Sweden Gifting

A few weeks ago we took 150 TB’s and some HHG’s to Sweden where we were gifting some


In Sweden there are a lot of old places where people erected stones or stone circles thousands of years ago.

We often saw deathtowers near these places and that confirmed the fact that the stones as well as the deathtowers are placed on leylines.

You can see that clearly on the following pictures

view to the north



view to the south


stone circle




When we had gifted that place I woke up the next morning with much joy in my heart and the feeling that there has been a positive energy-shift in that aerea and the sourounding landscape.

My girlfriend Anna made the following experience…

…I had an interesting feeling at the stone on that hill.

I laid both hands on it not thinking about something. I just relaxed a bit.

Then I thought that the whole thing was moving just as it feels when you get up too fast and everything seems to circle for a while.

The stone seemed to be more flexible and my eyes were moving according to the movement I felt.

Next thing I wanted to do was to give some energy to the stone.

I imagined a line of light flowing through my head and my body and out of my arms and hands to the stone.

Then a strange lightened sign came up to my mind.

It looked like this.


I just thought that I didn’t want to have anything to do with such stuff again. There seemed to be enough energy like that – I didn’t feel well with it.

In the end I stopped thinking about “working” with a stone. I was a bit irritated by the whole scenery.

After a while I thought “In which direction does your energy flow? I want to give you some Orgonite – you know?” (It felt a bit strange to me to ask a stone that way but on the other hand it was all right.)

Then the movement changed suddenly and it acted like a scale – instead of circling around it went up and down from left to right.

It wasn’t what I had expected but it felt well this time – and so did I.


Looks like you hit a bulls eye! Great landscape.Did you see any Chem action?

I suggest, that the orgonite changend something on the etheric realms for the better, concerning to this old cult side. This had been my subjective impression when I woke up next morning.

We didn’t observe the typical intensive Chemtrail action they sometimes do when an area is gifted for the first time. On other days
when the sky was blue we sometimes saw a few Chemtrails but not as many as in Germany. Then it was very gratifying to see how Sylphs appeared and the chemtrails crumbled away soon.

I think other gifters have done a good work there.

… yes, it is really a beautiful landscape, that makes me imagine a wonderful world without parasites….



Was the lake picture taken after your gifts? Looks like it. Stone circles are very cool. Good job! Next: Stone Hendge

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