After reading about Jack Marshack experience using aluminium foil as the metal in orgonite. I decided to give it a try. I was having trouble finding decent metal shavings for a reasonable price and all that I ever found since I started gifting 3 years ago was either cheap and heavy, steel or, expensive and heavy, brass. The foil itself is nothing more than a pure aluminium very thin sheet. No plastic or the like. All can I say is wow, what a relief! The advantages of using the aluminium foil, shredded by a simple electric paper shredder where many:

-Easy to find and to transport.

-Cheap, if you buy a wholesale economic roll, like a foil of 45 cm X 60 meters. I bought one for about 15 dollars ( 30 reais ). With this I made 20 kilos of resin into orgonite and even the pipes of a cloudbuster (see bellow).

-Clean, no oil, thrash or cigarette buttocks in the middle.

-Easy to handle, no cuts in hands.

-Discrete, as no one will ask you what the hell you want with all that aluminium!

-VERY light. You can push it into the mould and compress it for a very beefy Tower Buster, without having lots of metal sticking out. The proportion between metal and resin I achieved was 1/4 of the mould Volume filled with foil, 3/4 with resin (crystal size was irrelevant). It just felt OK to me. That’s just half of the so ideal 50/50 proportion, but has anyone really achieved this and measured it while making simple TBs?

The only downside is that the foil showing through the resin is reminiscent of garbage, but that’s OK Laugh .

Being satisfied with the energy of simple TBs I decide to try something bigger and made a Standard Orgonite Cloudbuster. But with 2 different moddifications, besides being made of aluminium foil metal strips:

-The pipes where made by using 1 inch PVC pipes as support, which were them wrapped with aluminium foil, as the image shows bellow, resulting in each pipe having about 3 turns of a single piece of foil around them. The result was a very light and cheap metal pipe. The foil was easily held together with tape and them coated in resin for added resistance. The pipes were set in the base using common PVC couplers, which where then wrapped again in foil for sealing the pipes as one single metal pipes. Just wait until the CB base COOLS DOWN before setting the pipes, otherwise you risk damaging the couplers heated by the resin catalysis.

  • Because the pipes were light, I used many cardboard spacers instead of plywood. The spacers were also coated with resin for weather proof capabilities.

The result was a cheap and light cloudbuster made of materials easily available anywhere. Considering only the spent material, I probably expended about 80 dollars making it. It’s off course more laborious to make one this way, but the cost and the easiness are great. It’s ugly, but I admit I was sloppy making it, but does it work? I think it does.

Is this a photo artifact around the CB base?

As soon as the CB was assembled, DOR was released by the shitbirds, as it can be seem in the chemsoup in the background.

Sucking DOR

Few days later.

Few days after setting the CB a cool breeze was felt, and is now constant, just like after gifting some towers in a new area. When I was travelling away from my hometown I could watch the sky and indeed the area of influence of the cloudbuster seems to be about a 32 km radius, perhaps even more.

This is were the CB wan set, in my hometown Itapeva.

Bellow a picture of visible clouds from the weather satellite. See the elemental face right over Itapeva?


EDIT: By the way, this by no means makes the usual metal turnings obsolete, it’s just another material available to gifters. The best metal is the metal YOU can use!

I wonder how it would work out to process Aluminum Foil in a Vita Mix? I don’t think it would dull the Vitamix blades much as they are very high quality stainless. The Vitamix is so powerful it would tear it all up into a shred… I would probably shred the sheets in water and let the water keep the pieces seperate as they get shredded.

I think I will give it a try and report… It would, however, take more time than if you used a paper shredder as Edu has done, but maybe the texture, and composition, of the end result would be better…

You don’t even need an electric paper shredder.

I got a hand cranked manual paper shredder for about $10. It doesn’t take more than a couple minutes to make enough metal shavings for 50 towerbusters. (about a gallon of resin)…

And Edu is right, it’s clean and wont cut your hands so you don’t need to use gloves with it… Smile

Please track the rainfall over coming months, Edu, and see if Itapeva gets more rain than the surrounding area, okay? If nobody in Brazil had an orgonite cloudbuster or had been flipping death towers and weather weaponry your CB probably would have soon generated a round, gentle rainstorm for a few days, centered on the CB.

I had to enlarge the images to see it all but I think most readers have the ability to do that, now. It’s usually a challenge to present in graphic form what we’re experiencing an observing in 3D, of course. Some folks post images that are so big that one has to scroll back and forth to read the text in the body of the post, which handicaps the reader a bit. Even though I’m technically not very competent I’ve managed to scale all of my photos before I post them. I favor 400 bit (?) width as a way to show relevant details but not to slow the reader down.

A lot of readers have a hard time finding suitable metal for field orgonite so the paper shredder suggestion is quite helpful and will probably lead to a lot more death towers getting flipped, thanks. I’ve always been happy that the parameters for making effective field orgonite are so wide and inclusive.

If prizes were being given, I think aluminum foil would get the prize as the best substitute for machined metal bits. Volume is the key to getting widespread gifting results and I think this method works well for that. Foil wrapped around plastic pipes evidently works as well as solid metal pipes, too.

Carol and I have even cut up copper scouring pads (just cut these toroid-shaped devices into three or four pieces) in Africa where nothing else was easily available and that worked great. Steel wool is also acceptable but one also needs to cut one of those into a few pieces. We tried making orgonite with whole scouring pads and steel wool pads and Carol determined that the energy of these two were not nearly as strong for some reason. Someone, someday, will probably figure out in a conclusive way how orgonite works. Genuine scientific research is quite costly and time consuming, of course, but we don’t need anyone to ‘prove’ to us that orgonite works because we all see the consistent results. Fine particles are slightly less powerful for orgonite than coarser ones and Carol also said that the energy from steel wool in orgonite isn’t as strong as the energy from the scouring pads, which are coarser. I think shredded alimunum is just the right size.

The people who need someone in a white coat to ‘prove it’ before they commit to this revolution are better off going elsewhere, I think. They tend to stand in the way, I’ve noticed.

Does anyone want to donate a hand-cranked paper shredder to the Kikundi? ;) --I bet these are hard to find in the East African countryside. Thanks, Jack. I’d never heard of those.


When I started out making orgonite, I wasn’t sure where to find shavings, so I used exactly this method

to make orgonite. Ran foil through a shredder. I remember they did have a nice feel to them. Only thing to

be aware of is NOT to inhale the aluminium dust that gets in the air when shredding the foil.

I also made a couple of earth pipes with metal pipe from a discarded vacuum cleaner (but with regular shavings).

The site I gifted in Sweden I think may have had a dormant vortex that became active again, because I felt something

happening in my body as I left the place. The EPs worked that’s for sure, even though they weren’t fancy. Smile

Using foil for the pipes. genius. i wonder if doing the organic/inorganic layers on the pipes like that adds to the effect?

i have never seen a hand crank paper shredder for sale. Here’s a 10 sheet shredder model being used to make muffins.

here the foil is folded in half length wise with the end going into the shredder folded over as well.


crystal chips in place

aluminum in place

compressing the metal/resin mix. i like to pack as much metal as possible in there.

various combinations of metal. The black muffins have very fine steel at the top which helped to seal the air off allowing the resin to cure on the surface. Sort of a replacement for surfacing agent. Also i just like to mix various grades of metal in the hope that it allows me to pack more metal in there. plus it seems like the think to do to me.

ready for gifting. After the sharp corners get sanded off that is.

400 pixels on the long edge is a pretty small photo on a computer screen. 75px is like a thumbnail.
i usually make a 600- 800px - long edge- jpg for a forum. This new forum software makes your photo into a thumbnail for you anyway and seems to constrain the dimensions even if you link to a large photo over 2000 px which is a common size with digital cameras these days. The main reasons to downsize a photo would be to save upload time, conserve space on the server that is holding the photo, or to stay under the half a “mb” limit for uploading to this forum.

also i didn’t know fine metal made a weaker orgonite.

Don wrote,

“Does anyone want to donate a hand-cranked paper shredder to the Kikundi?”

What is the name and address? I will send one plus a couple rolls of foil… Can you please post the shipping info soon? I am leaving Japan in a couple days and I would like to send it from here.

BTW, I was one of those people who didn’t know how to scale pictures. Sorry about that. Luckily with the new EW format, that is no longer a problem…


Just made a batch of TBs using a cheap hand roll pasta maker to shred the foil. Folded the foil in half length ways and rolled it through the spaghetti setting, worked fine.