The Chemtrail Terrors

I saw a really funny cartoon in the Little Nickel publication while I was wadding it up to start a fire in the woodstove in the shop, today. There were two boxes, each showing a dinosaur. The first box was labeled ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ and it showed a ferocious, big lizard in the process of eating carrion; the second box was labeled ‘Nervous Rex’ and it showed a very anxious one–the text balloon over it said, ‘What if a comet hits the earth? What if the sun dies? What if we all become EXTINCT?!’

I kind of see most of the EW contributors as the T-Rx in terms of proactive fearlessness and I see the addicts of disinformation websites as the second lizard [Image Can Not Be Found]

As far as I can tell, from reading emails from tens of thousands of sick people over the years, when they inquire about our zappers, nobody’s gotten sick from chemtrails since sometime in 2002. People who contact me like to tell their symptoms, also tell how long they’ve been sick. They usually want to know if a zapper will fix them. I know that thousands of orgonite cloudbusters were built between the middle of 2001 and the middle of 2002 and that quiet development is apparently what disabled the chemtrail agenda. After that, the Chicken Littles became quite strident about ‘the danger of chemtrails.’ I’m pretty sure all of them knew exactly what had transpired due to the spread of orgonite cloudbusters in the affected countries. I"m quite sure that nobody could have predicted that happy but unheralded development but the time was simply right for it and the information was available on the internet. All genuinely positive revolutions are relatively quiet and have reflected a general rise in human awareness and accountability; the fake revolutions come with the fanfare and histrionics. Compare what Carol and I unintentionally did to Mao Tse Tung’s Cultural Revolution or Roosevelt’s Raw Deal, for instance.

In terms of survey info I don’t know of anyone else, including medical people, who has been keeping track of the strange explosion of chronic sickness endemics since the 70s; at least nobody who isn’t already working for the sewer rats who are mandated to commit genocide with this weaponry [Image Can Not Be Found] . They’ve been failing at genocide for much longer than ten years, by the way. Chemtrails certainly sickened more people than any of the others, with the possible exception of AIDS in Africa. We haven’t seen much evidence of death from chemtrails, except maybe a few thousand babies and elderly who died from respiratory distress in the first year or so (1999). Any of those who were murdered by chemtrails in the first months of that corporate/occult assault against humanity could probably have avoided death and even gained health by using any zapper, once, I think. You could pass out basic zappers in any hospital on the planet, for that matter, and a good percentage of those sick and dying people would probably jump out of bed and go home the next day.

The people who are chronically sick (damaged by repeated exposure to bioweaponry) also don’t seem to be getting any of the acute illnesses, including cancer. This migh account for the drop in the cancer rate after 2002. We know the cancer rate didn’t drop on account of anything the serial killers (MDs) did (or refrained from doing [Image Can Not Be Found] ).

There are two obvious (to me), interacting forces at work that seem to keep otherwise intelligent people terrorized about chemtrails: disinformation websites and forums & the frequent sight of chemtrail-seeded clouds overhead. It’s usually a sort of one-two punch because until someone visits a disinformation site he/she has not likely seen chemtrail-seeded clouds and even more likely never noticed actual chemtrails back in teh day, when they quickly spread out to make the sky white, erased the lower cumulus clouds on their way down, then filled the hospitals to overflowing with respiratory distress sufferers.

That whiteout from chemtrails was distinctly different from the HAARP whiteout that is so often seen in pre-gifted regions, now. In the latter case you still see the lower cumulus clouds, unaffected, in the sky when conditions permit. As I reported countless times in the past nine years, you can easily recognize the HAARP stratus layer of whiteout because it’s un-naturally thin. The only time you’ll see it up close is when you’re taking a trip in a commercial jet, which flies ten thousand feet or so above that paper-thin layer of cloud. The chemtrail jets normally fly below it and I’ve always wondered if the HAARP layers started being created after the cloudbusters messed up the chemtrail agenda ten years ago. Sometimes the HAARPies put extra effort into maintaining their whiteout, too, as happened for many months over the Toronto area after Steve Baron and crew had distributed tens of thousands of pieces of orgonite throughout the metro area, by early 2004. In that case, Don Bradley in Los Angeles, who was in touch with Steve during that campaign, took a good astral look from far above and advised putting a lot of orgonite in the Atlantic off the East Coast of Canada, where weather warfare facilities on the seabed were being used to do this. Our own Becca did that from Newfoundland and the whiteout vanished–nice confirmation and an heroic effort by Becca!

I remember those days between 1998 and the middle of 2002 pretty clearly. I got sickened by chemtrails in San Bernardino, CA, in November, 1995 when SoCal was evidently being used as a test bed for the biological weaponry. In that case, I got sick the day after I saw an old US Air Force C-119 laying spew in lazy circles above the city at around 5,000’ altitude–approximately the level of the cloud base. I could see the air force markings on the plane. Remember that the US Air Force is the beastly fraternal twin of the CIA–both were spawned in 1947. The CIA’s Evergreen Air Corporation directly did the Malethion (Agent Orange) assault on Southern California, years before I was there. You can usually see dozens of chemtrail jets on the ground at Evergreen Air’s Hindquarters near the interstate highway between Phoenix and Tucson.

I’d been hearing about chemtrails on Art Bell’s radio show since the early 90s but had never clearly seen one until then. I spent a lot of time scanning the skies, too, before and after that. The chemtrail program suddenly became ‘universal’ thoughout the industrialized countries in January, 1999. It was like a science fiction scenario for those few of us who were actually paying attention, then. I hadn’t clearly seen a chemtrail between November, 95 and January, 1999 but there’s a load of documented film evidence that chemtrails were being spread on an experimental basis since the 80s. Sometimes they show up in films from those early years.

The easy way to tell a chemtrail from a contrail is by looking at the aircraft. If you figure that temperature drops three degrees, Fahrenheit, for every thousand feet of altitude it’s easy to calculate where vapor is flash frozen into ice crystals in the stratosphere. So, contrails generally only happen above 25,000’ so the aircraft is almost invisible because it’s so far away; chemtrails happen between 10,000 and 20,000 (not cold enough to flash-freeze condensed vapor) which is also why you can identify the type of aircraft, most of the time, and can also see that there are no markings on it. In later years they started painting the tails red but in most cases the jets are still stark white. Next time I drive by Mojave Airfield I’ll try to remember to take some teleophoto pictures of the outdoor assembly line where British and American airline passenger jets are turned into chemtrail jets. It’s right by Edwards Air Force Base, which is mostly underground.

You hopefully have noticed that the Chicken Littles don’t want you to approach this subject rationally and that on their forums anyone who exercises rational utterance has his/her character attacked from several directions by the Monarch-programmed Peanut Gallery, which I also like to call ‘The Greek Chorus.’ These are the dutiful brain police and in the West, at least, a premium is placed on expressing uncertainty–it’s promoted as a virtue while charismatic personalities who beat their chests and make irrational claims are not held accountable. We really need to root out the schizophrenia that’s inherent in Judeo-Christian cultures and I’m sure Jesus and Moses want that, too.

I stayed sick (after getting dosed with chemtrails in Nov 95) until April, when I used a zapper for the first time one evening. All the symptoms had disappeared by the following morning. If I’d been spewed upon every day instead of just once or twice then a zapper probably wouldn’t have helped me because the intention of the genocidists was obviously to compromise the immune systems of just about everyone on the ground, which is to say that repeated exposure to something like mycoplasma simply shuts down most of the liver’s function and perhaps kidneys and spleen.

Millions of people are still sick from repeated chemtrail exposure in those years and I tell each of them who contact me that a zapper is unlikely to cure them. I tell them that Dr von Peters homeopathic/herbal formulation, ChemBuster, has a 50% chance of fixing them, according to the feedback we’ve gotten from customers since this remedy was introduced in 2003. The Doc formulated it at our request, in fact. When ChemBuster (available from him for $26 on fails to work for one of our customers I urge him/her to send a hair sample to the Doc and receive his treatment. He’s one of a handful of physicians in the US who routinely fix people who have been damaged by chemtrails. Doc Stevo is another one but you have to visit him a few times in Montana. is his site. Dr von Peters got the near-fatal levels of beryllium out of Carol and I after the feds poisoned us that way in 2004/5. Dr Steve Smith fixed my damaged heart, later–even corrected my heart murmur (birth defect) in the process, which MDs claim can’t be done.

People who are addicted to terror (the Nervous Rex species) often hate me for saying these things. The also hate it when I suggest to them that in order to know, for sure, that they’re not breathing the stuff in chemtrails, just watch them for a few minutes and check the sky every few minutes after that for an hour or so. The seeded clouds obviously are not dropping, any more. As often as not, thanks to the good work of a whole lot of gifters, mostly anonymous, Sylphs are seen ‘eating’ the chemtrail-seeded clouds, leaving a pristine sky afterward. We’re even seeing Sylphs over Los Angeles, these days.

I’ve written all of this in posts a dozen or so times as a form of damage control but I noticed that some of the new members, here, are expressing a lot of anxiety about chemtrails so in order to demonstrate to our readers that this is certainly not another chemtrail disinformation Chicken Little effort I’m restating it all, again. I feel confident that these folks are well intentioned and sincere, otherwise I wouldn’t have invited them to share their gifting reports, here. The only caveat I offer people when I invite them to post their gifting reports on this forum is that no preaching is allowed, especially the more pernicous artificial ideologies, like bornagain-chumpism and theosophy in all its grisly but saccharine manifestations. I usually also try to be sure that the invited one is not also posting on the forums that are run by our detractors–the ones that show up at the top of all the search engine lists when one types ‘orgonite’ in teh search box.

Some folks who do a lot of gifting and have just contacted me call the orgonite cloudbuster, ‘chembuster,’ and that’s another little red flag so I let them know that we’ve never favored that inaccurate term. Most folks find us after having gone through one or another site or forum that’s run by our strident detractors, though, and that’s just the way things are. I’m always happy to meet someone who has figured all that out and wants to cut to the chase and post reputable material here.


Thank you for this, Don. I always wondered about the origin of “chembuster.”

Just want to say something about ranking high in the search engines, because my site, ranks high on Google. The nasty sites above mine are using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I am too. I only know about it because I built my first website in 2001, when you pretty much had to build from scratch or hire someone. I learned through experience, over the years (and lucked out, too).

A big SEO tactic is to use your most popular keyword (the word you figure people will use in searches) in your website address. That’s why those sites ONLY have “orgonite” in their names. The more directed you can make your site, the higher you will rank. Then they use the same word in their titles and posts. They also label their images with the word. This is a very short and simple explanation – there are entire books devoted to SEO.

But of course, the nasties know all about SEO and folks like us have to work for it.

So just to be clear, is not evil [Image Can Not Be Found]; If you’d like some help with the SEO stuff Don, please feel free to shoot me an email. I can’t promise anything but I’ll give it a go.

Try that one, keeping in mind that there are commercial organisation that sell clicks and views to any site.
Google scans website content relevance adding it to the equation, so is not enough to just declare the website is about a subject, the search engine try to estabilish if there is consistency inside. Try make the headings of pages and paraghaps marked with html h1 etc tags that contain some of the keywords that also describe the website. At least this was one of the old ways to improve the scores. Also fill in all the html title to your pictures with something relevant and sympathic to the types of potential search from people, beacuse the titles are being read by the search engines.
Try advertising for sometimes too to boost the website and gauge the effectivess of advertising for your sector, as always if google has to decide who to advertise first is obviosuly the advertiser with biggest spendig budget. It may be interesting to contact them and enquiry what a succesfull plan will cost, with higher conversion rate they reccomend (and better if Google can guarantee you on some of the efficacy of their scheme).

I get all that about SEOs, guys, thanks, but notice that Dooney’s site is now on page one instead of page eleven, which is where it was yesterday when we posted about the sabotage. I assume that you’ll agree that none of us have run any slick SEO’s on Dooney’s site in the past twenty four hours [Image Can Not Be Found]

It may be that a more congruent place for this discussion is in the thread that Dooney started yesterday, though.

I absolutely understand the strong urge to explain away blatant sabotage like this example, don’t worry, but I think it’s good for people to remain open to the possibility that this is happening. The corporate order are only parasites, after all, so there’s no reason to feel afraid of the possibility that they’re spending so much time and effort sabotaging our more substantive websites on Google, etc. EW was destroyed by agency hackers a few times before Capt Azti took control of the forum’s safety a couple of years ago. So far, nobody has tried to explain away those unhappy events with technical terms, thankfully.

On the upside, the fact that many or most of the contributors to EW are not directly aware of this level of sabotage or are unwilling to recognize it but are still posting terrific gifting reports is good evidence that one doesn’t need to have direct experience of this sort of sabotage in order to do good work with orgonite.
This effort is very, very inclusive.

Here’s another example of someone being terrified after seeing chemtrail-seeded clouds for the first time (my comments follow) He had lived in Singapore, which is very well gifted, then moved to Pittsburgh, which is where he finally noticed the sky drama:

Dear Don and Carol,

Within the few days after I sent the email to you I realised the people here in Pittsburgh are extremely positive about everything, which seems weird with all the coordinated chemtrailing in the sky; someone actually did (or is still doing) something to flip that energy back to the positive scale. So it dawned on me that the chemtrails aren’t really doing much to the people here, especially when you mentioned about smog and I realised one way to actually ‘see’ the symptoms of stagnant energy in an area is to check for any smog, and, true enough, the area here is not even the slightest bit foggy/smoggy.

Sorry if this seems like a false alarm because it’s the first time I’ve seen chemtrails lined up so nicely into grid-like patterns in the sky, so it was somewhat alarming for me, and yet not a single person seems to be even slightly bothered by it. In fact everyone here is so upbeat and friendly to one another, so much so that I find it hard to get used to it because of the huge difference from the people in Singapore. Speaking of which, I doubt Singapore has been thoroughly gifted yet. I did read up on one person taking TBs from a Malaysian gifter and tossing them to cell towers around Singapore, but I doubt anyone’s actually making and gridding Singapore with TBs, which is a shame since chemtrails there (although they don’t appear to be criss-crossing, unlike in Pittsburgh) are quite frequent. However I must also mention that I don’t think Singapore is that DOR-y either, since there weren’t any signs of heavy smog in the recent months. It isn’t surprising that nobody’s attempted to gift in Singapore yet; because Singapore is one of many countries that are very totalitarian about its laws; no protesting, no chewing gum, no littering, compulsory military service (with no alternatives), etc. Singapore law is just half of the problem, the other half of the problem is the people themselves. Google ‘Occupy Raffles Place’ and you’ll see what I mean (it’s an attempt to mimic the Occupy Wall Street movement in Singapore).

Also, thanks for responding to my address change so quickly. It was a blunder on my part because I forgot to check the address on the paypal payment page before I hit next. Didn’t realise that the paypal address wasn’t changed yet; my apologies. T

That is all. I hope my HP reaches me safely [Image Can Not Be Found]



R, several people have been flipping death towers and doing other gifting in and around Singapore but the most recent orgonite flinger prefers not to post reports, here. I think some of the English gifters on EW have been in touch with him, though.

Most people who are flipping all the death towers and weather weaponry throughout entire cities never talk about it, at least to me. It’s easy enough to witness the effects, though, as you may be seeing in Pittsburgh. Absence of smog and a generally happier and more positive populace are common clues and I’m glad you noticed that. Anyone can do this, including you. I often cite Marcus Guy’s example: He flipped over a thousand death towers in and around San Antonio, Texas, gifted the filthy magic institutions there and earthpiped the underground base (the baby-killer air force base). When he started he was living below the poverty line but somehow The Operators provided the means to buy all that resin, to get a car and to finish the job.

Most of us who do this work regularly started out with baby steps, of course, as you can hopefully see when you read the reports on this forum.

Remember to keep watching the chemtrail-seeded clouds for long enough to recognize that they no longer come to the ground, okay? The horde of Chicken Little websites and forums dealing with the chemtrail agenda will never have that suggestion because the site owners are vested in terrorizing instead of informing people.

The more orgonite is in an area, the faster the spew-seeded clouds disappear, by the way. We were in Dooney and Stevo’s valley in Montana over the past couple of days and I did some aerial gifting in the mountains near their home and when I landed, a chemtrail jet flew over us, quite low. The spew disappeared in about ten seconds. On the way over there, near Lookout Pass in Idaho, I saw a new spew cloud that was in a good semi-circle, so I quickly pulled over to take a picture but by the time my window was rolled down the spew had all disappeared in that azure sky [Image Can Not Be Found] and this was many miles from the nearest weather weapon or death tower. The gifting that we’d all done in the surrounding region was responsible for the fast disappearance of the spew and we usually see Sylphs in the sky around there and all of us, too. The HAARP whiteouts also rarely occur. The US Air Force can only achieve that during brief periods when storms are moving in. I want this happy situation for everyone but in order to make it happen, one has to get around and flip all the tower weaponry and weather warfare installations for miles around, of course. They can toss HAARP effects for a long distance, using scalar methods from several directions, but even those characteristic, crosshatched stratus clouds weaken and disappear in a well-gifted region.

Thanks for the assessment of Singapore. I think it’s obvious that the entire city-state is a successful Tavistock mass mind control experiment, as New Zealand probably was a successful masonic mind control effort. We’ve seen similar experiments in remote places in the US, including the city of Wenatchee, Washington, where nearly everyone is or was on Prozac. I don’t think the $#!+birds can carry out experiments like that except in culturally and/or geographically isolated communities. Singapore, for instance, is an island populated with mostly ethnic Chinese, on the edge of Malaysia. The old Babylonians (er, I mean The City of London) have been obsessed with mass mind control ever since the Venetians took control of Great Britain in the 1600s. It’s impossible to create a parasitic empire without mind control.

Hawthorne was in Manhattan at the appointed location during the alleged ‘Occupy Wall Street Demonstration’ and all she saw was one bum, muttering the material to passersby [Image Can Not Be Found] so before anyone starts promoting something like this I urge them to look very critically at the origin. One of our high profile detractors has been a noisy engine for promoting Occupy Wall Street, for instance, and I think that campaign is cleverly designed to prevent people from noticing that Peking is now the controlling force in the global economy, not those dried up old Babylonian pedophiles in London, any more. The Chinese have these schmucks on a short leash so that they probably can’t do much damage with their manipulatons, any more.

I bet they pine for the ‘good old days’ when they were able to create economic collapses and world wars.

‘Keep looking up!’ [Image Can Not Be Found]


Hawthorne was in Manhattan during the alleged