The Coming Military Gifting Assault on a New CIA/MI6 Killing

Doc Kayiwa has distributed a thousand or so TBs in each of four African countries over the past three months: Ethiopia, Egypt, Ivory Coast and Liberia.

His wedding is coming up this month and I’m sure he was looking forward to some rest before that but the CIA and MI6 scheissvogels, whose previous efforts to destabilize the Ugandan government had failed, due to the Doc’s gifting efforts in Northern Uganda, Southern Sudan and Eastern Congo, stuck their filthy necks out by initiating yet another slaughterfest in that region, which stalled the peace talks in Juba, Sudan’s southern capital.

Salva Kirr, several of whose family members had been murdered by these sewer rats’ proxy operatives, has been gifting in the vicinity of Juba, by the way.

One of the Doc’s old military buddies in Sudan is a participant in the peace talks and he’s asked the Doc to accompany him in a helicopter this week in order to distribute orgonite throughout the area where the slaughtering of civilians is taking place, then to accompany him in a military convoy into a worse area, farther north, in order to gift there. This is supposed to all be done before Monday.

This Sudanese colonel wears a Harmonic Protector (when he saw the Doc’s he asked for one and the Doc gave him his only one) and asked for one of Carol’s pyramids, which we sent a couple of weeks ago.

They’ll probably be hunted by the CIA and MI6 and attempts will no doubt be made to kill them in order to prevent more gifting, so please send them plenty of energy whenever you think of them, as we’ll be doing, okay? I’ll ask the Doc to take along his powerwand so that the chopper can’t be tracked electronically or by satellite. I’m sure these agencies have provided stinger missiles to their paid murderers on the ground.

No doubt The Operators will take care of them, but I think it’s good not to make Their job harder than it is, so some appropriate self-protection is always in order.

The Doc was in the process of compiling his reports about his West Africa gifting expedition when this came up. This is the first time he's ever asked me for help from the group, by the way, and the chat's not until Sunday, so let's dogpile those CIA/MI6 $#!+birds, okay?


Just for fun, let’s dodeck the Doc and his military friend, also every single secret police/assassin sewer rat that comes to mind. The more dodecks, the merrier. Dooney told me she’s put as many as nine or ten concentric dodecahedrons on a single target and when Carol watched a couple of counter-rotating dodecahedrons on one of the good guys, last week, she said it chopped the etheric parasites’ energy-draining cords like a food processor. It’s all good, don’t worry, and nobody but the bad guys could be harmed by this.


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