The Beeswax as a replacement

There’s some discussion about using beeswax as a replacement for resin in orgonite and I’m asking the fellows who wish to promote that commercially, on my forum, to do the research, first, to determine if this works and to identify some basic parameters, as we’ve done with our own inventions.

A couple of years ago this subject came up and two of my friends’ noses were put out of joint by my insistence that more research be done before it can be promoted. Fortunately, they’re still my friends.

At the time, it had already been determined that ordinary wax puts out about 15% as much energy as resin in orgonite and a concerted campaign to promote substituting candle wax for resin had failed.

Really, if anything works, we should all know about it. I"m not oppposed to using snot instead of resin if it actually works and, in fact, sugar and tree resin have been shown to be effective substitutes. Bitumin might work, too

I’ve asked each of the people who want to promote beeswax on my forum to do the research by sending samples to all of the reputable psychics and energy sensitives and get their assessment over time and in the same applications that ordinary orgonite is used. A beeswax towerbuster at a tower location, for instance, or a beeswax pendant worn in an area where teh death towers are still operational. I’m not asking anything unreasonable, nor do I wish to put obstacles in anyone’s path. This is how we evaluate our own innovations, after all.

Initial impressions are helpful but they’re not conclusive and have even been misleading. For instance, several gifters, including Carol and I, have seen the local atmosphere get revitalized after putting earthpipes over underground bases but that’s a temporary effect, based on the dynamics that happen underground.

At this point, due to the lack of substantive research, the use of beeswax ought to be considered speculative. I hope the guys who want to sell it on my forum will take the next logical step and distribute their samples to all of the reputable folks who are in a position to give them good, objective feedback over a period of time. I think a month is plenty of time for that. If I were a curmudgeon I’d suggest ‘ten years.’ Carol sent out forty or so Harmonic Protectors to other psychics and sensitives, then waited about three months, gathering feedback, before she determined that the device was marketable and, even after that, her claims for it remained conservative instead of sensational.

A good device sells itself by referral, of course (I’ll sponsor anyone, though, who has something worthwhile to offer); sensationalism defeats what we’re trying to accomplish, here.


I’m offering a suggestion that mixing wax with metal particles may create a new, perhaps more potent form of orgone accumulator. For some reason a lot of passion is invested in the subject and we’re more or less obliged to keep finding the middle way and assimilate any new information that might come along, so I"m encouraging open discussion of beeswax now.

In the presence of orgonite, an orgone accumulator won’t gather and concentrate DOR. Orgonite converts DOR to healthy orgone but accumulators can’t do that. Some can argue that orgonite is also an accumulator and it’s probably true to an extent but the conversion of DOR to OR is what clearly distinguishes orgonite from an accumulator.

Joe Cells seem to be phenomenally potent orgone acccumulators and Tesla coils seem to perpetually generate strong OR when they’re running but the Joe Cell allegedly stops working in dense DOR fields when orgonite isn’t present. I say, ‘allegedly’ because my Joe Cell consistently pumped out healthy orgone everywhere I went, probably due to it’s proximity to orgonite. In that year there were still a lot of dense DOR fields in Western North America, where I travelled a lot with my cell.

I know of four people who are experimenting with beeswax/metal combos and three of them are reporting positive results and the fourth hasn’t mentioned any observations, yet. I think they’re waiting for Carol, Dooney, Stevo and Kelly to get some samples before they’re comfortable discussing it in posts.

For my own satisfaction, the accumulation/conversion issue is easily settled by anyhone who’s relatively energy sensitive by putting the wax mixture next to a functioning death tower and seeing/feeling whether the energy is healthy or unhealthy after a half hour or so. A half hour is how long it generally takes for a TB to turn a death tower into an orgone generator. Even I can feel rotten energy and can distinguish it from good energy. I think anyone can, especially the folks who are making the beeswax items.

Another issue, for me, is whether beeswax is superior to ordinary paraffin wax in this application. There’s a lot of prejudice against ‘un-natural’ materials like fiberglas resin but this shouldn’t color one’s view of energy dynamics. After all, this allegedly nasty stuff has been almost entirely responsible for this network’s wonderful achievements and if we were obliged to use more politically correct materials, who would bother? They’re all more labor intensive and expensive than resin. In spite of the prejudice, I think a couple of guys (I think they want to remain un-named for now) are probably making some very potent and marketable new energy devices with beeswax instead of resin and the gem aficionados are turning out personal orgonite devices made with politically incorrect resins and those devices are unassailable. I really want us all to steer clear of being motivated by any kind of prejudice.

If the wax/metal mix turns out not to be an orgone accumulator I’ll be pretty confused Cool about the wax v. resin issue until/unless someone resolves this question with some reasonably solid research. I’m pretty sure that Carol and I can figure out, for our own information, what the wax stuff is good for without a lot of effort.

Dan in Bali posted about a mildly uncomfortable experience he had with his CB, while the base was buried, that caused a lot of the less-grounded people I correspond with to doubt their own orgonite’s usefulness. It’s very easy for this to happen, in spite of the fact that Dan reported the same positive atmospheric effects from his CB as anyone else has done.

Whenever DB made even a casual, unfounded statement the less grounded on the previous boards would seize and proselytize the statement far and wide. It’s human nature to gravitate to the abstruse and mysterious rather than to something practical and evident, even when the latter is miraculous, as simple orgonite’s effects are. There were a lot of those folks in those early days and I’ve been as careful as I can, with only partial success, not to invite blind imitators and idle speculators to post on my board. Bradley oftened complained to me that he was constantly plagued by email from needy sycophants, while I didn’t ever have much of that in my mailbox and I said, 'Well, you encourage them, after all.

If anyone pretended to have all the answers here and the rest remained silent EW would degenerate into a mere personality cult and there are many, many ways for our common effort to degenerate quickly, too. Sticking resolutely to practical applications and reporting them rather than spinning off into speculative pipe dreams is the best way I know for keeping our collective reputation intact.

All of my correspondence with the hopeful beeswax promoters over the past few months has rekindled my interest in orgone accumulators, though, and I intend to build another coffin-size cabinet before long. The one I built in '97 was pretty amazing and it would be a shame if we discounted the viability of orgone accumulators in favor of orgonite, exclusively.

I don’t know if a cabinet made of orgonite would feel as nice as the accumulator cabinet did–sometimes I could sleep in there when I had insomnia–but somebody will probably build one sooner or later. My cabinet restored me in just a few minutes when I was hypothermic and when my energy-sensitive daughter spent five minutes in there she came out looking flushed. I gave it away long before Carol and I got together but the Zapporium’s camper shell, which we lived in for the first year, was a milder orgone accumulator.

It’s natural for some to want to come up with something entirely new. even in this case when what we already have is mostly unexplored and unknown. I don’t think we should resist any legitimate. heartfelt urge and I’d be one of the last people on the planet to try to institutionalize anything, including orgonite.

The fact remains, though, that if we don’t hold resolutelhy to a reasonable standard of intellectual integrity we’ll stray from the path of viability.

By the way, all of my orgone accumulators (I made a boatload of them) were made by layering aluminum foil and plastic film, all held in place with spray glue. My efforts were based on Nora, my pre-pubescent daughter’s, unbiased, innocent evaluation of how the energy looked. She had the ability to clearly see energy in those days, the way Carol, DB and a few others can, due to having been through death at age five.

Dr Reich warned against using aluminum in orgone accumulators on the basis of aluminum being poisonous to the body when ingested. I think this is a case where he made a conclusion based on supposition instead of research. I can say this with a good conscience because he had often insisted, during his later years, that he must be held to the same high standards as anyone else. DeMeo tried his best to publicly discredit me in the early years on account of my recommendation that aluminum is fine to use in orgonite. He based his attacks on Reich’s remark, which was perhaps just an offhand remark. Aluminum was pretty expensive in the 1930s and early '40s, by the way.

Fortunately, I read Serge Kahili King’s book, EARTH ENERGY, before I read Demeo’s ORGONE ACCUMULATOR HANDBOOK, because King suggests a newer approach to making orgone accumulators, based on his experiments with aluminum foil, and DeMeo simply parroted Reich’s 1930s/'40s recommendations in his book. I’m quite sure that what we’re all doing would have Reich’s blessing because we’re sticking to the spirit of his own efforts and he both invited open debate and despised fake science and blind imitation. In his day, almost nobody understood what he was doing in those days, so open scientific debate probably wasn’t an option until now. I didn’t understand any of Reich’s writings until a year and a half after I made my first orgonite cloudbuster. I think it was seeing the results of my gifting that helped me understand his writings.

Most of the orgonite in the world probably has aluminum as the metal component. It’s worth restating that the use of specific metals is mainly an issue with personal orgonite, especially when it’s worn within one’s energy field. Some metals are better than others in that application; none are ‘bad for you,’ and any simple orgonite in one’s energy field will be beneficial.


Carol and I received two gorgeous beeswax creations from Doc Dirk on Saturday. Carol says they feel wonderful and I’m happy that they arrived in time for the sensitives around here, including Dooney, Stevo, Carol, Kelly, Ryan McGinty and Jeff McKinley (coming for a visit this week) to make some evaluations and discuss the energy dynamics together so we can post something substantive and helpful about this stuff.

The burning issue, for me, is whether this is perhaps a superior form of orgone accumulator but we’ll probably find that out when we’ve left one by a new death tower for an hour or so. Fortunately, there’s a new, unbusted average-size death tower about ten miles from here. I think the key to making the determination is to be sure that no orgonite is within a quarter mile or so during the test period because orgonite changes DOR in an accumulator to OR and 3oz of ordinary orgonite, within a quarter mile or so, turns an average death tower into an orgone generator, of course.

As long as one is reasonably meticulous one can get very solid, usable test results.