Surveillance Is Groovy

19 Aug 2008 11:55
Subject: Surveillance Is Groovy
Since I never really noticed overt surveillance on any of my previous trips and outings, I find this little episode quite exciting.

Here goes:

Our dear friend Dr. P. from Uganda was visiting us for a few days in
July. We had been travelling with him during our visit to Uganda in 2003 and stayed in
contact ever since.
He has built the first orgonite CB in Uganda and successfully used
zappers in a hospital environment.
We had briefly visited Pretoria before and DrP had spotted several
places where he suspected underground bases of sorts.
So we joined forces with Fungai one day to have a look at busting some
of these spots.

I had done a general busting of Pretoria a few years ago, but by now
was convinced that it could be expedient to do some more now.
At the time of my first busting of Pretoria (must have been 2002/2003)
I had received several hints at vast underground bases, often connected
to airforce bases in the area.
This time however we wanted to “drift aimlessly” and follow mostly Dr.
P’s intuitive hunches.
When I drove into Pretoria from Johannesburg with him the first time in
order to meet Fungai and some of his Zimbabwean friends, he had
perceived several spots that seemed to cry for attention to our right.
(East of the Ben Schoeman Higway)
When we set apart a whole day for busting Pretoria again, we started
with the gigantic Mast near UNISA. That one was ringed with about 20 or
so TBs and several Earthpipes. Surely, I had been much more stingy with
my ammo in those early days.

Telkom tower near UNISA

From there we drifted aimlessly (which means guided mostly by Dr. P’s
intuition) through suburban Pretoria, basically from tower to tower
until we found ourselves getting from the extremely wwealthy suburb
Waterkloof onto Waterkloof ridge.
As we left the suburb, tha last compound we passed turned out to be the
“Secret Service Academy”, a spy school!
We surely hammered 2 earth pipes along the lon fence.
The whole ridge seemed to be abuzz with a very strange energy and that
led Dr. P. to surmising that it might just be one great underground

Tower on Waterkloof Ridge

Overlooking the ridge

Strangely now, whenever we stopped we definitely felt watched. A white
Audi A4 passed us to stop a few 100m behind us while we were out
hammering. Then another one.
In fact most of the time there would be a white Audi behind and in
front of us. Is that the standard issue spy car they use in the secret
service academy?
Since I have experienced very little in the way of open surveillance so
far in Southern Africa, this was new and exciting.

One of the many white Audi A4s

DrP hammers it in close to the door

G doing some field work on Waterkloof Ridge

Even stranger it got, when we had stoppend again and a police van drove
up to us. It was not on a routine patrol as we would later confirm
because they would go back to where they came from and not continue in
the same direction. They had been sent to check us out. Higher orders.
Luckily Dr. P has a very proactive mind and challenged the 2 cops to a
lot of humorous banter, taking all the zeal out of them.
A communicative genius, I must say.
Fungai, equally alert, sneaked away to catch the whole scene on

Police car sent to check us out

Charm and good humour can be an offensive weapon

But the weirdness was not to stop anytime soon. We had (by “aimless
drifting”) come very close to Fort Klapperkop, one of 4 old forst
around Pretoria. Fort Klapperkop had been pointed out to me by
erstwhile psychic busting companion Caroline as another alien
underground base. we had busted it then (5 or 6 years ago) and she had
reported that the alien activity there had died immediately after
placement of the gifts.
And yet it seemed strange that we would end here again.
Fort Klapperkop is of course a museum these days and supposed to be a
harmless family outing.
However the gate was closed and the guard inisted in telling us a very
lengthy joke. The joke WAS actually funny, but took about 2 minutes to
tell during which time we could not move on.
I had an eerie feeling that they were using this forced immobilisation
to scan us in some strange way.
I also had a weird feeling of something dangerous approaching from
behind. But it was of course invisible.

Gate warden at Fort Klapperkopp telling a joke

DrP inside the fort

Even the casual guards in the middle of the enclosure of the fort were
untypically watchful and weird as was the man selling the tickets.
We used the same “weapon” as with the police: proactively chatting them
Of course there was no thought of putting earth pipes right there but
we were able to hide some standard orgonite in good places.
2 earth pipes also made it in along the driveway from the lower gate to
the top.

Fungai doing some footwork inside the fort

Looking at Pretoria from the Fort

To top it all up the same guard had another joke for us (again 2 min of
scanning) as we went out.
On our way out we passed Waterkloof Airforce Base, another suspect for
underground activity.
It had been gifted before, so just routine maintenance. 2 additional
earthpipes and a few TBs at accessible places.

Waterkloof Airforce Base

Strange Antennas on the AFB grounds

The psychic companion I travelled with 6 years ago identified these
strange fishbone antennas as extraterrestrial stuff. Whatever, I say
“in dubio busto” od, if in doubt, bust it.

A few final nails in the coffin of the local representatives of
the occult New World Order were hammered in and around Groenkloof
Nature Reserve, apparently another somewhat hollow mountain ridge.

When I had done Pretoria with Caroline , she had alerted me to the fact
that all the unbuilt Koppies (Buttes) were underground bases in
Pretoria and kept free of human habitation for that very reason.

The whole episode could be dismissed as a product of our
hyperactive Phantasy of course. But I’ve never felt so constantly
watched over several hours and I don’t think it was a human operation
at all.
Who- or whatever populates these “underground bases” must have been
very upset about our presence and instigated all this overt human
Caroline spoke of a hive back then and the energy felt like beeing near
a beehive.

I thank my two intuitive companions for their wonderful alertness and
swift and unspeaking coordination of actions.

This was really fun.

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