Stewart Swerdlow DisInfo Artist

When will he just leave it alone ?

Stewart is such a phony, he makes my skin crawl !
He has hoodwinked so many people with his $350. intuitive readings, books and tapes, it boggles my mind as to how gullible people are.
The mind control he claims to be helping people with is just brain washing people even more.
Anyone, with just a we bit of discernment can see right through it all though, which makes it even more amazing to me that people buy into his crap.
It is obvious to me through his website that as a last ditch attempt to discredit Orgonite, he is trying desperately to sabotage the rapid increase in all the Orgonite gifting that is going on around the world with these latest pronouncements.
How can anyone in close proximity to a cloud buster say that they don’t clear Chemtrails ?
Give me a break, has Swerdlow’s site ever been hacked, even once ?

Last week with the timing of severe hacks against the new ew site, Stewart on his Q and A section of his website posts these 2 questions pertaining to Orgone Energy and Orgonite.
Anyone who has seen the dramatic effects of Orgonite in the enviroment over years can clearly see that Mr. CIA Operative Swerdlow "for the Umpteenth time"has been ordered to spout as much bad press on Orgonite as possible or just enough for people to swallow without eyebrows being raised as to his true motivations for harping on about Orgone Energy.

Name calling Swerdlow is to good for him. I hope someday he and his phony wife Janet
get enough Orgone energy sent to them where the sun don’t shine and the CIA finally pulls the plug on their black OP little charade.……mments.cfm

Hyperspace and Orgone
Posted: August, 09, 2007
How doe’s a person get to hyperspace when they finally leave the physical body? You said in the healers handbook that hyperspace exists beyond the astral dimension, and that the astral dimension is where most soul personalities end up when they have left the physical world. You said that the astral world is a place of trickery and illusion in which the soul personalities are trapped and manipulated like in the physical world. Hyper space sound s like utopia.

Also regarding orgone. I have spent money on these orgone devices. I find that they do absolutely nothing and that Reich’s work is not properly understood. I have placed orgone devices in areas that have a high EMF, they are useless. Resin, copper and crystals all mixed together are nothing compared to the puppet masters technology.

Jude Curran
Stewart’s Reply: Royal blue is the color code for hyperspace. Using it in this work bypasses the astral–whose code is red.

Thanks for the orgone comment. I agree.

Posted: August, 07, 2007
Hey Handsome.

I asked you ambiguously about “orgone”, & now I would like to be more specific, & ask what you know/think about the “gifting” movement, in which people are making orgone energy by mixing metal & quartz crystals with hard drying resin, and dispersing them (tower busters-as theyve been named) around mind control towers , wearing them on their person … to combat ELF/microwave attacks,as well as demon/alien attacks…

It is also being used to combat chemtrails-(it melts chemtrails).
Apparantly positive orgone (that can be easily made by common people) balances out the dead orgone created by negative energetic fields by trails, towers, HAARP
SUPPOSEDLY , this is part of a malevolent alien agenda to prepare the environment for those that are comings’ arrival…???

My specific question is …
Do you believe this is effective & why or why not?

What say you Stewart??

Glad you arrived home safely,

& THanks!!
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Stewart’s Reply: As I said umpteen times, this does NOT work. If it did the government would seize the products and the people. They laugh at these ideas you mentioned. Their technology goes way beyond home-made orgone.

But, you’re right about my being handsome.

I agree with you Eric, Mr. Swerdlow is an entity full of disinformation. Who he works for I do not know. How can somebody make claims about a creation such as orgonite without trying it out for himself. Aren’t people like him supposed to be explorers too? I think in the long run he will end up in helping the orgonite movement as his brainwashed flock figure out his scheme. I believe he is apparently being manipulated by exterior influences either out of ignorance or just good old fashioned fear. There are FAR TOO MANY people using orgonite to assume they are all wrong!

Here is what may be a key clue mentioned on his website from someone who wrote him an email:“Apparantly positive orgone that can be easily made by common people.�

Stewart Swerdlow relies on what he thinks are common people to fuel his career.
This is the beauty of orgonite, you see common people (or anybody for that matter) can make orgonite, and therefore empower themselves easily and inexpensivley. Stewart Swerdlow has made a career out of hoodwinking people and empowering himself. Orgonite is a threat to him personally because Swerdlow knows many people who have been around orgonite begin to wake up shortly thereafter. An awakened person is likely to explore their psychic powers and when they do, Stewart loses more of his precious clientele. When his followers understand that they too have been blessed with psychic abilities, he’ll have to go back selling snake oil.

BTW does anybody know where little Stewie lives?

“Sounds like time to gift his hood.� (C-U-IN-DA-HOOD)


Thanks for posting that response Louis.

I think Don told me once that the Swerdlow’s neighborhood has been gifted.
They live in Michigan somewhere. Their address is on their website somewhere.

It was told to me that Stewart and Janet have a reptilian skull replica on a mantle in their finished basement, so
that tells me something ain’t quite right with them and they PRAY to it !

If in doubt about someone send them a love boost of Orgone Energy and see what happens. [Image Can Not Be Found]

probably what Bartley would call a reptilian host, like Boylan. I had a psychic try to throw a spanner into my life. Looks like she was one or being worked from behind as I still think she hadn’t any idea what she was doing. Still to work out what was going on there, wouldn’t mind meeting Boylan to get a feel for one of them.

Stewarts myspace page : … d=75098622

LOSER [Image Can Not Be Found];

Stewart thinks he’s going to be one of the lucky ones with his free ticket on an alien spaceship when the reptoids take over.
Well, Stewart you said they were going to take over in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Why don’t you just get onboard now and save us all the HYPE ?