Sylphs - From now on am officialy committing

From now on am officialy committing(spelling?) myself to get a digital cam and at least post some sylph photos. Today was a great sunny day here at Dominican Republic, an it was amazing at how all those Sylphs were painting the blue sky. It was so relaxing and looked like a dream, with lots of cumuls clouds in some spots and other stormy dark clouds in other spots. The sun was shinning very different from other days, it had some strange circular rainbow around, something Ive never seen before, unfortunatelly I could not get it photographed.

The sylph were not only above my house, they were allmost everywhere in the skyes. Ver long, big, relaxing Sylphs. Besides of Sylphs I saw a jet plane flying over leaving some contrails. Lately they have been flying over, and sometimes I ask to myself if our dominican president would ever permit/agree to spew that posison over here, our president is a very close friend of Bush son…anyways…

Nice relaxing Sylphs, like a dream, cumulus clouds like ice cream, like you wanna eat them, haha. It would be nice to see more pictures around, so I will put some effort and try to post some whenever this is possible for me.