Steeve and Celine's Adventures in Central America

(Don Croft) #1

I’ve dedicated this thread to Steeve Debellefuille’s periodic reports of their travels in Panama and Costa Rica. He’s handed the EW webmaster job over to our very, very [Image Can Not Be Found] able comrade, Jacques Lasselle. Steeve set up EW for us all in August, 2004.

I got the first note from him today and, following that, I’m putting my response:

Hi Don,

We arrived in Panama City last night, after numerous ordeals such as
bumped flights and we almost crashed at landing [Image Can Not Be Found] Our plane was hit by
lightning several times… but we’re just fine of course.

PTY is a wonderful cities, the skies are vibrant and healthy despite the
numerous towers and nasty installations. Lots of cumulus clouds and no
CT’s, but towers are literally everywhere there’s gotta be one per 100
inhabitant in my estimation. I brought some orgonite but I’m saving it for
the maya ruins power spots [Image Can Not Be Found]

Take care,



Wow, they really tried to get you in the plane, Steeve! Panama City is Bush Family property–they launder their drug money with those banks and experimented with new, trick mass murder weapons on the population in the short little invasion there in the 90s. Apparerently, you’re making these predators pretty uncomfortable with your presence. Congratulations! Watch out for the Chinese military guys. They own the Canal now, if I’m not mistaken.

Thanks for the update! I’m going to post your updates in a thread on EW so please make them very long and detailed, Steeve [Image Can Not Be Found]

Also, we chatblasters will do weekly protection boosts for you in the following months. I hope everyone reading this will do the same!