather and the birds song lines, and regulate viruses to control whole populations. (ìAngels Donít Play this HAARPî.) Long wave emotive grid magnetics wave guide the microwave CIA communications bloodlines, while major fractions of our Gross National Product are spent by the NSA specifically to hide the presence of ETís from us. The rate at which grid communications eliminate secrets is the rate at which people give permission to touch. People will be drawn in with new purpose, realizing the function of ceremony. A ritual aligns magnetics with a longer wave, consuming perspective. Eventually in a grid which is infomation rich enough and fractally spin dense, symmetry means no secrets. ìIt is simply a question of timeî, which only names relative spin, also now in recursion. In the Mayan Solar spiral of time, the self awareness when the recurrence goes infinite at center, is the only fractal path out of chaos whose widening gyre cannot hold center."