Texas Towerbusters vs The Volcano

This is one of those reports that should be considered quite subjective, though the gifting objective was real enough to the participants for us to spend time, money and energy to carry out
Last weekend, Stevo, Carol and I took our Zodiac (a ‘go-fast raft,’ if you will) to teh Oregon Coast to see whether we could disable the offshore volcano that the world odor’s institutionalized geologists say is going to erupt and wipe out most of the coastal population sometime soon.

During various chat sessions over the past few years the psychics found and whales disabled a number of H-bombs that teh US Navy planted in or near that volcano–including one a couple of weeks ago.

An option for us, that weekend, was to just drive out there–fifty or sixty miles–and drop the orgonite around the submerged volcano but the sea conditions were just too rough for that.

On our first day out (Newport, Oregon) we travelled out, west northwest, toward the volcana for about ten miles until half our orgonite was expended, then returned. It was quite calm for the first half hour or so and we enjoyed motoring over those big, long Pacific swells–so different from the Atlantic. The HAARPies generated a wind so that the very big swells started breaking on top and we slowed down a bit, then.

We didn’t see any whales but we drove alongside the replica two-masted sailing ship, George Washington, for a little way as it was leaving the harbor–pretty cool! I bet some of the tourists/passengers were seasick already, though.

On Day Two, we drove north to put the boat in the water nearer the volcano and the sea conditions, there and then, were quite rough and dangerous. We were the only boat out there, in fact, except for a couple of big fishing trawlers, which can handle pretty much anything.

Before motoring over the bar at the entrance of the harbor I made sure the big swells weren’t breaking before deciding to engage them but I had to angle into them in order not to feel like we were falling out of the boat. All three of us were pretty scared, actually, and Carol said, ‘Let’s go back as soon as we toss all the orgonite!’ I was happy to agree and Stevo and Carol, in the back seat, each took a bucket in one hand and tossed rapidly with the other–very rapidly.

In about five minutes they’d tossed it all–about 180 towerbusters, including some special ones for the cetaceans that STevo had brought along. I was motoring around in a circle, trying to avoid the bigger waves
Then it started raining quite hard but, fortunately, we’d all put our rain gear on.

It was a pretty quick ride back to the harbor and I kep teh boat at about 25mph on the backside of a very tall receding swell, feeling pretty humbled by nature as the sea gradually calmed between the two jetties at the harbor entrance.

Not even the Coast Guard was out, that Sunday.

As soon as we got in the car, the two psychics could clearly see whales and a dolphin taking the orgonite we had just tossed out to teh volcano. Since then, Carol’s been tracking it and says that they frequently shift the towerbusters around to play with the dynamics of the TBs and the earth energy to find an optimal arrangement.

AFter we trailered the boat we drove further north to eat at Moe’s in Cannon Beach. We got seats facing out across the beach and the volcano is apparently directly west of there. Carol and Stevo watched the energy of the ‘travelling’ TBs and the volcano. When we get a chance to fly out there it will be fun to see what the water looks like over the volcano. Carol and I start our flying lessons on Tuesday. Imagine how much water one can gift from a plane!

Since last fall, I’ve been buying a hundred towerbusters per month from Marcus in San Antonio ( orgonite4u), hence the title of this post. Stevo brought along about a hundred fifty TBs, 30 or so of which were for our whale friends. I’ve been promoting Marcus, who gifted all of San Antonio (over a thousand death towers and scores of occult sites) alone. I want to see him succeed at leaving his day job behind one day and start making a living by making and selling orgonite, as several are doing, now. I don’t know if you remember, but a few years ago, Marcus paid a visit to the rebuilt church compound where the feds had slaughtered all those innocent families outside of Waco, Texas, in 93. He took some orgonite to the new occupants, including a couple of survivors of the federal massacre, and one of the survivors told Marcus that they’d already made their own

Grassroot revolutions, unlike organized ones, are unopposable, of course.

Have you ever felt the presence of whales or dolphins? Anyone can feel that, I think. I can. It’s a lot like what you feel when you see a real Sylph cloud. If you haven’t seen the Sylphs in your sky, yet, do more gifting! I felt the whales pretty strongly and Carol said they were around, but just were not making an appearance. I usually look all around, constantly, when I’m driving a boat but on that trip I didn’t dare take my attention away from what was directly in front of and around the boat. I nearly got tossed out a couple of times and on Tuesday I bought a harness and safety line.

We don’t seek 3D cetacean confirmations, of course, but as we continue to gift in the salt water of this region it’s probably going to happen more and more. The orcas have returned to Puget Sound in large numbers since people started tossing orgonite there, for instance, and we’re going to heavily gift the entire sound this summer.



The Texas TBs will be most effective! Glad SA has been done, (though it may need “refreshments”, from time to time)- tons of strange things have come out of there, and Waco is also in an odd area. Waco has always been the subject of jokes in Texas, it’s so “out there”. Most of us Texans call it “Whacko Waco”- for good reason!

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