The cause of persistent smog

Didier in HOng KOng has been pretty annoyed by the presence of persistent smog, in spite of quite a lot of gifting. He told me that Dan in Bali is experiencing the same thing.

I asked Carol to take a peek at HOng Kong and she told me that the smog is generated underground, then a light went on for me and I recalled that this is how we’ve found a lot of underground bases in the countryside.

A few earthpipes always gets rid of the smog in this case.

Similarly, when we got to Florida we noticed that the entire southern coastal waters were covered with brown smog, which only dissipated in stages as we gifted the waters. We found death towers on the seabed in that case.


We’ve cleared the smog from any number of big-city downtown areas by simply putting towerbusters every block or two on Sunday mornings but Didier’s problem is a lot bigger than that and is apparently kind of unique.

When we get presented with tough challenges like that, though, the confirmations of our success are that much sweeter, especially when we can share them on a reputable forum.


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