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A private conversation I occasionally have with some posters on EW is to request that when they bring up a problem, they’re more or less obligated to do something about it.

For instance, John Scudamore told us about Lisa Blakemore Brown’s plight in UK, so we dedicated a chat session to overtaking her oppressors and boosting her energy. I’ve asked John, who knows her, to go gift the hearing room on Tuesday (or network to get it done), where her oppressors will attempt to grill Dr Lisa, and to also surround that building with orgonite, which is what many of us have done when we or our associates have been under the gun this way.

We all have an extremely powerful healing device and weapon in our hands: orgonite. We also can choose to use the dodecahedron technique or other etheric methods to entirely end oppression in our world, once our numbers are sufficient for that.

I want everyone who posts reports about injustices and/or exploitation to do the followup, which is to gift the offenders’ ratnests and/or blast them effectively, then post some followup observations after that. I don’t think that’s too much to expect, especially since several of us do it routinely, here.

This is what Etheric Warriors is set up to accomplish: to demonstrate the power and empowerment of the work we’re doing. Anyone who has been invited to post on this board is obligated to demonstrate this. Why should just a few frontliners, here, get all the glory?

If I were to report, ‘We dropped thousands of Towerbusters in teh sea around the coast of Southern Florida and in the Bahamas,’ that wouldn’t be very inspiring or interesting but when we post the followup, which was that there were then no hurricanes in that region during the months when the sewer rats were predicting the worst hurricane season, ever, then you get something useful from my initial report. See how it works?

If someone will do the same in the North Atlantic, for instance, where the HAARPicanes are now being generated, then tells about that and the followup, then the two campaigns, taken together, become stronger empirical evidence that orgonite prevents violent storms. We don’t give a damn whether governments or scientists back us up; we rather hope to inspire other grassroot activists like ourselves because this has always been the way real, lasting progress is made in our world.

By the way, if most of the cloudbusters in Northern Europe are buried in the ground an opportunity to stop a very destructive HAARPicane in its tracks was lost. There are probably a thousand orgonite cloudbusters in that region and imagine what would have transpired if some of them had been pointed at the oncoming storm!

I hope that when the ground thaws over there people will take this suggestion to heart, pull their CBs out of the ground and start using their CBs to fuller potential after that. A Succor Punch among the pipes, midway between top and bottom, packs one hell of a whallop against HAARP storms, by the way. You don’t need that for stopping ordinary, natural storms; just pointing any CB into a natural storm will mollify it and stop the wind and lightning strikes. Watch what your CB can do when you point it at an approaching dark, lightning-filled cumulonimbus cloud!

I hope that everyone who posts, here, will take my request to heart and get more proactive about the problems they’re talking about, then post SUBSTANTIVE reports, not backslapping and idle chatter. I want our readers to inform me about anyone who’s mostly posting speculative material or mere complaints about the world odor, since I can’t read everything and this board effort is mainly for our readers, not for our own chitchat.

If you’re a poster on EW, it means I invited you here on the basis of your merits, so if you choose not to demonstrate your worth I’m going to hold your feet to the fire <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” /> and I bet Dr Reich would have been a lot rougher on you! You and we are in the trenches together. Some of us have survived murder attempts and many of us routinely get poisoned and beamed by the various sewer rat agencies. If I just sit in the trench and won’t fire back at the enemy, you’d rightly be irritated with me! It goes both ways, partner.


This is a valuable reminder of why we are here. I find the same tendency in my German speaking forum
There it’s even more difficult to prevent, because it’s not an “invitation only” forum. Al lot of people even of good will and intentions are just used to complain about things, to moan and groan out of habit, rather than to go and change it. That sentiment is what political movements are fuelled by.

The new aspect that’s so difficult to grasp for many, is that here in this network we have the tools to actually effect the changes we want to see.

Don, I hope, I have your permission to translate your remarks and post them in my forum.

Georg ;

> Sure, partner–you never need permission like that, unless I’m whining to
> you privately about someone.

> The German-speaking gifters are generally a good-hearted and
> self-sacrificing bunch, so I expect you’ll get some positive response to
> these sentiments.

> By the way, I’ve been unable to post for several days, due perhaps to my
> trying to post the following:

> excuse the shouting but if anyone who reads this has felt hesitant to use
> the word, ‘orgonite,’ there’s really no need to worry about that and
> please share this information appropriately, okay?
> I got confirmation of this in an email from someone, last week, who asked
> me to answer some sidelong accusations by Karl Welz. That person is
> apparently in close touch with Welz, who expressed frustration that he
> was unable to copyright ‘orgonite’ because his lawyer was apparently told
> by the government that it was already in public use before he applied. He
> was able to copyright names of his products that have the word,
> ‘orgonite,’ in them, of course, but none of our vendor associates use
> those names, so no problem. I think that if he had applied before I
> started publishing my journal reports in June, '01, he’d have easily
> gotten a copyright. I certainly wasn’t trying to undermine his
> business, of course, by giving that very simple but empowering information
> away. I think his business has actually improved and increased since
> then and I always gave him due credit. I learned the term from someone
> else, by the way, and didn’t start using it until much later, if memory
> serves. I assume Welz coined the term.

> There’s room for everyone in the market place, of course.

> Four years ago, then again in '05, Welz fired a shot across the bows of
> two owners of discredited and obscure internet orgonite forums,
> threatening to sue anyone who used the term, ‘orgonite,’ and a Chicken
> Little kind of backtracking happened among a few vendors after the first
> event. Fortunately, those threats were groundless and nothing much came
> of them. I was then posting on the now-defunct ‘’ forum
> when the first event happened, four years ago, and when the board owner
> freaked out about Welz’s threat I posted a photo of the nice show banner
> I had just painted for Carol: CROFT ORGONITE CREATIONS

[By some miracle, I’ve managed to get that much past the sleepless hackers just now–it’s not a long piece, so should have been posted without a problem. I wasn’t even able to send this piece in a Private Message ;. If you have a clue why the sewer rats are particularly opposed to my sharing these thoughts, please let me know! They’re preventing me from posting teh second half, right now, but I’ll get it into the thread one way or another. Until I do, please refrain from posting in this thread, okay? We didn’t have time in today’s chat session to hammer the hacker handlers–had bigger fish to fry
Thx, ~Don]

Don, I think the reason for them trying to stifle this thread is because this thread strikes at the very heart of what THEY FEAR: it’s about US DOING SOMETHING instead of just sitting on our lazy asses and complaining on the internet, like almost all the other “activist” groups on the planet. We are unique because we are action-oriented. Most “activist” organizations are run by spooks, so THEY can manage all the group’s actions. This is old, ancient stuff.

THIS is the essence of EthericWarriors, we do something about it and they want us to go back to sleep and take all the waker-uppers with us. Not gonna happen, we are in for the duration.

Screw them, this is OUR planet, that’s how I feel.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t gifted your neighborhood yet, then DO IT!



Thx, Andy–I’m just not able to post the rest of what I wrote, so would you please do it for me? The next paragraph starts with, ‘Welz’ too-late warnings…’


Sheesh, now I’m denied access to the administration panel

Andy, there are genuine activists out there, so the noisemakers and Chicken Littles who are presented by the world odor as activists shouldn’t discourage you, I think.

Here’s a site that tells about nine active military personnel who refused to follow the unlawful order to go to Iraq, for instance (thanks, Mary-Anne!):

(please just disregard the stupid peace symbol, okay?–boosting and dodecorating those nine courageous people will generate positive results)

When this news gets to the What To Think Network, which I believe we can facilitate in our chatblast sessions, a Whole Lot of Pajama People will wake up to the present tyranny and will feel compelled to withdraw their implicit support for it. The previous Gulf Incursion only produced one soldier of conscience, Private First Class Michael New, and he gained so much popular support that his father nearly won a seat in the US Senate. That was over ten years ago, so imagine what these nine can accomplish, now, through their magnificent demonstration of courage.

it’s all about the PJ folks, of course, because they ultimately give thumbs up or thumbs down to any tyrant, regardless of Bread and Circus and other National-Socialism considerations.

I thiink that most of the groups who work effectively against the world odor just aren’t doing it on the internet.

The CIA and MI6 have deployed literally millions of heavily programmed sociopaths and paid saboteurs throughout North America, Europe and parts of Asia in an effort to prove that humanity is inclined to brutality and gratuitous crimes. I think that was supposed to have distracted everyone from seeing the real criminals, such as the current regimes in the US and UK and their corporate sponsors.

It may be part of our job as gifters adn predator-blasters to accelerate the current boost in general awareness and accountability that started in the early 1990s and I’m hoping that this year will provide opportunities for us all to network with other genuine activists. Then, the Chicken Littles and other fakers will just go away for lack of support, perhaps.


oops–never mind posting the rest of all that, I guess. I just dowsed that it’s not appropriate for now. Maybe The Operators are looking out for me in this case.


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