Stuart FLA- special agent Cracker Barrel-Cowboy Co


Can’t seem to get more than one photo on a post.

This is the first spook I spotted in the Stuart Cracker Barrel restaurant sunday night

If you’re new to the ew and haven’t seen my photos of the fed agents I took a year ago while visiting Don and Carol here’s your chance.

We were out gifting one afternoon in Don and Carol’s zodiac like boat in the intercoastal and when we returned to shore, we soon headed for dinner at the Stuart Florida Cracker Barrel restaurant. Feds like comfort food as much as I do I guess [Image Can Not Be Found] .

So, being a natural at spotting brain dead feds I started taking pictures of them in the restaurant. I got so excited I even followed one out to his car and took his pic as he exited the restaurant.

Follow this link to see the other agents I took pictures of while visiting florida last January

Fast Forward to Now:

I’m just curious if on my gifting trip down to Jupiter again this February that they will have the same spooks following me and Jeff this year as last ?

I guess you could say this is a heads up to spooks reading this, yes I will be in florida for 2 weeks and yes I will be making and gifting orgonite with Jeff and yes I will have my camera with me and a final yes, I will be taking spook photos and posting them again this year [Image Can Not Be Found]

This year I may include some spook video taping. I plan on a YOUtube site with video of real life spooks looking incredibly STUPID as I film them looking at me with their

very dumbfounded expressions, caught with their pants down , I"m off to Alaska if he publishes my face kind of looks. Cool

Happy New Year, Everyone !

This guy is my favorite , He was the last spook I spotted in Jupiter and photographed just before I got on 95N for my long drive home. I watched him watching me for 10 minutes before I decided to drive right up to him and take this “IN YOUR FACE” photo.