Still Here In Mexico City!

15 Nov 2008 03:06
Subject: Still Here In Mexico City!!
Good evening every one,

It’s been a while! since I reported (last march, I think) here in EW!

Well, still here breathing, HA! Even though, lost two grandparents, a month apart during the summer, yes, suffering some hardships at the moment! had some misfortunes, depleted my funds, my fiancé ran off, went back to LA eight months ago called off the wedding! Hehehe… Hey, isn’t all this customary for a gifter doing the gifting thang? Of course it is.

A year has passed since I landed in Mexico City and its been a hell of a ride, I had to literally adjust to this predatory town, it reminds me of how LA was and how it was described by Don back in the day before orgonite was distributed.

Also, I had to avoid c*ckblokers who just interfered when I introduced orgonite to them, but must were well meaning folks open about it, but doubtful (here if you don’t have a degree of some kind or credentials, which I don’t have, they’ll just politely listen to you and that’s it, unfortunately, there is a bit of elitist discrimination). Well, I’ll keep on trying to reach the few…

At least, I actually had one person contact me from the city of Queretaro, a city a couple of hours from Mexico City up north, who emailed me regarding orgonite. I pointed him to the how to’s and the where to’s on how to make orgonite, hopefully he empowered himself after directing him to my Spanish language site; . I ask him to keep in touch!

Ok, where to begin! We had a vary rainy summer, which actually stop by late September, started early June (October and November have been pretty dry so far).

June 14
I gifted several TBs, the Cathedral of Guadalupe, which interestingly enough it has a hive alter, I wonder who’s idea of this design was?
The Old cathedral(left) and the new cathedral(right) note the siphon shape on the top of the new cathedral:

Some interesting sky confirmations during the month of August, in the city and in the country, here are some pics;
Sylph presence always present!

September 28
I gifted the burgoise castle on top of the Hill of the Grasshopper (El Cerro de Chapultepec), now a history museum and tourist attraction. Which the hill and the castle are, actually, famous for being a portal to initiates who are in the GWB.
Sorry didn’t take the camera during that gifting run, so no pics!

October 8
Got to go to the top of this array and do the deed and take a view of the valley of Mexico:

Also caught this chemtrail cloud sculping:

I feel like I aged a hundred years!! Cool
And there is still I lot to go… Sure can use some helpful boosts Mr. Yellow


Don Croft
06 Dec 2008 13:44
Subject: Re: Still Here In Mexico City!!
Ismail, our fellow guerreroetereo, that’s a grand post! You’ve managed to produce some astonishing atmospheric results with your gifting and the Sylphs are the unquestionable proof. Thanks very much for putting the report and photos on EW and if you want to put your site in the EW vendor list, please let Alejandro know, okay? I think it would look terrific, there, and you’re doing Mexico very proud right now.

When I was in Mexico City in 1995 it was so smoggy I couldn’t see more than two or three blocks. It was just like Los Angeles was before DB and crew did all that gifting and put up scores of cloudbusters. I’m absolutely fascinated that you were able to get such dramatic results in a much shorter time but it may be that the potential vitality of Mexico City is much greater than in Los Angeles. Maybe the altitude (a mile high) is another positive factor. A whole lot of intelligent, surgical gifting is an imporant factor. Somebody will come along and do for Mexico City what Steve Baron and crew did for Toronto: a towerbuster on every city block and then some.

If it weren’t for the internet none of us would know each other and that would really stink Cool . In areas where there has been a lot of gifting, though, souls show up who want to do the work because orgonite has that curious effect on communities. Maybe this ‘harvest’ is a more uplifting version of ‘sowing dragon’s teeth.’

In any case you’re certainly doing exemplary work. You’re apparently able to put the recent troubles in perspective and to keep your wonderful sense of humor through it all. Everyone who commits to making the world better will be initiated in ways that might seem a little gruesome but the more trouble that gets thrown at us, the lighter we seem to become. I mean ‘light’ in terms of losing deadweight, more than gaining luminosity Wink

Sorry for the loss of your grandparents, though! I hope they’re doing very well in the next world and giving you a hand when you need it. I’m sending them a big boost, as I hope our readers also will. I’m getting goosebumps, so they probably appreciate it.

Frode in Norway, who has recently been through his own initiation, wants to get in touch with you and would like to support your efforts, as he’s been supporting Hari in Malaysia and some other busy folks in this network. I was going to send him your email but it wasn’t in my address book, though we’ve corresponded quite a lot. If you’ll email me at doncroft [at] wildblue [dot] net I’ll put you guys in touch with each other.


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