Sylphs Galore

As mentioned in Laozu’s “Heaven and Earth” topic I am posting a separate topic with the Sylphs that appeared over us in Seydisfjordur after we had opened a important and hard to get to vortex point.
I am posting quite an amount of pictures since the Sylphs appeared in such a high number and litteraly covered the sky as far as one could see.
It was a rare moment I have only experienced once in my life before.
Here are the pictures:

There you go:)

Little Cesco

And I have also made some quite interesting “remixes” of a few of the sylph photographs.
This is done by joining a mirrored image to the original and connecting them at the center.
I was quite astonished what was revealed when I did this, perhaps you will be as well:)

Look carefully at the top center in the picture above.

This one is my favourite(above).

I ask that no one uses these images since I might use them for something specific myself, thank you.


What great pictures and how beautiful they are!

Those are Amazing photos Cesco! Have you tried to apply solorized filter on those pictures?