The Capital of Mormonism Gifting Report

Hey Fellow Warriors-

I just wanted to report a gifting run I did a couple of weeks ago gifting Palmyra, New York where Mormonism originated. Palmyra, New York is where Joseph Smith had his visions and formed the Mormon Community which later moved to Salt Lake City for the most part. If there are any readers who are Mormon, know that I do not have any problems with Mormons or their faith. I just gifted this spiritual capital because each and every spiritual capital should be gifted in my opinion.

Someone got in contact with me by private message at Warrior Matrix about a month ago about gifting Palmyra. They refused to tell me their name, where their relative location is and just little things like that, which I frown upon because he or she was only hiding from me and not the feds which they thought they were doing. I am grateful they gave me the intel about exactly where to gift though. They had done a great deal of research and gave me exact locations to gift which was very useful. Below is the gifting report which I sent to him or her after I did the gifting report: (author’s note: I did this entire gifting expedition on a bicycle as I do all of my gifting runs).



I did the Palmyra run today. I gifted 30 full size tbs, 10 mini tbs, 2
mega-tbs, 2 cone HHG’s, and 1 pyramid. When I weighed my backpack before I
set out this morning, it weighed more than 30 pounds, plus I decided to
bring my powerwand, zapper, and a trowel for burying gifts.

It was 18 miles till the first target. It was the longest 18 miles I have
ever rode because I have never carried that much weight while riding before,
but it was good strength training.

I first gifted a tower in Palmyra with 1 tb.

Then I put 3 tbs and 1 mega-tb at the Mormon Church constructed in 2000.

Then I went to the Joseph Smith farm and Sacred Grove. I put 2 tbs in the
stream like you said. I put one tb as close to the cabin as I could, but
there were people around and they had a tour guide that was lecturing about
something. Then I went into the sacred grove, and biked through the whole
thing. It was a lot bigger than I thought. I actually thought it was kind
of cool in a spooky way. There were all these weird animal noises I heard
and it was very dark throughout the whole grove. I put 5 tbs spaced
throughout the grove in various places off the trail. Then I hid one tb in
the old stone farmers wall that runs through the grove. Then I found an
area as close to the center as I could estimate. I went off the trail and
buried a cone HHG. I put a tb near the the barn and the shed, but wasn’t
sure if I found the Parent’s house.

By the way there is an underground base entrance at the entrance to the
grove. It had a little shed next to it with a red light and two candy cane
pipes coming out of the ground with a trap door that had its hinges on the
inside. An obvious underground base, especially since I could hear the
ventillation fan blowing out of one of the pipes. Often, there is one vent that takes in air and the other blows
the old air out. Sometimes they do the whole thing with one pipe, but in
general they use two. I only know this because Rochester has dozens and
dozens of underground base entrances. I figure there is actually an
underground city under Rochester, it wouldn’t surprise me.

After the grove I went to the Temple on top of the hill. There were a bunch
of people up there walking around so I was only able to get one tb close to
the temple, but I put 5 tbs around the area at the base of the hill and in
the foresty area and buried the other HHG in a secluded area in sight of the
temple. I also threw a tb in the pond next to that meeting house you were
talking about.

Then I went on to Hill Cumorah. I placed a couple of tbs roughly where the
ley line hits route 21. Then I arrived at the visitor center. Definitely
weird looking. There was a lot of cars parked around and a bunch of kids
running around everywhere so I decided to not go inside the center. I threw
a tb in a bush near the center. Then I went up the long hill. I threw many full
size and mini tbs in a grid up the road on one side of the hill and then
went to the other side of the hill which was much steeper and gridded that
too. There was a group of people that were enjoying the view in front of
the statue so I pretended to have a bike problem to wait for them to leave.
When they finnally left after giving me a bunch of really strange looks. (I
don’t blame them, I was hot, sweaty, sunburned, covered in road grime and
was exhausted from carrying all that orgonite, not to mention that I was
wearing spandex). Then I went up to the statue and dropped the pyramid into
the shrubery next to the statue, and dropped a tb on the other side. Then I
started heading back.

I got the Palmyra Inn on the way back. I went down the hill next to Inn
where there was a sad looking pond and threw the other mega tb in there.

Well that was it. It was exhausting and I have a sore back, but it was
worth it. I didn’t have enough orgonite for the book publishing building
and the school, but I will get those when I do my second trip out and gift
the Spiritualist area. That might not be for a couple of weeks though.

The hardest part was that there was road construction almost the whole way
there and back and there was no shoulder which is every biker’s worst
nightmare, but I made it through.


Ned Walsh


(Author’s note):

This person wrote me a report on all the targets and gave me lots of information about the history of each of the historical sights. I gifted the new Church they made which was really creepy looking and feeling to me. The Sacred Grove is a dark woodsy area near Joseph Smith’s Cabin where he apparently had several of his visions with the angel Moroni who came to him and shared with him many principle that apparently made up the teachings in the Book of Mormon. Hill Cumorah is this big hill a few miles south of the cabin and grove where The Angel Moroni apparently showed Joseph Smith where a sacred scroll was buried at the top, or something to that effect. It is definitely a hill of great beauty. It is by far the tallest thing around. It is amidst miles of easily rolling farm country. At the top of the hill you look out in every direction and see for miles. It was one of the most beautiful views I have ever witnessed. The Visitor Center at the bottom of the hill is very creepy looking and feeling. The person who got in contact with me said that they when he or she went there they tried to convert him or her repeatedly and actually corned him or her. Apparently the employees at the visitor center have prayer sessions every morning to convert people.

Again, I am not trying to offend any Mormons who read this, I am only sharing my gifting report and my personal experiences. I may have gotten a few of the details incorrect about the history, in which case I am sorry, feel free to add to this post with corrections.

Ned Walsh


I thought that his place was in Vermont.
I gifted it a year or so ago. It has a pretty big obelisk on it and visiters center.
Mormon pilgrims from Utah go there all the time to get more mind contriolled.

The folks working there are very strange .

Good work


There might be another cabin where Joseph Smith lived, but the cabin where he had his visions of the Angel Moroni and all that stuff was in Palmyra, New York. What is interesting is that about 8 more miles away beyond Palmyra is the site where the Spiritualist religion was started and they also have a visitor center and bunch of historical sites. I haven’t gotten that one yet, but will get it soon. I don’t know much about the Spiritualist religion but have gotten a bad imporession from others.

Ned Walsh