Stoping And Diverting Big Rain Fronts In Atlantic

Continued blatant maneuver to destroy, stop and divert the rain fronts of the Atlantic dont touch Spain.

Maybe big radars are in Flores and Terceira Azores isles

The italians discoverd 2 big radomos in Flores isles (but i am not sure of this informationa and the position of it, please if you are in Portugal please, investigate and verify):
I only know that in Terceira isle there are a big array and radar in mountain and some military installations.……hp?p=49299

Other installation: Rasteio ESA French station (made in 2007)……gal_3.html

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Too, big HAARP installations in Terceira isle:

Exactly position:……8;source=s … _g&split=0

big HAARP and radar:

Exactly position:……8;source=s … _g&split=0

In Madeira is building a NATO radar

In Canary Islands, big radars in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and other big radar over construction in Hierro isle.

Anaga, Taborno, Tenerife
[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Gran Canaria
[Image Can Not Be Found]

The same in Lanzarote and Hierro

This is the effect in rain fronts:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I cant post the video. Here the url.

After Spanish installations gifting, are stoping and destroying fronts from ships and planes:

Look animation today:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The same as artificial maeltroms: … -t1400.htm … -t1374.htm

Orgonite gifting of all this installations and ocean (delphins) will helps us to stop this madness !

Thank you portugese gifters.

To others european gifters, all the countries have big military, meteorologic and aeronautic radars and towers, gifting it the artificial air masses movement will stop, and climatic disaster will stop !

Spain seems an important point for the climate change in Europe. We are humble workers and we do not have enough money for all the work. I ask if anyone who has money wants to help contact me planetaesclavo[a]

Thank you very much !

All the best.

Morocco climatic anomalies – Destroy big rain cumulus and diverting to west for dont touch Spain suth coasts.

16 Feb 2009

19 March 2009

Artificial Divert and stop Big Rain Fronts In Canary Isles

All Canary Isles and Morocco big radars and HAARP arrays needs orgonite for rains in south of Europe and stop the madness of artificial climatic change or global warming.

Spain seems an important point for the climate change in Europe. We are humble workers and we do not have enough money for all the work. I ask if anyone who has money wants to help contact me planetaesclavo[a]

Thank you very much !

All the best.

Yesterday my friend Free in Málaga called me and alert of this phenomenon in Iceland. The front was suctioned from Iceland for dont touch Spain.

We have already denounced globally as large radars and big HAARP arrays are moving air masses at will.
He (Free) investigated and found this website which shows 5 major military radars in iceland. We think that Iceland big radars and big HAARP arrays need gifting for stop this madness. (i think minimun 50 tbs each one from base to 300 meters around)

Video air masses moving to Iceland

The map of 5 big military radars in Iceland. (look as logos are clouds broken in the mountain)
[Image Can Not Be Found]


Photo of H3 radar station in Iceland
[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Color image
[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I think Cesco is from Iceland. We will be very grateful if you make this work (gifting all radar stations in Iceland).

All the best.

PD: I want to keep this issue with this type of complaint, I appreciate that not respond to messages related to the mystical. Thank you very much

The rain wants touch Spain but Iceland big military installations are suctioning fronts for rain dont touching Spain

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Look, too in Alpes. Big military, meteo, aeronautical radars are moving air masses in Alpes too.
Look, the fronts are moving to south for dont touching Spain !

Are moving fronts pushed from radars. In many places. Sweden look there too! Its a global plan !

What happend with Spain? I say you. Spain was one of principal objectives to show a real climatic change. Its a lie !! All is artificial ! Desertification of south of Europe es a very big lie ! (too of Africa)
The world is an “organism” that regulates its temperature to rainfall. It is impossible to destabilize forever. The Chemtrails, antennas, radar, HAARP, etc. … have to make serious efforts to break this harmony.
Fortunately the orgonite out the capacity of these hostile installations and restores harmony to the gifted areas . The problem is that this is an global mad plan and can handle the fronts from other countries and regions (for example poles where only “god” knows thats happend there)

We can stop this madnes !

Thanks with all my heart to all who support me and help me. They already know.

All the best.

I’ve just posted some money to Je, I hope you will too. Every little bit helps. As it said in some Church newsletter (quoted on EW):

I upped my pledge, up yours! [Image Can Not Be Found]


I second your emotion, Paddy–Je can stake the HAARP European vampire heart by taking out that weather weapon array in the islands and all he needs is some money.


Thank you every body see and help !

Here other world sat animation image where could see the stop and divert of rainy fronts from Azores and ¿Hawai?

[Image Can Not Be Found]

It is the second alps ski resort I gifted (La Plagne), I had about 40 TB’s and placed them around the whole resort and did the mountain top antennas and some in the villages.
I’m not sure all TB’s are well hidden (the snow will melt), still half of them are there for good now [Image Can Not Be Found]

The toxic sky at the beginning of the week, I clearly noticed they were diverting some clouds that were coming above the resort but never went through…

Then after two days I was there I started gifting and as usual Sylphs showed up

The last days the sky was vibrant and chemtrails wouldn’t stick anymore [Image Can Not Be Found]

The 3 mountain tops antennas have been gifted

The antenna at the center of the station

It’s not much but I hope it will somehow weaken the alps installations.

Hello Braikar, thank you for your alps ski resort gifting but i think your message is off topic here.
Nevertheless, I see that you are close to this, so I leave the information to you why I believe that all these big facilities are those that they are moving, braking or turning the air masses away

Thank you.

Radarstation at La Dole, Switzerland

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Radar and weather station at the top of Mount Pilatus, near Lucerne (Switzerland).

[Image Can Not Be Found]


I cheer up the persons who live close to the alpes to look for more similar facilities and gifting it.

Thank you very much.


nd for exaple too the radars from Autria

Radar station in Kolomannsberg Autria

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

This 3 stations are only a example. Maybe there are very much in the Alps line in France, Germany, Austria, etc….

Look, as all radars stations (in diferents countries) are in the same strategic position. Are protecting the Alps but……… what?
Simple, are protecting the alps to big rainy fronts. Naturally, the big mountains attract water and its natural purpose is to accumulate a lot of snow in winter for trough in summer.
The rats needs that this big mountains dont take enough snow, then, the global warming is factible because, minus rains (more pollution and more temperature) and in summer the water is low.

Orgonite gifting of this targets can not carry out his order.


La Dole was done a few years ago. I don’t know for the others.

Fantastic Laurent ! Thank you very much.

Really, i dont know was done or not, you understand me. I try to mention that these big facilities of radars seem to move the air masses at their pleasure.
It will be marvellous that every gifter does those who catch him closer.
Soon I am going to publish a map with those who are done in Spain and Portugal.

Stéphane and Marco did it at the time and we did another one last year you don’t mention, located in the Alps too , “LOECHE” radar station, part of ECHELON.I wanted to post some pics but didn’t succeed.

Chemtrails destroying rainy clouds in West Europe

The chemtrails are launching over cumulus and take their water and environmental moisture to inhibit the formation of natural clouds (rain and shadow) The result are a false cirrus that dont precipite. Its for make artificial dougth. They are stolen us our water ! The chemtrails are creating the greenhouse effect, artificially of course.

Personally I think that many types of chemtrails exist. But the most abundant is the one that is used to create drought. Also I believe that the theories on morguellons or others panic theories are lies alarmists to create fear and to ridicule our denunciation.

23 April 2009

Amazing !!!

Look for ex west/south of France. Natural cumulus disappear under chemtrails that absorb water/moisture/vapor
[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The 23 April night IR map

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Again, 24 April massive chemtrails destroing rainy front (cumulus) action for stoping rains.

Chemtrails transform again in cumulus thanks orgonite gifting of towers and cloudbusters.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

In Asturias the cumulus rainy clouds formig when chemtrails disapear

[Image Can Not Be Found]

NASA censures the west spanish map

[Image Can Not Be Found] … erra1k.jpg … ra.1km.jpg

Font: … -t1511.htm


Great reports Je!!

I was trying to convert videos to animated images but haven’t found how to yet, so this is a video (I hope I’ll find how to soon!), it’s even more proof that rain precipitates much more over the gifted zones than anywhere else in spain.

This is from today 24th april.

This is a great satellite picture, that clearly shows that something is terribly wrong above spain [Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

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