Succor Punch Interferes With Radio-Clock

Andy Schwarm
08 Feb 2008 21:52
Subject: Succor Punch Interferes With Radio-Clock
I got this email from a customer:

-Greetings Andy
I have this clock made by LA CROSSE technology. It is battery operated
by one AA batt. The clock has the words RADIO CONTROLLED printed on the
face. This is because it receives a time signal broadcast by the guv.
and sets it self to keep perfect time to within one tenth of a second.
Last Wednesday I left my new succor punch turned on all night and
all the next day. A little after 7 P.M. I was watching “This Old House”
on TV and I happened to look at my clock. It said that it was only
three-twenty. I turned the succur punch off and a few hours later my
clock had reset itself and was reading the correct time once again.
Very odd don’t you think?



Petey, I think this is a demonstration of how the SP’s chaos field shields
us from gubermint technology when we’re gifting and such. It messes
with their frequency-dependant, various technologies. These days most
electronics depend on on-chip clocks for their operation and messing with
those clocks messes with the instrument’s sense of time. So, in a sense
an SP is a time machine, or time-shifter, however you choose to look at it.
I’m getting that elevating myself to higher dimensions is easier with an
SP or my Powerwand as an aid. Today I was getting bummed-out and I
just turned-on my Powerwand and intentioned myself right out of this
dimension. I feel these devices help us disconnect from all the various
emf fields we are bathed in and from there we can rise above it all. My
meditation became a very restful nap and when I woke-up I was a new
man. :O)



Don Croft
10 Feb 2008 16:19
Subject: Re: Succor Punch Interferes With Radio-Clock
Thx, Andy—always good to get some hard science confirmations of this tech.

It might be that the Succor Punch was interfering with some deadly-orgone-radiation tech connected with that clock or perhaps a surveillance device in the clock because things like GPS units and cellphones, which also use that sort of timekeeping (?) aren’t affected by orgonite or a Succor Punch.

An old theory of mine, waiting for validation or not from harder evidence, is that all of the world odor’s predatory tech has an element of DOR in it, even if it’s just the intention of the operator of a surveillance device.

When Carol, Jeff and I went to the Bahamas to disable that massive underground/underwater HAARP facility on LIttle Bahama Bank (in the Bermuda Triangle, don’t you know!?) we had our GPS turned on the entire time in order to avoid reefs and to find channels in the shallow bank. We also had a cellphone or two turned on, simply because we forgot to bother with them. I assume all our readers know that GPS stands for GeoPositioningSatellite and the device is used to tell precisely where, on the globe, the user is at the moment. The boat GPS’s have built-in nautical charts; the aviation ones have built in charts of airspaces, terrain and airports, even weather info. The mapping GPS’s for highway travellers are wonderful tools for rural mountain gifters because they apparently show where teh logging roads are… Or the gifter could learn to fly, of course Laughing

The Succor Punch on the boat apparently made it impossible for the eunuchs of Langley or the US Navy (twin, vicious bastard children of the world odor) to track us. They only caught up with us after an immigration official on Grand Bahama Island entered our data into her computer (we were arrested shortly after that by the US Coast Guard in international waters Cool ) but we had finished our work and were headed home, thankfully.

The Relfes found out, seven years ago, that a Succor Punch prevents a Monarch asset from being abducted from space/time by the CIA when they employ their Montauk Time Tunnel tech. Michael Relfe had been plagued by frequent abductions, after which he showed up in the same space/time moment that he lfeft but had a few extra days’ orth of beard growth and was very tired. The pisser is that the CIA doesn’t even pay these skilled workers whose memories they wipe clean after each work detail.

DB and I were suprised to learn, in April, 2002, that a Succor Punch causes even the most aggressive surveillance setup to fail–we were under box surveillance at the time in Van Nuys, California, and several agencies and even the local cops were doing it, then. When a surveilling agent gets recognized, he/she is out of the game and we made a game of gesticulating at them and watching them peel away, one after another. After we turned the thing on they all lost us and didn’t pick us up again until wew rolled into his driveway, hours later. Meanwhile, we did some gifting on and around Aleister Crowley’s bloody shrine, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena Laughing and the guys with machine guns, there, didn’t even see us.

I sweat bullets just trying to get some pollyanna gifters (these few are usually the aggressive, militant-pacifist gifters) to understand that when they’re not looking for surveillance, federal agents sometimes follow them around and pick up their orgonite like birds picked up Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs in the forest. I don’t think there’s any power in this world stronger than denial Laughing