The death of our colleague in Southern Sudan

At times life becomes too hard for us to cope up with; in fact I would say that for the rest of my life this year it had been very tragic to me. In fact it was just but some months ago when we were arrested and jailed together with two of my co-workers in the prison for just allegation of disrupting some of the government communication systems through our orgonite distribution. We struggle there and I thank God for some of the well-wishers who rose up and rescue us from that cold room together with my friends. In fact from prison we stated the work without delay for we knew the task ahead of us.

Unfortunately one of my friend by the name Sheila was pregnant at the time when we were in the prison and through the cold weather , frustration and the torture she contracted typhoid which through bad lack interfered with the fetus in the womb. The sickness worsened since we could not have an access to good medication when we were still in the prison. So upon coming out of jail the condition had already been worsening. We tried by applying several medication through taking her to several hospitals but we could not see any breakthrough so last Saturday she passed on.

Now we must arrange for footing the hospital bill is $ 500 and I have paid, so the other cost for the whole funeral and transportation of the body is $1500 so our request is that any well-wisher can support us through Dancan’s pay pall address which is [email protected] or one can use the bank account through the following details.

This is my banks details if the money is sent we can get it in East Africa

  1. Swift code: KCBLKENX
  2. BRANCH CODE :192
  3. BANK CODE :01
  4. ACCOUNT NO: 1134499906
  7. CODE: 40400

Thanking you all in advance this is my email address [email protected]


Here in Southern Sudan we are looking for away on how we can ferry the body of our colleague for burial in her areas in the northern region. Any well wisher who can support can send his/her donation to Dancan then Dancan will send them to Christine.


This latest sacrifice saddened me beyond words until now. If not for Christine and her close associates in that new country I feel sure that the situation would be many times worse, there. I hope this was the low point and that everyone’s fortunes will improve after this. After Christine’s husband, Salva Kirr, and David and Emmah were killed in late 2009 orgonite suddenly began to gain public acceptance in Kenya after five years of hard work and personal sacrifices, there.

Africans are deeply concerned about proper care and burial of the bodies of their departed loved ones and, as Carol discovered in Kenya, they’re also committed to helping their spirits progress in the next world. The woman who has tragically died is a Nubian and that ancient tribe of the upper Nile gave birth to the Egyptian culture. I mention that to illustrate the point since everyone knows how much respect the ancient Egyptians had for the departed. In the West, people typically casually submit the remains of loved ones to crematories.

Sending heart energy to Sheila’s spirit and to her family is a lot like sending money, though of course sending money is always a solid solution. Six years of active suppression of our business ‘bled us out’ and we’re not recovered, yet, but my heart bank is never empty and I’m asking all of our readers to send heart energy. In the long term, this sort of attention to our African cohorts’ needs may be more productive than sending a million bucks.

Meanwhile, when you order Bilo (protection) orgonite from Dancan you can ask that some of this money be used to ameliorate whatever physical assault has lately happened to one or another of these heroic exemplars. For two pieces, it’s US$125, including $25 for express mailing. I got my latest package in two weeks as opposed to the month is typically takes for regular-mail packages to arrive from Kenya.

Hi readers, That person who was arrested who with Christine and later passed away. We as the Kikundi we travelled therefive of us to the Northern Sudan for the function. The service went on well, and unfortunately the situation forced us to overspend and we nearly used all the money we had including the transport. So now we are stacked here in Northern Sudan, for us to reach back home in Kenya we need $1000. So any well wisher can kindly support. Through this paypal account. [email protected]. Mrs O

I’m very glad to know that the kikundi have shown up in Sudan to support Sheila’s funeral.

This may be a good test for whether the Bilo orgonite can help to pay for such emergencies. A couple of weeks ago, Dancan sent me photos of him and Chris, standing beside a very large number of them that had just been cast so I know that they’re available for sale in quantity, now. At $50 apiece these unique protection devices are a bargain. Dancan is shipping them via courier and I’ve been receiving mine within two weeks, each time I ordered.

I know that two of them can be shipped for $25, so two pieces of Bilo orgonite are $125. Christine will also be producing these in Southern Sudan and I assume that the market potential for these is very good among Africans, who no doubt appreciate what they can do more than Westerners generally can.

We are still on in the Northern Sudan at a town called Atbara we are still looking on a way how we can come home. We are still looking for the money that can take all of us home in Kenya.

Mrs O

If you look it up on you can see that Atbara is a town in the Sahara Desert on the Nile that’s very far north (downstream) of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. The Nubian pyramids are near the confluence of the Blue Nile and White Nile at Khartoum and here are some pictures and a bit of history:

When I return to East Africa and have learned Kiswahili I hope to visit our Nubian associates to learn more of their history, which I believe is the key to understanding Egypt’s true history, sans the masonic/theosophy horse $#!+ that universities have been pimping since the 1920s. They ruled Egypt for several centuries and developed a cursive alphabet at the time, based on hieroglyphics:

Now that our heroic friends have sacrificed their own security to attend Sheila’s funeral so far from their homes I think it’s a good opportunity for us to lend support for their return home by buying Bilo orgonite from Dancan, who has remained behind in Kenya and has just produced a boatload of it and has developed an efficient way to ship it abroad. If you don’t yet know how to order it you can contact him at [email protected]

The Wanuba (‘people of Nuba; the Nubians’) are in a position to start reversing the Sahara Desert, as you can see if you click on the satellite view of I’m hoping that Sheila’s tragic sacrifice will pay off in some way, perhaps this. The presence of our accomplished friends in that city has the potential to spark this transformation.

Thanks for the good remark, its true that people like our late Sheila they developed much interest in the gifting mission after getting the information that our orgonite can transform their deserted areas of the the Shahaa region. But our happiness is that despite the tragic loose of such a personality still we have some heroes like Christine and Guch who will carry on with our gifting mission to make the area be transformed. I think the death of Sheila has paved another avenues for through that we managed to travel and see the region practically. Really the place is life hazard and am very sure through gifting, the area will will reform. For now we area still stuck in Atbara the five of us. Any well wisher can buy the bilo orgonite through Dancan his email [email protected] also you can use Dancan’s paypal account via [email protected]

So any well wisher who may buy bilo orgonite may enable us come home back home. This is mm email address [email protected]

Mrs O

Our friends are demonstrating a form of African propriety by traveling to this very remote town to support Sheila’s clan in their grief, even though they couldn’t completely afford the trip. I assume they also paid for a feast and burial expenses to honor Sheila. In the past I could have easily paid the bill for their return but have been unable to take care of such emergencies in recent years, due to some successful suppression of our livelihood. I’m hoping that enough of our readers will either donate some money to Dancan or order more of their unique and useful protection orgonite, as I’ve been doing when I can afford to.

I haven’t spent enough time in Africa to fully understand the intricacies of the culture, of which there are many more than in my own, but I did notice that people in leadership positions are expected to look after the needs of a whole lot of people in certain ways. When I’ve returned and have learned Kiswahili I intend to more fully explore this. I’m mentioning this because many of our readers are a little confused about the apparent contrast between the kikundi’s vast accomplishments in the field, along sometimes gut-wrenching sacrifices and charity, on one hand, and their seemingly casual regard for material means on the other hand. I think we’ve all formed a new, de facto tribe in this forum but the only ones who operate on that literal assumption may be our African cohorts. In spite of effort that I’ve spent over many years to prove that the orgonite movement in the world is unorganized and is not based on personalities the kikundi, at least, treat me as the chief of this virtual tribe whether I like it or not. The main reason I don’t feel comfortable in the spotlight is that it puts me in the sewer rats’ crosshairs Wink but I also just never felt comfortable within a hierarchy. On the other hand, I’ve always been deeply fascinated by Africans and my time on the dark continent confirmed my hunch that this is the most ancient and continuous of human societies. To learn more about them I’ve had to give up some of my intellectual comfort but it’s well worth it because these folks who post reports on our forum are absolutely the exemplars, in several important ways, of this global healing and restoration effort and they’ll be hard to beat.

I can offer some examples of peculiarly African propriety from what I observed in Uganda many years ago, at least. ‘Secret Supporter,’ a courageous tribal nobleman who sponsored much of our orgonite field work there (and presumably ran interference for us, politically and ‘spiritually’), typically started some of his days by loading up a vehicle with huge sacks of potatoes and distributing it all to certain poor families, who presumably distributed it further. Those were the tastiest potatoes I ever ate, by the way. Doc Kayiwa, who is apparently his maternal nephew and has since made sure that just about every influential leader in the country has a zapper, showed me the Buganda king’s palace with it’s vast plantation of black banana plants and told me that the purpose of the plantation is to supply a vast number of tribal members with this staple food. He later married into that family, by the way. He, too, spent part of his day delivering food to families who were part of some hierarchy that wasn’t explained to me. Uganda is probably the only country in the world, for now, where one can openly distribute zappers without risk of government suppression, no doubt thanks to Dr Kayiwa’s ceaseless efforts. In recent years he’s been doing this in Somalia, by the way, and has also distributed a lot of zappers and orgonite among influential people (including warlords), there. In terms of strategic skill and insight I consider him to be a sort of generalCool but he prefers to work entirely outside of the spotlight. I was relieved a few years ago when he declined an ‘offer of help’ from the CIA.

I hope this helps. I’m away from home for a few days but as soon as I get back I’ll order some more Bilo from Dancan. I’m wildly enthusiastic about the possibility that this new product can capitalize their field efforts and pay for the occasional and unavoidable emergencies, eventually. It remains to be seen, though, whether our friends in Africa will feel comfortable with our western momentum away from tribal orientation. I joined a local men’s group this year in order to fill a need that tribal identity has always taken care of: to simply feel comfortable with other men, emotionally. Carol and I are traveling to California, today, to attend a similar weekend workshop that’s couples-oriented. We know several of the EW contributors personally through our and their travels and I think all of us who are committed to orgonite fieldwork feel a sort of tribal identity, whether we’ve articulated that or not. If there is an hierarchy among us in the West it’s certainly not formalized but non-urban Africans’ tribal identity is a whole lot better defined and is never even questioned. Whether we like it or not, they’ve included us in all that on a rather deep level. You and I have been thrust into school (or on a roller coaster?) on account of that and I hope you’ll just enjoy the ride with me and will continue to materially support them when they ask for it. I’ve got a white-knuckle grasp on the hope that you’ll do this by buying and sharing their peerless Bilo orgonite. Owen Marcus, who started the network of men’s groups that I mentioned, has three pieces of it.

I think my wife still sets the international standard for specialty orgonite and she astonished me again, recently, with her invention of a device that she’s decided to call, ‘The Creator Vortex.’ She expects that this will mainly be sold to professional healers who are also energy sensitives and we hope to show it to James Hughes in Ashland, Oregon later today in order to get his assessment. He was my mentor in the late 90s and helped me to restore my shattered ego in the years before Carol and I got together. He had been struck by etheric lightning in 1979 and became a phenomenally gifted psychic and healer in that instant. I think that Maji Mafuna of Tanzania, who developed the Bilo (protection) element that the kikundi have added to orgonite, is a skilled and gifted man in the way that Carol and James are and I look forward to meeting him before long. I’ve often claimed that African magic is the most powerful in the world. Judeo-Christian culture influences people to be afraid of magic but Dr Reich sort of set the stage for us to appreciate magic in an objective and practical way, which is to say that westerners are finally able to know magic in the way that Africans typically do Cool

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Mrs.O sent me an email they only need $45 at this point to get home. Donation or purchase of Bilo orgonite [email protected]

Also would like to offer my condolences, it’s impossible to find words that someone actually passed away, so I haven’t commented on this before. I think the only thing to do is to keep pressing forward in every way we can. I’d like to set up a simple well-presented website for the kikundi to sell orgonite, when I have more of a quiet space. In addition I’d like the website to offer information about orgonite and farming practices, so I think they find the possibility threatening that this type of orgonite usage (to improve substinence agriculture) can spread organically in other countries also.

Just sent $50 to dancanomollo2016 at

Thank you Jeffrey I got the money you sent to me is going to help them to come back home