Substantial Water-energizing Success In Wisconsin

Don Croft
12 Jun 2008 09:12
Subject: Substantial Water-energizing Success in Wisconsin
Hello Don

I work very close with a gal I went to school with, who is very gifted can see where vortex’s are weather they are good or bad and heal them from a distance. She was prononced dead and came back to life and was gifted ever since, this was about 20 years ago.She told me I was putting so much good energy into the sky in my area that it extended all the way to where she is from. About 55 miles south of me. I am in Rice lake ,she is in Boyd Wisc.

I put 2 tb’s on my main water line at the street and 14 in the basement on the incoming water line, she said all water used in the house is now charged and giving off good energy. I also placed 18 Tb’s on my water linr going outside just to make sure it was really strong,charger. She said all the water coming out of my water hose is 100% at full bore
was charged.

I got confirmation from a higher up!!! It was very dark cloudy ,thick within a few min of me watering my lawn a hole opened up an the sun shined down on me for 15 to 20 min. then closed back up. I asked her what this was all about she said you know!! Someone was telling you you did a good thing.

A day later a dark cloudy front started to clear and what a horse shit site , above the clouds that were clearing was half doz CT’s
I started to spray the yard and in less than 5 min the sky was blue as far as you could see.

So I am on to something with this charger water , She said when I have the hose on a fine mist shooten into the air it’s through awesome amount of good energy into the sky.
To date I have over 500 in the area, barron county and some beyond.

Tower’s ,lake’s, rivers. Yesterday I went out of town a few miles and started a grid , putting
one every 1/4 mile and closer. Put out 50 so far ,my western side as most our weather comes from the west and soon as it gets closer to us it mellows out and we get just a nice rain and not the tornado’s ,wind and hail that hits areas around us, that are always to our west.

So I’d say I got a good start. Been at this now for a month. Keeping me busy and broke as it takes a lot of resin to make over 500 TB’s, just about through the second 10 lbs of crystals from Eric. And I bought 150 tb’s ready made.

Got 30 HHg’s made around the yard and gifted some also. I’ll keep you informed on my progress. Only the 2 chopper visits, but had a guy walk by on the street with a handheld something pointed at my back yard
like a cell phone size ,and just walked away.

My friend said I shouldn’t be bothered anymore.

Best Regards

12 Jun 2008 09:57
Subject: Re: Substantial Water-energizing Success In Wisconsin
Thank you Frank for reporting on your progress and to the board via D.C. !!!

I think the orgone energy has gone to your head and to the point where you feel Ok with getting your awesome work and success out and onto the web Mr. Yellow .

I think the bad guys had you pegged the day you ordered your first bag of crystals from me, so keeping what you’re doing to yourself was only helping them and not you or us, since we all want to know how the weather is changing for the better up there in cheese country.
Wow, just a thought. If you know any cheese farmers, it would be interesting to see if their cows or goats yield more cheese with orgonite in the barns and grazing fields. Keep us all posted !

Thank you Frank for getting your orgonite making supplies from

Don Croft
12 Jun 2008 15:10
Subject: Re: Substantial Water-energizing Success in Wisconsin
Very good point about getting feedback from farmers, Eric. The farmers who have cloudbusters and orgonite tend to be kind of closed-mouthed about the benefits, unfortunately, but I understand the desire to have an edge in the market.

It’s good to get visual feedback, at least, like the suddden stopping of pesticide spraying in Southern Arizona’s irrigated fields after orgonite got distributed, years ago, and the obviously healthier crops.

One of the wonderful aspects of having an orgonite cloudbuster is that it apparently ionizes the atmosphere so that the rain which falls is able to soak deep into the ground rather than run across the surface and flood. In the first summer after we put up a cloudbuster in Moscow, Idaho, Carol and I overheard a farmer complaining that the hay crop was still green in July. He was pleased, though, that the ground was soaked to a depth of three feet becuase he had never seen the ground get wet deeper than a few inches, before. Another sign of improved climate on account of sufficient orgonite distribution is that in areas that are semi-arid the farmers have been planting and harvesting crops that are not irrigated

There’s another risk to discussing this stuff in a public forum, of course, but the risk is gettiing smaller as our numbers increase, of course.

Six years ago, a dairy farmer in Iowa emailed me to say that his cloudbuster had improved the weather dramatically and that he also busted every then-new death tower in the entire county. Shortly after that, all of his cows got very sick with what looked like pneumonia. Carol said the feds poisoned the cows as a reprisal but I sent him a couple of zappers and he then quickly cured all the cows, fortunately.

Thankfully, the federal freaks onlty go after a few of us, now, and even the feds are losing heart, apparently on account of them having to now work directly for the Chinese Cool Even though there’s not even a shred of viable patriotism left in these sewer rat agencies they’re still not happy about working for foreigners—go figure.

The reason I posted Frank’s water report is that I think we’re all now ready for a rational discussion of the uses of energized water. Some years ago this movement was nearly derailed by some pretty heavily promoted, irrrational claims made about water tech that had no viable evidence.

In fact, it was Kelly McKinnon who finally laid those claims to rest after extensive personal experimentation and research and he meanwhile found some interesting applications for energized water in water-based resin. I think the reason this hasn’t spread is because water-based resin is hard to find and costly. Maybe pretty soon some capital will be invested in large-scale research with energized water in conjunction with orgonite devices and when that happens I want to be sure that Kelly gets credit for laying the groundwork.

As a rule, when one puts energized water into the environment the energy rapidly disperses. What Frank has shown us is that there’s a way to get specific, observable results by doing so with a garden hose. Grid willing, more and more people will get busy with similar projects while corroborating with balanced, viable psychics, as a few of us have been doing all along and Frank has also started doing systematically with his psychic associate.