Sylphs In Central Texas

Don Croft
07 Aug 2008 06:34
Subject: Sylphs in Central Texas
I got the following from a gifter in Central Texas. The presence of Sylphs in the sky is the best indicator that the atmosphere has turned decisively positive. Since we dropped the 18 in the nearby lake (on the US Navy’s submarine base/portal) a couple of weeks ago, the Sylphs have been showing up en masse daily, eager to consume chemtrail remnants and eat up HAARP assaults. I suppose that stage is beyond positive Cool

I was keenly frustrated a month or so ago when I saw a gorgeous Sylph formed around a low cumulus cloud, right overhead–4,000 feet or so above me. I was frustrated because if I hadn’t crashed my plane in May I could have flown right up there and visited in 3D. I’ll be in the air again, shortly, but low altitude Sylphs are kind of rare, apparently.

Remember that most people who gift don’t contribute to forums or contact me. This is the strength of this grassroot movement, of course, and probably prevents me getting a bullet in my brain, thanks.

Also, disabling the death towers and weather weapons is only the first stage of gifting. Gifting the populace directly, like our Eastern and Southern African chums are already doing, is perhaps what will inspire our species to abandon parasitic tyranny, sooner than later, and thus finally assume direct accountability.

THEY LIVE is apparently an attempt, by someone who knows something, to show that the corporate personalities who run the world (and especially the What To Think Network) are freaks Wink

MULHOLLAND DRIVE is another instructional film. Years ago, DB started a game of counting the reptilians in that film.



Hi Don,

We had a beautiful display of sylphs on Sunday morning (8-3)here in central TX. 2 of them were huge! One looked like an ostrich feather . Unfortunately, I had no camera with me. We were on our way to a birthday brunch overlooking the local lake and saw a plane trying to leave skid marks and failing. That was cool. We are anticipating some much needed rain from tropical storm Edouard tonight.

Have you or Carol watched the movie called – They Live? It’s a real head-shaker. Iit came out in 1988. It is a good wake-up film with a lot of symbolism and I think the EW & PJ readers would enjoy it at any rate. Its message is basic. and

I will be contacting Marcus in SAT for some TB’s soon and I have purchased tacticals from Andy (I wish I could afford Don B’s beautiful peices). I look forward to purchasing from your site as well.

I know you will have fun in Sedona at the Raw Spririt Fest (I’m a raw foodie) – I would love to be there and meet both you and Carol however, I am otherwise committed to catering my clients functions.

Keep smiling and cheers!


Don Croft
11 Aug 2008 10:10
Subject: Re: Sylphs in Central Texas
I got this private message from Jaime (‘Jimmy Carse’) who can post here but apparently wants me to relay the following to Cindy. There aren’t many rules on EW (other than the ‘No Doomsaying’ and ‘No Theosophy/Bornagain-Chump Preaching’ dicta, so I’m happy to oblige . I hope he’s reading this because a new gifter showed up in Vera Cruz, south of where he was gifting in MOnterrey, Mexico, and has been invited to post here:

Hey Cindy ,

I saw your post recently and had to write you… I had started gifting in Mexico about 5 years ago with lots of help from Don and Carol. They sent me my first succor punch and zapper as well as some chembuster to help me with some illness i had…apparently i was the 1st to gift in Mexico and I really got hammered for that

I moved back up to Austin about 4 years ago and have gifted alone and with Marcus on/off… things started to get sort of weird so i stopped for a bit but have recently again started to make hhg’s… I managed to hammer in some earth pipes at the green belt (underground facilty) ,necklace the haarp array in West lake , and bust many towers in the last years…

I am always lookng for someone who is down with the cause…

send me an email, would like to know more about your efforts…


[I’m sending her his email addy now. ~Don]

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