Tetsuji unique idea (Photos)

I think that past data were lost.
Therefore, I easily brought it back with a photograph
Growth of a plant improves. ;This photographed the growth situation of a Japanese radish. I put Orgonite-TB in the right-side end, and a situation test result compares growth around the right-side end with upbringing of the left to watch it with a photograph and is good.
There is other unique equipment. Please look forward to future

Hello Tetsuzi-san,

Your device sounds very interesting! But I am unable to view the photographs. Would you post a link to your photosite, if they are available there?

With many kind regards,


I’m sorry Peter-san.
In my browser, I can watch a photograph. My browser is Mac Safari.
Usage of a forum cannot understand me. I send a file of a photograph.


Steeve Debellefuille, our webmaster, has just set up a photo file system on ethericwarriors.com but it may be a couple of weeks before he has the time to give instructions for using it.

EW crashed during a time when he didn’t have the time to spare for repairing the damage, unfortunately, but he spent the time, anyway, including one entirely sleepless night. When he gets through the current business rush he’ll have more time to spare and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the photos of your latest experiments here!


Tetsuzi sent me some of his photos, which I put on “tinypics”:

Japanese Radish 1 http://tinypic.com/iokgme.jpg

Japanese Radish 2

Japanese Radish 2 http://tinypic.com/iokh79.jpg
Japanese Radish 2


Orgonite Pendulum 1

Orgonite Pendulum 2 http://tinypic.com/iokhnk.jpg

Orgonite Pendulum2

Here are some more:

Orgonite for a Field 3

Orgonite for a Field 4 http://tinypic.com/iokjnd.jpg

Orgonite for a Field 4


Other Orgonite LED 1


Other Orgonbite LED 2

Other Orgonite LED 3

Other Orgonite LED 3

Thank you for laozu-san.

I did not understand a system of this forum.

The photograph which laozu-san posted is a photograph of December 11, 2005 20:47.

I express respect in Don-san which is a developer of Orgonite and create a unique idea of Orgonite.
And it is supported by a forum member and thanks for that I can participate in this forum.
If this unique idea is effective for development in future Orgonite, I am glad.
I still praise an achievement of Don-san which is a developer and announce it in this forum.
I think that it is duty for a developer.


I meant to comment on several of the photos when I posted them, but due to various distractions, have not gotten to it till now.
The middle group of vegetables in http://tinypic.com/iokgme.jpg

has a quite positive feeling.

The whiteplanted device here http://tinypic.com/ioki77.jpg has an extremely positive feeling.

The second LED device http://tinypic.com/iokjz7.jpg has a quite positive feeling in the lighted part in the top.

I do not know why it works, but I can vouch (from my visit to Hiroshima in October), that the orgonite quite improves the sound in the small speakers http://tinypic.com/iokniu.jpg