Story about grounding

permit me to post a link to a personal story, it illustrates the importance of good grounding….

Am very happy to hear you found the answer! Something also you might think about trying- Chembuster! I have been trying it for a variety of things, and it goes well with the herbs you can find at orgonise-africa, too. An idea- try a foot soak with sea salt and a few drops of the Chembuster- just for a few minutes, at first- to see how it goes.

Also, people have tried those magnet soles in their shoes. If you ever wish to do that, be careful; magnets can be powerful.

Thank you very much for posting this; grounding is important, indeed!

great observation! I have saved that on I have always wondered about that and never come across anything much before, and if living high up makes a difference, plastic flooring etc. Wonder what makes kelvar so bad. I sit when I meditate, from necessity rather than choice, but that is the way the Chinese meditate (mantak Chia for example), with the feet on the ground.


Please note that kevlar in itself is not bad or good. It definately messed up my grounding mechanism and immune system with it. I have been checking peoples shoes, and it is not uncommon to see people with shoes that don’t fit hem energetically. Often they don’t look healthy, often overweight. They might be wearing kavlar soles, or rubber or indeed any material that does not suit them at that moment. Different people react differently to a weakened immune system/not being grounded, as well. All in all, it is probably wise ont to wear the same shoes all the time, if you cannot ‘feel them out’ psychically/energetically.

Take care


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