Terminator + 4 Strong Magnets on Top

I just put 4 Strong (3/4" x 1/8") Neodymium Mags on top of a Terminator Zapper and applied it to the right side of my Jaw, just below my ear, where I think I may have some manner of infection which is affecting my bite. I was immediately conscious of SEEING a pulsing, as if I was catching some of the light from the LED in the mirror I was looking at while doing this. I then covered the LED with my finger and still saw the flickering of the 15 hz cycle, and felt a MUCH deeper throbbing in my tissues. It felt as If the current was penetrating much deeper and with much greater ease into my face. It also felt as if I was not being burned as much as I did earlier when treating the same area with my Terminator and without the added magnets.

I tried putting the zapper on my forehead and my eyes starting flickering so strongly the my vision blurred severely and I removed the zapper not wanting to ‘push my luck’.

I arrayed the magnets across the top of the zapper, rather than straight across the top length wise, but as they naturally wanted to rest, a bit staggered, like this:

Here’s the kind of magnets I used:
https://www.magnet4less.com/product_info) … cts_id=681

Will experiment some more…

No it wasn’t the magnets…. I tried again later and did not get the same results. I then realized I had been quite sweaty when I last had the reaction. It was evidently the much higher conductivity of my skin when wet with sweat (salt) that cause the intense reaction.