Sylphs and other Nature wonders

Hi guys,

Don mentioned about sylphs and indeed I’m not sure on how to recognise them. I’m very unfamiliar to all those “Nature spirits and friends” even I’m very open to them.
I am not sure weither I saw sylphs in the sky when I gifted in West of France (not South … hehehe)t I saw strange clouds that looked pretty harmonious and I’d say “artistic”.

I photographed HK sky at dusk, 4 days ago, cose I found it so beautiful and I loved the cloud there, it looked a bit like what I saw in France and it made me feel good.
Could you guys tell me if this is a sylph and how we can recognise them?

Since I can’t find how to post a picture in here I just copy down the link to it, please let me know if it doesn’t work.

In my opinion, this is a big sylph.

You and psychiatrist have done a good job ! I’ll very soon get in south of France and I’ll continue the gifting mission there on the south coast (Marseille, Toulon etc…) and all along the road to there (850 km). I’ll post a report when it’s done.


(Hey Don, as you can see, now I can post !!!)

Hey, MisterD,

That picture was taken in Hong Kong, 7 days ago (not in France). However, while I was in France, I saw the same type of cloud above my mother’s house.



I know of no sure way to tell whether a cloud has been formed by a sylph, simply from appearance. There are too many deceptive fakes. In fact, during the past year I have seen more fakes than bona fide sylph-clouds.

If you send up a heart-felt greeting with your mind, and receive joy back, that is a pretty good indication.

Hi Laozu,

I don’t know how can people make “fake sylphs”, and I’m not the type to make or state “fake” stuff, but you don’t know me indeed … so how would you tell? Laughing

The picture looks exactly the way it looked when I took it.

I took the picture because when I looked at the sunset I was amazed about the beauty of the sky and that big cloud looks so nice and artistic and we don’t see them very often, so I couldn’t miss making a picture… This was my love feeling for nature that made me jump to my camera and make sure I can picture it, but I didn’t send any special loving thought to it, as if it was a being … Now according to what you said, if I think a cloud is a Sylph, I should send “it/him/her” a loving thought. If that cloud is a Sylph I should feel a strong loving response.

I’ll experiment, next time I see one of those. Thank you Laozu


I did not mean to imply that you Disundi, or any other people, were making fake sylphs.

All I know for certain is that one sees clouds from time to time which resemble the ones formed by sylphs, but which are not connected with sylphs. Sometimes in fact the qi associated with such clouds has a distinctly negative feel, quite unlike the joyful qi associated with a sylph.