The Best Field Orgonite is Made by Africans

Some of our African cohorts seem to have gotten the impression that their miraculous creations are somehow inferior to what we use in the West, so I want to put that misunderstanding to rest, now. I don’t know how that happened but I’m a little dismayed.

I’ve asked Alejandro to put Nicholas’ photo of some of their orgonite up at the top of EW’s homepage as an example of what can be done with the simplest orgonite. I make my field orgonite essentially the same way, as do most of us.

May we please leave the chest pounding and backslapping histrionics for the faker forums? They don’t need to do anything to ‘make it better,’ and if they were to be convinced that they need to import fancy, expensive items from the West, then that would eat up a lot of their profits and would slow down their self-sacrificing promotional campaigns to other countries and regions.

Our East African friends are accomplishing things with that simple orgonite that the rest of us can only dream about, right now. Someday, we in the West will also be able to also approach farmers and commercial fishermen to buy orgonite to improve their crops and catch but that probably won’t happen for a few more years. Meanwhile, let’s all bask in the success our African friends are experiencing in that field of action and know that this is what’s going to happen in the entire world in a timely way.

I’d be broken hearted if anything discourages them, now. They exemplify the optimal approach to making and distributing orgonite on a large scale, in my opinion.


Don, I totally agree!
In my so far experience, the best working orgonite is simple made, with equal quantity of resin and metal.

Bravo to our African friends for their efforts

2.5-3.0oz volume TB’s with about a 50/50 resin/metal mix with a 1-2 chickpea sized piece of quartz crystal (no need for it to be pointed or terminated – even a piece of quartz stone or rock works equally as well) where metal fills ALL the resin to the point some sticks up a little making the top a bit rustic and bumpy is about as good as it gets. Resin with no metal in it in a TB is for show and does not contribute to the devices function so do endeavor to fill it to the very top with metal. Hey, you paid for all that resin so you might as well make it ALL work (wink).

That TB’s are as simple as they are where there is really no way for any kind of “optimization” with as wide a range of acceptability in their manufacture is testament to the skill of the guys who really invented this device, who then put the knowledge in our heads.

Orgonite is transforming the planet and the “wave” is accelerating in speed. That our African counterparts are having such wide acceptance of it and are realizing such amazing results is fantastic. Its only going to get better and better as time marches on.


Thanks very much for the dose of sanity, folks!


Pretty much everyday I get to explain orgonite to someone, usually a potential customer on the telephone. In the spirit of honest disclosure, I always emphasize that orgonite is simple and foolproof, you can make it yourself. It is just as effective when crudely made as when tinted with dye and other stuff added, besides the requisite resin-metal-quartz. I explain that the Africans make cloudbusters, HHG’s and Tower Busters out of junk they manage to scavenge, some donated and they have been the source of huge, positive changes in Africa. Despite telling people poorly-made orgonite is as good as my over-designed, fancy stuff, they still buy it. I explain that it’s my nature to make my products look the way they do, it’s not that they are any better than anyone else’s, including the wonderful crude orgonite the Africans are famous for, now.

The other day I sent an email to Don asking him to suggest an African gifter I can donate worn metal HHG molds to. His reply was simply, he likes the funky stuff they make. I do too and I get it. I don’t get why we westerners are so bent on polishing tur…no, that’s a bad metaphor, LOL, um why are we bent on making all the eggs look like it’s Easter? I think it’s because we orgonite vendors got all competitive and tried to out-fancy each other with our designs, over the years. I am seriously considering an orgonite make-over for CTBusters. Less is more?



Andy I think all vendors we can be efficient and still giving nice looking orgonites. It doesn’t have to be too fancy but it is totally understandable for you wanting to offer to people something well finished. After all, our artistic creative self expresses through this procedure. My opinion is that it is all about balanced simplicity which inevitably leads to beauty.
And if we keep this attitude, anyone who tries to usurp the orgonite concept for the wrong reasons, will finally be isolated.

There is, of course, a BIG difference between field orgonite for gifting and personal pieces.

For personal pieces you’d choose to keep around the home, this is definitely where your skill in making polished, artistic pieces is most valued.

For field devices, its all about speed of manufacture and functionality. As much metal as you can cram into the thing without wasting time doing so is what you want because it makes the most powerful field device.

Hey, if all you’re going to do is “throw it away” (wink), you don’t want to spend money to have them made fancy looking. Besides, a more rustic looking device will blend in much better with the surroundings and make it difficult to find.

Over time I’ve made some really butt-ugly looking TB’s when I was experimenting with resin/metal ratios to optimize the total cost as low as possible and every single one of these, as crude as they looked, were all fully capable of busting a death tower and they all did.