The Chavez Center

Hi Everyone.

On Sunday I gifted The Chavez Center in Keene, California. It is located 13 miles from Tehachapi going towards Bakersfield on SR 58. A nice little vibrant stream runs right by the center into a nice pond. I placed a TB in the pond. In the water it should be enough for the whole area. Just another few hundred yards down the road is a
Kern County Fire Station. I left another tb there for a big fat squat transmitter. Somehow I think this area is important. Probably because of the center. Also on Oct. 6, 1954 there was a hiriffic flash flood that hit the town suddenly and killed many people by burying them in mud.


William, if you took note of the conditions where you just gifted, did you notice a change in those conditions by the time you left the area? If the pond was murky it will likely take a week to clear it, assuming there’s enough orgonite in there, so you wouldn’t likely see a physical result in the water on teh day you gifted it.

When people report their gifting efforts, here, I’d like them to be accompanied by reports of confirmations, okay? This makes the report usable and instructive for others, though it’s good to see that you’re following your instincts.

I’m encouraging all the posters, here, to concentrate on providing substantive reports in addition to simply telling that they tossed orgonite. It’s the followup that adds to the body empirical evidence that what we’re all doing is causing positive results.

Yhe smog/DOR used to be so oppressive on the long drive through the San Joaquin Valley, where Bakersfield is in the southern end, that driving thru there was quite a chore and that’s changed dramatically, at least. Millions of people drive through that valley every month but nobody but us has commented on the miraculous improvement. See why it’s important for at least us to put something out about what orgonite can do?

Good news travels at a snail’s pace but steadily. If we don’t keep saying the very good news that this forum is set up to foster, though, who will? That responsibility is implicit for all of us, here, I think, since we’re basically reputable people who are doing the work and seeing the results. Let’s follow through and report the results, too.



Hi Don,

The water in the pond was already clear. No Smog in the area at all. But a few miles down the road the smog looked opressive. Towards Bakersfield. It was so brown that I could not see the hills. About 8 months ago or so I had already put some orgonite in this area. Just a few miles up the road towards tehachapi. Then the smog in this area was really bad along with the chemtrails. But when I went up sunday there was no smog in the areas where I put the orgonite. But I could see where the smog was bumping up anainst an invisible wall on sunday several miles past keene. I hope this helps more on the observation part. I will post more as I visit the area again or if I think of anything else. I do have more to post about the area but I have to think it through first. I just remembered I gifted another tower here on Sunday also. So when I go up this weekend I will see again.


Hi All,

I went to the Tehachapai area again last night. The air was totally clear not a chemtrail was in the sky. I also gifted more orgonite along some of the back roads. The area has a pleasant feel to it. In the past it did not feel so good here.

I will be going up there again in a few days or so. So I will be able to report more on the area.