Sylph and heli photos

Greetings all!

There have been some crazy, intense skies round here, (Hastings, UK) recently. The first set of big, bold, dark grey happy and excited clouds stretched from the Dungeoness nuke station all the way along the coast past Hastings, turing slightly inland. I didn’t have the camera with me so sorry no photos. (I wonder if anyone had gifted recently?)

4/5 days ago after about a week of grey weather, the skies cleared, with some incredible clouds and sylphs. Photos (see below) of which, John kindly helped me post.

I was getting ready to make a batch of orgonite, (didn’t actually happen til the next day), when in the afternoon I got a visit from some aerial photo enthusiasts?!? See helicopter pic. They followed me down the road a bit, with another visit the day after. 2 days ago we had the heaviest spraying I’ve noticed. (again no photos:( The sky went into white out for about half an hour to an hour. A hole of blue sky appeared kind of overhead, a couple more hours until it cleared a few hours later. I have gifted the major towers around, and apparently others have done stuff too. I would like to do a chembuster, meanwhile I have set up a thought form one ala Grey Wolf. I think these, plus working with the sylphs while the spraying was happening helped.

I did make a small batch, (4hhgs + 15tbs), which my sister has taken to Costa Rica for her friends who have a farm. Also made my first pendants!



I can recognise sylphs, but would appreciate any interpretations, comments etc

Sylph sky1

Sylph sky2

Sylph Sky3 + passing plane

Sylph sky4

Photo enthusiasts!!! [Image Can Not Be Found]