Switch Up?

It might be a good idea to change one’s gifting strategy from time to time to keep the elite off your trail. Over the last 6 months we started gifting much closer (within 40 feet) of various antenna arrays during our travels. About 2 months ago I gifted a place late in the evening that was on private property. There is only one way to get to these antennas (on foot) and it takes a while to reach them due to the distance you have to hike up a gated mountain trail and there is nothing else up there besides the antennas. I can honestly say there was not a single person in the area that could have been watching us because we gifted this place very late in the evening. Now here’s the kicker! I re-visited this place a month later and someone dug up every tower buster gifted previously, and I could see where they used a rake to move the soil to find the orgonite. “The grass was not cut so it was not someone non chalantly sprucing up the place.” The odd thing was that they left the Tbs where they unearthed them, upside down without even removing them! I do not understand why they did this!
So I took all the towerbusters and buried them within 1/8 of a mile of the antennas in places that would be much more difficult to find and noticed increased rainfall in that area since this incident took place. I have to wonder if they saw us on camera and went to the site to see what we were doing, but they must be clueless as to the purpose of orgonite? Could this be true?
Nevertheless, we will use our imagination a little more in the future and NOT put our orgonite so close to these antennas because they had to have seen us on camera to know we were up there.

Does anybody have any thoughts? Has this happened to anyone else? I believe this will help us to be better at what we do in the long run.


Maybe it was some kind of wild beast? Not trying to suggest that you don’t know the difference between rake and claw marks, but it seems very odd that someone would go to the trouble of unearthing them only to leave them there. An animal attracted to your scent or the orgonite itself could explain it…?

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