"Stealth" Cell Towers Spark Outrage

“Stealth” cell towers spark outrage Pol: Antennas saturate Hub

Ok, this recent activity of putting more death towers up in Boston is a direct result of the hundreds of Orgonite Tower Busters I’ve gifted around the city over the last 6 years. Having to add over another 200 mini death towers on street light poles to mind fry the city because of my Gifting is a huge confirmation that Orgonite disables the death towers and that
I am a wicked pain in their ass and plans. [Image Can Not Be Found];
I hope the newly erected death towers don’t work, but just in case when I get back to Boston in the spring I’ll add another
100 tb’s to the effort, unless someone reading this in MA wants to make some tb’s and do some Beantown gifting on their own. [Image Can Not Be Found] No surprise in Boston politics, the hacks just look the other way and take the hush money from the CIA.
Eric [Image Can Not Be Found]

Check out [Smoking Mirrors Blog/url:1tdnjk4g my newest find on the internet.
The author has the gift of telling it like it is. [Image Can Not Be Found]
The site has this Traffic Feed thingy that shows where people come from to visit the blog. It’s pretty cool and it looks like the traffic feed is picking up this thread, more free advertising for the EW [Image Can Not Be Found]

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