Strange Observations From Japan, Etc

Hello Don and people,

Before anything,
Don, thank you always for your reassurance and your
supportive/empowering words, my deep appreciation and
gratitude to you.

I had been under heavy “attack” especially the past
few months and was a little paranoid and tired, but
got myself together enough so felt like posting what
I have observed during the last few weeks.

Disclaimer: just observations [Image Can Not Be Found] Please feel free
to comment, and apologies that my writing is not all
that good…

Strange observations:

Just about two weeks ago, I happened to drive by the
large tower I busted last year (and also posted about
it) and it was under construction.
My cell phone had unstable/weaker reception the last
few weeks so I was kind of wondering what was going
on, and I spotted the tower almost being taken fully
apart, which got me thinking, maybe “they” are all
switching to non-obvious smaller antenna set-ups,
possibly placing them above house-holds because the
large ones are more obvious.
Now that I think of it, I am spotting more and more
micro-towers above common houses, small buildings,
telephone poles, etc (2 or 4 white bi-polar antennas all
between 2ft and 3ft long, clustered in a 5 to 10 inch
radius, all pointing up).

Don, I forgot to mention to you in my past email:
Just a couple weeks ago, I was taking a walk close
to where I work, and out of the blue, some guy drove
up, stopped his car, and approached me with a map in
his hand asking for directions.

So what’s the big deal? When I was done giving him
directions, he finally adds “thanks, and by the way, we
are planning on building a cell tower around here…”
My reaction was “OK? why me? why this? why here?
why now?”.
A little uncanny feeling and giggles at the same
time – just plain weird, and difficult to articulate
the paradox and ironic feeling [Image Can Not Be Found]

There are many small mountains and valleys around
here, so it does makes sense to have many small
antennas scattered so the signals reach everyone
in the “cell-phone service” sense, but on the
other hand it made me think other-wise…

On a different note,
About a month ago I busted another tower, and the
weather was a bit wacky since then for a while.
There always was an unusual dense fog around our
town and neighboring towns since then.
Most of it is gone now, but each time the dense
fog was out, there was also a heavy-ness in mind,
body, breathing, etc.
It was a wacky view and feeling.

It seemed as if “they” might have found a way to
counter or thwart the orgonite effect – and maybe
not – I can’t tell, but it certainly felt a bit
spooky because I never saw such dense fog gather
around in our area. There were three layers of
clouds all moving in different directions, and
the lowest layer of course was the dense fog.
Some of it was coming directly out of the ocean,
almost like steam rising. Some other fog was
coming directly from an area where I gifted in
the past, and the area also looked like it was

This was why it got me to align six tb’s into a
six point star, and the whole sky blew to bits (in
the good sense) within a few hours [Image Can Not Be Found]
And then a few hours later my car got broken into,
a professional job, and my two laptops got stolen
the same evening…
Most of my life’s work was in it. Oh well…

Having said all that,
the monsoon season here this year was a bit wacky
because it didn’t really “start raining” until
after the monsoon season was officially declared

Typhoon day:
A small hurricane was climing up the Japan coast
last week (and another crept up the Asia coast
a few days ago…)
Nothing unsual because we get them every year,
except there were soo few of them this year so
I was wondering what might be going on in the
Asia Pacific – maybe nothing significant…

The other thing I noticed was that the path of
the hurricane climbing up the Asia-Pacific coast
was a little different compared to what I usually
saw in the weather forecasts from previous years.
The storm seemed to linger a lot longer east of
Taiwan and Okinawa area, and the jet-stream also
seemed a little more crooked than “normal” years.

Take care, and best regards,


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