Sylphs (And Chemtrails) In Thailand

Don Croft
20 Jul 2008 20:28
Subject: Sylphs (And Chemtrails) in Thailand
Sylphs in the presence of chemtrails is always a good sign that someone has been doing a lot of gifting, in case you didn’t know. I got the following from Hong Kong Johnny, who is on the Thai coast:

On 7/17/08, John Burchell <[email protected]> wrote:

On the island of Koh Samui….sylphs are STUNNING…really I sound like a repeat recording …but really and truly. Of course the chemtrail lads show up and barely stick….these syphs are a gorgeous energy.

Still getting whacked yet love them back with my heart…clearing the parasites…

Question Don…the sylphs call me by name but it is a unique name that I dare not type…cos I know this is being monitored…do they have a name for you? Not that it matters and this may be my own unique experience…

Walk in beauty my friend…with love Johnnnny B


Since we know next to nothing about these lovely sky creatures I’m keeping my eyes and ears (& mind) open to new impressions from people whom I consider to be reputable, which includes John, who is quite energy sensitive.