Stevo And Donny's Big Adventure

Don Croft
25 Jun 2008 14:53
Subject: Stevo and Donny’s Big Adventure
We went to the remaining official drought region of the American Northwest to erase the drought and had a lot of fun and more success confirmations than we can count. Stevo’s got pictures.


Don Croft
27 Jun 2008 10:28
Subject: Re: Stevo and Donny’s Big Adventure
As reported earlier, Steve and Dooney had driven around Central and Eastern Montana in the early spring to disable HAARP and ensure abundant rain in that previously drought-stricken region, as they’d done around their own area (Western Montana) in previous years. They put 3,000 miles on the odometer, that trip, much of it on bumpy dirt roads to reach the more remote weather weaponry.

Driving back to the eastern area was quite a confirmation for STevo because the grass was up to the bellies of the grazingi horses, everywhere, and we saw a lot of standing water. What wasn’t as assuring to him was that the small area of Western North Dakota that is still officially in a severe drought was as green and wet as the rest. Carol’s father’s family are from that part of North Dakota and she told me that the region ought to look brown and barely alive right now Wink

We were hoping to show the results of our efforts on the federal drought monitor. It’s likely that the drought monitor will stop ‘lying’ after this but at least we were both able to see immediate results of our gifting efforts from our separate perspectives: Stevo from the car and me from the boat.

Having lost my aircraft in May I resolved (while waiting for my next aircraft Cool ) to create a new application for water gifting. On our way back from Wisonsin, early this month, Carol ordered a used inflatable boat from someone on E-Bay. This one, a West Marine version of the smallest Zodiac, was reported to have been driven to Santa Catalina and back to Los Angeles a few times, so I felt confident that it would suit me. She paid the guy $500 and I tested it on Lake Pend Oreille, near our home. That lake is usually pretty rough due to the surrounding mountains and I spent four hours putting it to the test before our road trip.
I already had a 3.5HP Nissan outboard motor and I averaged 5mph on the water.

I made a rack to transport the motor and put the boat in its bag, packing both on the folding platform that attaches behind the car in the trailer hitch receptor pipe, leaving the back of the vehicle for orgonite and luggage.

I brought along 300 TBs and Stevo brought a lot more than that so it was good that I brought that rack for the boat and motor.

You can see on a map that Eastern Montana has one large body of water: Fort Peck Reservoir. North Dakota has a larger body of water across half the state (western half): Lake Sakagawea. Both are reservoirs along the Missouri River. I had resolved to spend three days on the water in the boat and Stevo disabled all the weather weaponry and death towers in their concentrations near those bodies of water. Fortunately, nearly all the tall towers are shown on aviation maps, so he was able to find the HAARP arrays this way and go right to them. Some of them wouldn’t have been visible from main highways, though most were.

Each day, I was able to tell where Stevo was gifting because from the boat I could see the progressive formation of healthy, small cumulus clouds along his route and also over the areas of water that had been gifted.

On the first day, as he was busting towers to the east, from south to north, I watched cumulus clouds grow into very large thunderheads until there was a solid line of them. The way I knew that these thunderheads were ‘healthy’ was that they didnt’ reach over 30,000 feet or so and were quite ‘bright.’ There was lightning but iit was mainly in the upper levels of the clouds. He later told me that it started raining where he was, while driving south to north, and the temperature dropped 15 degrees.

I don’t know how many people have seen the pink and green borders of some clouds but I always watch for them, ever since Carol and I saw our first one over Eastern Oregon, six years ago. This aspect is seen on several types of clouds, sometimes including Sylphs and we’re inclined to dismiss something like this as ‘chemtrail effects’ or some other ordinary phenomenon but it happens regardless of whether there are chemtrails present, of course, and petroleum in the sky rather produces the full spectrum of rainbow colors, not just the pink and green range.

I saw this phenomenon each day during our trip but only once per day. To me, it was a friendly confirmation and encouragement from The Operators. On the second day, a similar line of thunderstorms formed far to the west of where Steve was gifting. I was on the western reach of Lake Sakagawea, that day, and the water was as brown and opaque as the Mississippi River was before it was gifted. If you grew up anywhere near the Mississippi you probably remember that it ws perpetually muddy and sort of ugly. If you paid attention six years ago you noticed that the entire river was suddenly green and slightly clear after that. It didn’t take a lot of orgonite to achieve that transformation.

The thunderstorms on the second day were also healthy and reached up to only 30 thousand feet or so. You might not be aware that the very destructive storms generally reach much higher, sometimes to 80 thousand feet, which is as high as moisture can go in the atmosphere. These also produce damaging hail and often tornadoes.

HAARP generates and maintains deserts by heating the lower atmosphere so that rainclouds can’t form. In order to get rainfall, clouds need to form fairly close to the ground. In nature, air cools 3 degrees (F) every thousand feet of altitude, and the dewpoint, which is a function of how much moisture is in the atmosphere, ensures rainfall based on the temperature at which moisture condenses into droplets from the ambient air. If the air on the ground is 90 degrees and humidity is fairly high, the water will perhaps form clouds and drop rain at around 5,000 feet altitude, relative to the ground, for instance. I’ve been slowly studying meteorology in order to improve my aviation skills and to understand orgone’s relationship to the atmosphere a little better. Someday meteorologists will stop ignoring the dynamics of orgone, I think, then they won’t always look like they’re talking through their hats.

We spent the second night in a motel in Killdeer, N. Dakota, and incredulously watched the Weather Channel, which predicted ‘isolated thunderstorms’ over North Dakota the following day. On our first two days of gifting the thuunderstorms were certainly not ‘isolated;’ their creation followed a path and indicated a weather front. One can see the atmosphere for a couple hundred miles on most days and there were no other storms but those. Another unusual aspect of both days’ storm creation was that very large lenticular clouds formed right above the little cumulus collections that grew into the thunderheads and those bright ‘stratus’ clouds remained throughout the storms, resembling a roof.

On day three we got a closer view of the formation of these ‘roof’ clouds to the northwest. Cumulus clouds started forming over the gifted lake area and the path of STeve’s towerbusting early on the third day, south of the lake and the cumuli spread to the east, following Steve’s path. Meanwhile, the briight lenticular stratus spread over us from the northwest and was attacked from several directions by distant HAARP transmittters and several chemtrail jets. Sylphs shnowed up along the edge and appeared to toy with both assaults while the lower clouds over the lake thickened and started dropping rain. This was apparently a natural low pressure system because the wind, that day, was from the southeast, which is not characteristic for that latitude.

Along that latitude the wind and weather normally comes from the west, southwest or northwest due to the earth’s rotation. I prudently wore my rain suit that day because I knew I’d be plowing into oncoming waves in that eight-foot long boat, getting a bucket of water in the face every five seconds or so. Every half hour I had to run parallel with the waves so that the water could drain out of the little scupper in the stern because the water was coming in faster than it was going out. In the last half hour of lake gifting the wind stopped and the storm was just about overhead.

Psychic Steve arrived at the boatramp the same time I did, having completed his gifting circuit that included all the major HAARP weaponry around Bismarck, North Dakota. We felt the first drops of rain as we were folding the boat. Orgone-saturated storms are like that, as you probably know from experience by now: no strong wind and plenty of gentle rain from clouds that are not menacing. Also, one often hears thunder but sees very little lightning in the clouds and none or nearly none striking the ground.

I’m hoping others will get a similar boat and motor to do their water gifting. It need not cost more than a thousand dollars, overall, if one is a good E-Bay shopper. A two horsepower motor would be adequate. To cover distance and overcome the vagaries of wind and tide it’s smart to use a motor instead of sails and oars or paddles, of course. There are people who are willing to paddle a kayak thirty or forty miles to do some water gifting but I’m not one of those, though I enjoy recreational rowing and Carol and I have begun sailing together. I intend to rig my sailboat with a motor mount so I can bring our boats back to the launch point in a timely way no matter where the wind is coming from Cool

A proper rubber boat (Zodiac and Avon are reliable choices) will take you safely through any conditions and the smaller the boat, the more portable it is. I’m applying the same principles to my next airwar efforts, by the way: the Doodlebug/hang-glider combination is carried on any cartop, can launch and land just about anywhere and can reach any mountaintop death array. It’s a lot more suitable, versatile and affordable than the simplest ultralight is and is much easier to learn to fly.

When Andy of disabled the mountaintop death array from which his health and business were being assaulted he got immediate sensory and financial confirmations that the psychics’ view of the situation had been accurate. In areas where all the more easily accessible death towers and weather weapons have been gifted, the mountaintop and otherwise hard-to-reach arrays are now used to ‘do it all’ which apparently includes aiming transmissions at us. This is one good reason that it’s important to do these hard targets.

Carol had seen two new mountaintop arrays being directed at Dooney and Stevo and when the latest aeronautical charts came out I found them. On the drive home, I saw one of those on St Maries Peak, just west of their house. It’s a tall mountain, still covered with snow above the treeline, and we could see a new structure with his binoculars. It’s even visible from their property and STeve has made plans to borrow a telescope to get a better view. There’s a small stone hut on top of that mountain but this thing seems to be the size of a barn. There may be more that can’t be seen from the ground. The other death array location is on a peak that’s much lower and farther west. If they don’t hike up and disable those death arrays before I get the Doodlebug I think I can safely nail them and even land on their property if I’ve got the skills by then Wink

On Day Three Stevo had the radio on and by mid-afternoon reports of ‘violent storms’ were being periodically broadcast. There were no violent storms, of course. The area where ‘nickel sized hail’ was being reported was visible to both of us, from separate directions and those clouds were not capable of producing hail. Apparently, the What To Think HAARPies were trying to generate panic.

After he retrieved me from the pickup point we drove an hour to Bismarck to eat supper and view our handiwork. The gentle storm that was allegedly causing so much damage had arrived over Bismarck around the same time we got there and we watched it from the restaurant, which is a pretty good Mexican one in the remodled train depot, downtown. By the time we left, the trailing edge of the storm sort of stopped overhead and we saw some very odd, bubble-shaped bulges in rows over us. Each cloud bubble was bright around the upper edges so we knew the cloud layer was quite thin. It was too pretty to be artificial so I asked STeve for his psychic impression and he told me that Sylphs were transforming some of the HAARPies’ attempts to turn the storm into a tornado. He spent some time filming this beautiful manifestation from three locations as we drove out of town and back toward home. I hope those lovely features were captured on his video camera.

During the five hours of my third day on the water I saw the most gorgeous Sylphs in a continuous parade, overhead. This was a nice compensation for enduring the constant water blasts, I think Wink If we’d brought along the big ocean Zodiac I wouldn’t have gotten wet that day and the entire job would have gotten done in an hour but that would have resttricted STevo’s activities due to the trailer. Busting HAARP weaponry usually involves a lot of side trips along dirt roads and tracks, after all.

The only fed we saw on the entire trip was an excited gal (talking on her phone) in a fedmobile with a couple of antennae on the roof who counted coup on us on a remote dirt road in the Killdeer Mountains, several miles from the highway while we were surrounding those HaARP-infested peaks with orgonite. She had a lot of camping gear in the back of her little fed car, so apparently she had been attempting to track us on her own, bless her heart. Have you noticed that every cop and federal freak who spies us is on the phone? A uniformed US Marine in a Navy cop vehicle who tracked me for several hours, right after I gifted (again) near the sub base on Puget Sound, three years ago, was on the phone the entire time and stared at me most of that time. It was fascinating, but I finally lost him by precipitously turning off a highway in heavy traffic when he was practically on my bumper. Oddly, some gifters get a little spooked by these world-odor freaks, but I consider them to be signs of encouragement and confirmations. It actually is a relief, though, that there’s less and less overt surveillance and intimidation as time rolls along and the murderous sewer rat agencies continue to lose heart and also lose their ability to hide from the PJ folks.

We had resolved to disable those mountaintop weather weapons before heading to the lake that morning to drop me on the water. Killdeer is a hunter’s destination, by the way. There’s a handwritten sign at each side entry of the hotel advising that any guests who bring their hunting dogs into their rooms will be evicted.

Along with their primary (failing) ability to heat up the lower atmosphere and prevent rain, the HAARPies also are able to jack up low-pressure storms to generate tornadoes and hurricanes (in the absence of intelligently-distributed orgonite, that is). I don’t know if anyone is able to describe that technology but any orgonite cloudbuster prevents the local violent effects in most cases. The recent spate of tornadoes across the US at least shows where there are not yet any orgonite cloudbusters. One gal in the Midwest told us that she hastily put some short pipes in a bucket of towerbusters and prevented a tornado from touching down near her. She had started hearing the constant low rumble overhead that presages a tornado but that stopped a few minutes after she set up her ad hoc cloudbuster Wink .

I had always advised people to disable all the death towers and HAARP weapons in their area before investing in a cloudbuster but watching the recent, massive but reactive HAARP tornado assault on the US I’ve decided to stop doing that and will encourage people to go ahead and build or buy a cloudbuster to start with. It seems that most people who get cloudbusters don’t often follow through and disable the tower weapons because they assume that having a cloudbuster is enough. I’ll still advise people that having a cloudbuster only guarantees the absence or at least sharp decliine of local violent storms and flooding and that disabling the ubiquitous death towers and weather weapons produces more dramatic confirmations and is a grander public service, overall. We’re all about public service, even though most of ‘the public’ are committted PJ folks who would just as soon gut us as praise us if the What To Think Network were to convince them that orgonite is a terrorist weapon Wink

‘Ubiquitous’ means ‘omnipresent’ and you can see that the world odor has spent more money on death towers than on World War Two or the Cold War. They’ve spent at least that much on chemtrails, too. Both of those campaigns against humanity failed, fortunately, thanks to orgonite’s timely appearance and deployment.

I want you to consider that it’s funny, rather than tragic, that the PJ folks don’t even know about any of this stuff and don’t want to know about it. The half-people whom the CIA disinformants have caused to run around screaming about harmless chemtrails are more of an annoyance than allies to our own quiet and consistent efforts and the CIA/MI6/KGB-sponsored internet forums and websites that manage to snare some enthusiastic and even effective gifters in an effort to misrepresent what the rest of us are doing can also be seen as positive confirmations that the world odor simply can’t stop or derail this grassroot movement. A lot of gifters get such a good feeling from gifting that they don’t even want to get the visual and other sensory confirmations of their own efforts. Some of these folks post on EW and I privately encourage them to gather the confirmations and other evidence of their successes for our readers’ sake.

The reason I think it’s necessary to apply as much science as possible to this effort is because orgone dynamics are, as Reich observed, apparently the basis of an entirely new field of science that includes free energy technology, enhanced agriculture, universal prosperity, healthier bodies and minds, antigravity, freedom from tyranny, etc.

Also, applying as much rational groundwork to our efforts as possible will keep it out of the purview of Theosophy-based cults, which guarantees that we won’t be assigned to the dungheap of all the other vital grassroot movements in teh past century and a half that the world odor’s Theosophy proselytes had managed to infiltrate and castrate by mere association.

I’ll continue to gift large bodies of inland water in our travels because this weaponizes water against the HAARPies and apparently improves the climate. Carol and I hope to make more progress reversing the American/Mexican desert in coming months and water-gifting will play a big role. I sincerely hope that I’ve inspired at least one more gifter to set up for large scale water gifting. Imagine what a dozen of us could do!

There are some not-nice etheric aspects of creating reservoirs and hydroelectric facilities but this can be turned to our advantage with water gifting. Orgonite appraently even revitalizes the water that is released downstream from the dams.

Steve and I drove all night from Bismarck to Missoula so he could surprise Dooney for her birthday. She wasn’t execting us back until the next day. I sure enjoyed the trip and the company!


27 Jun 2008 14:54
Subject: Re: Stevo And Donny’s Big Adventure
Wow!!! What a grand adventure. After travelling 300-500 miles per day gifting HAARP arrays while Don did the water gifting, I can confirm that North Dakota creates THE standard to which all dirt roads should aspire. Much of my driving was on these dirt roads. Driving 45-55 mph on these roads was almost as smooth as driving on paved roads!! It was truly amazing. In Montana, they are much more washboard in nature, requiring slow speeds of travel to avoid rattling your teeth loose:)

Don provided aeronautical charts that list towers and other potential aerial hazards, so finding the Haarp and death towers was substantially easier. I recommend these maps to all serious gifters. I witnessed a dramatic and rapid change in the cloud/storm patterns with resultant rains, as Don and I simultaneously gifted large areas of water and land, respectively.

As we were driving east toward North Dakota, it was dramatic to observe the change in Montana’s lush green landscape in eastern Montana, around the Glasgow and Circle cities/towns. This was the furthest east we gifted in early spring this year. While traveling east of this longitude on this trip, the terrain became more golden, brown in color (except in areas under cultivation, ie wheat, alfalfa) appearing much dryer. This extended all the way east to the North Dakota border. Surprisingly, in northwest North Dakota it was very lush and green. This was in stark contrast to the USDA drought monitor, which has indicated this region to be a severe/extreme drought area for quite some time:) see……nitor.html

After I download the still photos and video from my camcorder, I’ll post some visual documentation. Hopefully it will be at least half as dramatic as it appeared to our eyes:)

Most of the HAARP arrays were gifted with an average of one towerbuster per tower, unless there was a heavy amount of panels, dishes, bulbs, etc. mounted on the towers.

Strong visual confirmations like the heavy subsequent rainfall covering large expanses of the landscape that we observed following the deploying of orgonite are typical when the area is virgin territory. In other words, others have not yet introduced orgonite in the area yet, or if they have, it has been recovered/removed by the feds. I feel the synergetic approach of simultaneous water AND land gifting was responsible for the dramatic nature of our observed weather confirmations.


Andy Schwarm
27 Jun 2008 15:25
Subject: Re: Stevo And Donny’s Big Adventure
Great work guys! Very impressive!

Yesterday my new partner, that dude in the green hoodie,
pre-ran our next huge mountaintop array and he was chased off-
of the mountain by a helicopter.

We’ll see if they take Sundays off.

Don Croft
29 Jun 2008 13:20
Subject: Re: Stevo and Donny’s Big Adventure
Most folks don’t realize that throwing stones at choppers makes them go away. There’s absolutely no reason to be intimidated by these CIA $#!+birds, Andy.

STevo and I took our rain-making in stride and it only occured to me, today, that manipulating weather in a good way is coming to be regarded as not particularly special.

When you consider that the HAARPies have been manipulating weather in a bad way since the 1970s it’s probably a natural progression that simple technology would sooner or later show up to counteract these predators’ handiwork. We all appreciiate the elegance of disabling a billion-dollar weather weapon array with a few dollars worth of resin, too. It’s like shooting down a B-1 bomber with a slingshot, so of course the old world order is losing this war.


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